Monday, November 28, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 15

"Maddox!" Janine yelled and beat on the door, "what is going on right now?"

Maddox didn't hear shit. The room, on top of all the security, was sound proofed. He headed downstairs where his uncles and father were. Carmine stepped to him, "Maddox don't you kill that girl, it wasn't in the plan."

Maddox looked at his uncle, "by any means necessary, unc. Shit's business, not personal."

"But you really like this woman-"

"Carmine, put a sock in it," Doc Sr growled, "that bitches father is a problem for the business. My son is making a wise choice."

"You want him single forever like you. I know differently. Call and negotiate with her father. Maybe her life can be sparred." Carmine handed Maddox a cell phone.

Constantine shook his head, "take her the phone and make her call him. Knowing she's been caught will make him cooperate."

Maddox went back upstairs, unlocked the door to see her crying her eyes out, "Janine ... I get this is a hard pill to swallow, but I'm gonna call your father, and the only shit i want you to say is 'dad they have me.' He's very familiar who THEY are. No names. If you say otherwise, id be forced to act accordingly and kill you. I'm no nonsense, you know that. This is nothing personal. About 80% of the shit i told you is true, but this shit was always a priority. You understand? Yes or no?"

She nodded but didn't look at him, keeping her head down. She wouldn't look at him again after this if she made it out of there. Maddox handed her the phone and she dialed her dads number. Her mother answered, "mom ... Where's Daddy?"

"You get a new phone?" Caroline asked off handedly.

"Quick, mom."


Janine heard shuffling and then William took the line, "hi sweet heart."

She sighed, "they have me." She heard him start to say something but then Maddox snatched the phone from her.

Maddox grabbed the phone from her and walked out of the room locking it up, "William. I've been very patient with you and treated your daughter with respect. You defied me so you have 3 hours to get to City Lake Park with all the bullshit you have collected over time about me. I wont let your precious Angelica go until i have all documents and other pieces of evidence in hand. Better not be any police. Do know i have connections down there and shit will go down if this isnt a straight, easy breezy connect. No wires, no police just you and the items,  we clear?"

"Yes," he huffed and hung up.

Maddox walked downstairs, "start the clock ... Unc, contact Geno and tell him its on, to head to the spot now."

Geno was told to get to city lake park where William would be waiting with the papers. He was holding a box with a top on it that had documents, pictures and voice recordings. All, he handed over when he meet the guy. After the stuff was gone, Geno told them he had it all and drove on to the airport to bring it to the Ames'.

Maddox hung up the phone after speaking to Geno and walked up the stairs to the room he had janine in. He shut the door behind him, "do you understand why i did what i did?"

She nodded, still not looking at him. She really did understand even though she hated him for it.

"I had to protect my family, but i really do care about you, make no mistake. I know how this is already going to play out, i know how you feel about everything so tell me what you want from the business you started. Do you want it all or do you want to leave it? Either way i wont fight you."

"Leave it. When i get out of here, i'm getting the hell out of New York. I'll keep your secrets. They're not mine to tell. But i'm leaving." Scooting into the bed, she pulled her knees up to her chest and turned her head towards the bathroom door.

He nodded, "ok, are you hungry?"

"No. Thank you."

He left the room and locked it behind him. Going downstairs, he walked to his patio and pulled a cigar out and began to smoke it.

"Now what, nephew?" Carmine took a seat next to where he was standing. Then smirked, "you're going to miss that one, aren't you?"

Maddox nodded, "yeah, pretty sure she was the one."

"This could have been handled differently. You could have gotten what you needed and kept her too ... Had you thought it out more like me and not like your father."

"You're right ... I just didn't think the girl would get me like she did. I just didn't even plan for it."

"Give her some time and then lie your way back in," he smirked.

"I don't know if that will work."

What felt like an entire day went by. Geno had to travel from Texas to New York so Maddox had to wait for Geno to get back with the contents of the box before he let Janine go. When Geno arrived, they meticulously went through the contents of the box. When they were satisfied, Maddox hit a button that unlocked the room. Janine popped up from the bed and went straight for the door. When she opened it, she crept out into the hallway and downthe stairs.She saw the men sitting in the living room, except Maddox had his back turned looking out of the window. She shuffled through quickly, ignoring the stares from his family, got her purse and dipped out.