Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doc's Little Girl - 2

| Later |

"Doc." Janine bumrushed him when Maddox left, "What does he mean by not doing weird shit?"

Doc sat away from his desk, "probably the sheer elation you experience when you describe any kind of violence."

Janine slumped, "maybe it won't get mentioned."

"So forgive me sweetheart, while helping you harness your craft, i neglected to help teach you how to be a lady. That's my mistake. Im calling sasha," he picked up to the phone to call one of his sexy decoys whom had a quick trigger finger.

"Awww please no." Janine sat up and put her hands on the desk, leaning towards him, "Not her! She's so prissy."

"Prissy but a firecracker. You only met her in passing."

"I can tell. Her freaking heels and hair and perfect makeup."

"If you want to impress maddox, you'll let her help you." What doc knew was that maddox had a thing for sasha but sasha would not give him the time of day since she was ten years his senior, "Sasha sweetheart. . I have an assignment that is effective immediately."

"Is that so, big poppa?" Was what she called him because deep dowm she was in love with Doc and always tried to wear him down, "what can i do for you?"

"My other daughter, janine, she needs guidance." he looked up at janine who rolled her eyes and plopped in a chair.

"Guidance in what?"

"Being a lady." he responded

"Ok, and what can i do for you? You know my schedule is always clear for you"

"I bet it is..." he smiled, "see you here in an hour?"

"You got it." she hung up.

"Alright, she'll be here soon," he looked to janine.

Janine was frozen in place with her mouth slightly open. Finally, she whimpered, "do you hate me?"

"Why would i hate you?"

"You didn't teach me about sex. I had to learn on YouTube and books."

"Look, sasha can answer all your questions when she gets here. Sex? Is not my fucking job"

"But you're a man."

"And? By law you're my daughter, i am not comfortable with that ."

"FINE!" Janine threw herself backwards in the chair and waited on Sasha.

"Janine, get out of my office. All this bratty young adult sex angst. Im not dealling with it. Go!"

She poked her bottom lip out and left.

| Later |

Not long after, Sasha arrived. Sasha stood at the door ringing the doorbell until Doc finally opened the door, "lay off the damn bell." Doc stared at sasha as he stepped back.

Janine purposely didn't get the door. She didn't WANT to do this but she HAD to. Janine was hidden in the shadows of the second floor, close to the railing where she could see Sasha at the door. She and Doc had some words, then Janine slowly walked down the stairs and up to Sasha, "you have to teach me about sex too. In case I get lucky."

Sasha smirked, "she is cute," she then walked back to Doc and kissed his cheek, "good seeing you, Doc," she smiled and then looked to janine, "show me to your room, baby."

Sighing, Janine plopped upstairs and opened the bedroom door, then sat down on the bed, "I'm so ready for this."

"So what are these questions you have about sex and who is this boy?"

"It's Maddox ... and apparently I'm not much of a girl. I am but I'm weird. How do I deal with this?"

"Aww, young Doc, he is fine ... Hmm, and a tough cookie. The bottom line, you cant get away with just being a lady. You HAVE to be walking sex. Not slutty, but flirt and tease throughout the entire night." She removed her coat, "first off ... natural hair? That's all good in the hood, but baby, these boys aren't on that 'I am not my hair' bullshit. You need to get a blow out and flat iron in the morning."

Janine's eyes widened, completely offended. "WHAT? BUT LOOK AT HOW MUCH HAIR I HAVE! This gorgeous mass of curls trickling down my back. Straightening it is against my movement."

"Then so is dick. You here to listen or here to say no? Looking like a prepubescent 12 year old girl is not gonna get you laid."

She frowned, then looked down at her breasts. She was a decent C cup and her ass was nice. Was the hair that big of a turn off? "Okay. Tell me."

"I assume you've never worn heels."

Janine nodded, "I have never."

"Shit.. throw on some shoes and lets go back to my house. I have a bunch of sample size clothes there. I need to see what im working with."

The two of them walked downstairs. Sasha peaked into Doc's office, "Doc, we're going to my place," he responded with a dismissive wave as he was on the phone.

| The Next Day |

Janine did what Sasha told her to. It took her almost 5 hours to get through her hair routine with the added bullshit called blow drying and flat ironing. She then put on a little black dress, heels and makeup, then paced around waiting on Maddox. She went downstairs to pace there, where Doc was sitting in his chair in the livingroom area. She asked, "I look like a girl now?" Janine asked Doc.

Doc looked at her briefly, "yes you do, sweetheart, but you should cover your chest up when youre around me, though."

"Sorry." She picked up her wrap and hung it over her self.

"He's on his way. You look beautiful, sweetheart," he assured her. 

She smiled. "Thanks ... really. Thank you. You're the best!"

"Dont get pregnant," he sighed as he got up from his chair and stood in front of her.

Laughing, "you'd be a grandpa."

"Yeah, and I will wring your fuckin neck, ok?" He raised a brow and then pulled her into a hug. He couldnt believe she'd finally begun to grow into a beautiful young woman.

"Okay." She hugged him extra tight and then shrieked when Maddox came in. "It's out if my system, I swear."

Maddox wore a long black trench over a midnight blue button up, tucked into his slacks, "ready?" He raised a brow at Janine.

"You gonna compliment her, son?" Doc butted in.

"It's okay if he doesn't," Janine told Doc even if she didn't think so. "I'm ready."

Maddox shot a look to his father and then lead janine out of the room and out of the house. He got the door for her, "you look gorgeous by the way "

"Thank you. Very much." She got in the car. When he closed the door, she squealed and stopped before he got in also.

Maddox sat inside, "knowing this is your first date, I put something nice together," he turned, giving her full eye contact and attention for the first time. He noticed her bone straight hair with the center part, And the slight plunge of her little black dress, plus the definition in her calves. He could absolutely see himself inside of her.

Janine just nodded, "I'm sure I'll love it." She tried to make sure she didn't go full on idiot on the date.

"So excuse me if im not that talkative, im more of a listener."

"Oh," she faced forward. Now she was expected to talk ... without being weird, "So ... is work good?"

"Yeah, swell, when will you leave the nest?"

"I don't know if I can. No. I know I can but I'm not sure when he'll let me." She paused, "I never asked."

"You afraid?"

"I don't want to be alone."

"Why not? No rules. You dont have to put up with nobody elses shit."

"Doc doesn't give me any shit."

"You know what i mean though."

"Yea. It's okay. It's home." She shrugged.

"You need to learn independence," he let that hang in the air. Janine didn't respond. They got to the restaurant and went inside.

| The Next Day |

"Question." Janine walked into Doc's office, "when should I move out? I don't want to but I should. I think."

"And why are you asking?"

"I should learn independence." She said, very sure of herself. Maddox had given her a stern talking to amidst the great date.

"Ok, where's this coming from?"

"Maddox and I were talking last night and he made some good points but I don't want it. Also, if I don't want it, I might not have another chance at him." She said the last part slowly since she was trying not to confuse herself.

Doc laughed, "how was the date?"

"It was nice. We had dinner and saw the Motown Musical. It was really great, but ... I don't think he liked me. I think he was just humoring me maybe. I tried to be a lady though." She sat down in the chair across from his desk, and then folded her legs up indian style.

"Aww. No kiss?" He felt bad for her.

"On the cheek." Nodding.

"Looks like you are friend zoned, chief," he stood up and walked around to the front of his desk, and kissed her on the head, "if you want to have your independence, have it by all means, but dont do it to please someone else."

She sighed, eyes watering, "I'm going to go hit something," and stomped away.

"Janine ... where are you going? What's the matter?"

"I wanted to marry him!" She wailed and the tears fell fast. "Why can't I be a regular girl?"

Doc rolled his eyes, "relax..." he wiped her face, "you're regular enough. Shit, he's not even regular."

"But he likes regular. I think."

"Maddox likes a woman, someone who looks like a woman, walks like a woman and talks like a woman. He is attracted to women who dont need him or anyone for that matter. He likes them fiesty and girly. He doesnt really do TomBoys, he does women ... Now, if you want me to hire sasha, 5 times a week for a few months, i can do that, love. But dont cry. Ok?"

She nodded, "you don't have to do that. I don't think I want to be changed."

"Its not changing. It's learning something that i could've never taught you. How to be a woman."

She shrugged and hugged him tight, "I'm not moving out. You're not getting rid of me. You're the only dad I got."

"You don't have to move out."

Smiling, "good. Thanks."

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Good News

Originally I thought the What If was gone. I found it. Yay! So I'm going to try and post, in its entirety, the 25 Year Later What If. As of right now, you'll get more of Doc's Little Girl and probably some Undercover Superstar. But I think ... my part 2 to that one may be missing. If I get to the end of Undercover Superstar and find that I can't find part 2, I'll just tell you how it ends.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doc's Little Girl - 1

| April 1993 - New York |

Inside a police station, 8 year old Janine Hines was sitting in a corner. Like a dunce. Her foster mother was literally dropping her off after another incident at home, "I can't. I Just can't. We've tried everything and she responds with her little fists," the woman explained to a social worker and police officer.

"What happened to being so sure ma'am? Weren't you told about her past?!" The social worker asked.

"I was. I've rehabilitated 5 but ..." She shook her head, "she rejects ... Everything. I won't take her back with the other kids."

"Just give me the paperwork when you finish with it."

The social worker handed the lady paper and pen and the foster mother ended up writing 3 pages worth of examples and dates of issues with little Janine, who hadn't said a word since being brought in. When she was finished, she handed it back to them, "if you need more information, you know how to find me," she left.

The officer shook his head and left the social worker to go talk to the sheriff,  "excuse me sir.."

Sheriff Ames looked from his desk and looked to his officer, "what, Jones?"

"There's this kid in the Ms Anell's office that the foster parent dropped off ... Returning her like a dress at Macy's."

"Are you shittin me?" He rolled his eyes and followed Jones out  to meet the little girl, "so what did they say was the reasoning?"

"I'll give you some highlights from what she wrote down ... Fighting," he held up a finger with each example, "fighting. Fighting. Anger." He put his hand down, "this woman is basically calling this tiny 8 year old the She Hulk. Said she's always angry, fighting the other kids and tryng to start fires."

Doc shook his head and went to the office. "This cute little thing?" He squatted down, "what's your name?"

"I'm not cute," she responded with her best angry face.

"You didn't answer my question.." he continued smiling.

 She looked at him, "Ja ... Nine."

"I'm Doc, its so nice to meet you.." he held his hand out to her.

She shook his hand, "you're gonna forget you met me soon."

"How could i?" He looked to the social worker, "i may have a place for her."

"Where? She's been through 5 homes in 2 years."

"With me... my wife has been wanting a little girl for some time now."

"I don't know, sheriff ...?"

"What is there not to know about?" He challenged her.

"Nothing," she just nodded, and went to get a load of papers.

"Thank you" Doc rolled his eyes and then looked to Janine,  "do you want to color, Janine?"

"No. Coloring is for losers."

"Spell loser."

"L-o-s-e-r. Loser!" She said in her best mock spelling bee voice.

"Foster mom said she's very smart ... and only 8 ... Book and street," Jones handed Sheriff Ames some paperwork.

"This kid's got bite..." he smiled and signed the papers, "you hungry Janine?"

"I want a cheese steak."

"Cheese steak it is.."

"Deal," she got out of the chair and headed to the door, "let's go see my temporary home."

Doc smiled, "im gone for the night," He told the officer.

| 13 Years Later |

At 21 years old, Janine was sitting in a chair across from Doc's desk. They were at his home office and she had her arms folded, much like she did most of her life when there was something going on she wanted to change or just flat out hated. Her back was straight, her legs were crossed and her hair in a messy birds nest of a bun, "I'm bored. You just need to let me out of here. I'm too damn old for a curfew or whatever you call this shit. I'm 21 today."

"So the fuck what, and what happens when you find trouble? You call daddy to bail you out, Janine?"

"I can't do that because I don't know who that is," she blinked one too many times and then raised an eyebrow as if wanting to laugh.

He glared at her, "get the fuck out of my office. I have to make calls."

"Okay," she jumped up and hurried out, grabbing a pair of car keys on the way.

"Janine get back here!"

She stopped abruptly, backed up, hung the keys back on the hook and sighed, "I need to get out of here!"

"30 minutes... be good"

"ICE CREAM!" She grabbed the keys and ran out.

Janine came back some hours later, very quietly. Then snuck the keys to Doc's office then snuck up to her room.

| Morning |

The next morning, Doc was downstairs waiting on her at breakfast, "that ice cream was so good last night, old man."

"The ice  cream that took you 3 hours to get? Why are you spying on my son? "

She blinked, "I'm not."

"Yes you are, Milo followed you."

"Milo is stupid, everyone knows that." Janine quipped.

Doc threw a manila envelope on the table, then took out some pictures.

Janine just looked at the photos, not saying a word. When he flipped through them all, she sighed, "I was at the ice cream shop."

He grabbed her wrist, "what the fuck are you doing stalking, Maddox?!"

"Vanilla ice cream! Hello!?" She snatched her wrist and sat down, "I was only looking."

"I understand, puberty is a bitch, but there are other ways to get a date, Janine."

"I'm long past puberty and still a virgin thanks to you." She sank down into her seat, "I want to date him."

Doc sighed, "I will bring him by once. Nothing come of it then nothing will come off it."

Smiling, "you will?"

"Yes," he nodded.

"Ooooh thank you!" She went and hugged him.

Doc didn't hug her back, just loosened her arms some. He knew Janine was a good kid and therefore had potential to be a great thing to his son. When Janine let go, Doc trashed the pictures and drank his coffee.

| 2 Days Later |

Janine combed her curly hair and put on a dress, rushing downstairs to greet him, "Oh hi ... Maddox ... I didn't know you were coming."

"Who are you?" Maddox questioned as he looked around.

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I'm Janine. Hi."

"Maddox." He responded dryly.

"Nice to meet you, Maddox ..." She smiled ... And smiled ... And smiled, then turned around and looked at Doc, cheesing still.

"Dad... this the girl who lives here?" Maddox asked of Janine. Yes, Doc and Lynn outright adopted Janine, but she was never taken home. Instead, Doc took her to his hideout house. The one he would use for 'business' purposes. There, she was raised and trained and hardly ever allowed out.

"Same one." Doc responded.

"Hmm ..." he stared her down. "Got it..." Maddox was 23 and had become less of a talker.

"Let's go sit down!" Janine suggested, then got behind Doc and gently pushed him to the couches.

"How are you?" Maddox asked.

"Me?" Janine stopped pushing and pointed at herself, then slowly sat down, "great ... Doing well ... Im awesome," she cleared her throat, "fine. How are you?"

"Well.  How old are you? "

"21 ... A few days ago. Doc let me go get ice cream. Vanilla."

"And she stalked you..." Doc told on her

Maddox shot her a look, "what the fuck for?"

"Uhmmmm," Janine slowly turned to Doc, "I was having ice cream. I told you this."

Doc shook his head, "she wants to date you, son."

"Tell her to say it," Maddox responded.

"He's right. You're both right," she smiled at Maddox and tilted her head to the side, "would you like to go out sometime?"

"Maybe ..."

"Maybe," Janine nodded and looked at Doc, satisfied.

"Yeah yeah." Doc chuckled at her.

"So, who are you? What's your story?" Maddox just looked at her with a straight face, "its like you didn't exist until this second, so ..." he waited.

"I've ... been ..." She said hesitantly, "training."

"You didn't answer my question."

"I ..." She swallowed hard. "Uhm ..." Janine looked at Doc for help. She didn't know how to answer his questions. "I have ... anger problems ...?"

"Just tell him what you feel comfortable with ..." Doc encouraged.

"Anger problems has nothing to do about your life. Unless it does. Dont be so vague." Maddox couldn't stand when people talked in pieces.

"I ... Like ... to hurt people. When he brought me here, he told Me it was okay. That he'd teach me so many ways to hurt people that I'd be happy. He was right," she started to smile. "I've been over sheltered ... obviously ... so my social skills suck but ... I like you so I've been watching you until I could figure out what to do about it. Does that answer your question?"

Maddox let out a chuckle without a hint of a smile on his face, "what made you start following me? This is my first time seeing you, so how'd you see me? My dad doesn't have a single picture of me in this house."

"Cameras." She answered quickly.

"Surveillance in the house ..." Doc nodded.

"Hmm ..." Maddox cleared his throat, "dad, ready to shoot?" Doc told him they were going to target practice. That was how he got him out the house.

"We're not doin that. I just wanted you to meet Janine. She's a good girl."

"Oh ... I get it. You're her wing man." Maddox shook his head.

Doc shrugged his shoulders, "maybe."

Janine smiled uncontrollably, "he's the sweetest person in the world. Thanks Doc."

"Pops, this ain't a face of a trained killer."

"I know, she's cute right?"

"I'm cute!" She pointed to herself. "No one ever sees me coming. Or hears me."

"Yeah ... Well show me around." He looked down to Janine.

"Okay." They started walking, "we can go to the training room first."

Maddox nodded and followed her through the house. He looked around, "so aside from being a trained killer, what else have you been doing all your life?"

"Only studying. I just got a tv on my 18th birthday. Not that I needed it since I had the internet. But still ... not much else."

"You're missing nothing. You should spend time reading a book anyway"

"I do that."

"Hmm, very good." Maddox wasn't that impressed by the girl, but on the flip she was gorgeous. He was intrigued by her style of kill, "so, what is your specialty?"

"Depends on the job. I prefer torture until death ... lots of screaming, " she got excited, "and blood." Closing her eyes, "God yes." She whispered. "Anything else ... one snap shop."

"You're fuckin twisted.." he stood in front of her, looking down, "who made you this way?"

"I was always a little ... odd ... Doc encouraged me to find what makes it work for me. That was it."

He let out his first smirk, "that's pops. I'm living proof of that as well."

They started walking again, "your dad is amazing. I learned so much from him. Fast. You have to learn fast when a person that size is kicking your ass."

"I know it. He's made me very good with my hands"

"I know ..." She grinned.

"Stalker. How would you like it if i stalked you?"

"I'm fine with that."

"Listen, ill take you out, but all that weird shit has to stay at home. If you need to read a damn book, or watch a fuckin youtube video on how to be a gotdamn lady, you do that. Got it?"

"Weird shit? YouTube has videos on how to be a lady?! Why didn't anyone tell me? Wow."

"Yeah none of that weird shit and most likely. .. ask pops if you need questions answered. We'll go tomorrow night."

"Okay. Yes."

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 9

| 2 Days Later |

"I heard..." Maddox spoke to Janine over the phone.

"About KB?" She smiled, "yea. He deserves it ... He's that good. We're also working out our Lana issue. It's becoming a non-issue where I just smile and try but Tarin hasn't come around yet."

"I heard his music, not bad, more power to ceelo."

"He's gonna go far. How are you?"

"I'm good, just tired. You?" Switching the phone to his other ear. He hunched over his desk, "just got word i got family coming in from Italy. My dad, uncles, their girlfriends, aunt, ya-ya, and a couple of cousins."

"Sounds like fun. Special occasion?"

"Not at all," he lied.

"Well thats nice," she nodded, "are they all staying with you? Need help with anything?"

"Yes, and no, i got it," he answered, there was no way he was bringing Janine around his dad and uncles just yet. His dad was a true dick and his uncle Constantine would surely try to hit on her every chance he got. As far as his other uncle, he was cool it was mainly Constantine and his father he was concerned about.

"Yes, superman has got it," she teased, "when are they coming?"

"2 weeks..."

"Can I steal you tonight?"

"steal me? I don't know about that, you might get me in trouble."

"Will a 'please' work?"

"you miss me, don't you?" He smirked.

"I'm fond of you. I like you. I enjoy your company," plus, she wasn't dating anyone, "I miss your face."

"I miss you too," he said honestly and meant it for the first time since he was 20 years old.

A slow smile spread across Janine's face that was accompanied by a feeling of longing. She sighed, "can I at least ... See you for a little while?"

"You can see me a little longer than that. Where will you be in a couple of hours?"

"I'll be home by then."

"Ok, I'll come over..."

"Will you want dinner?"

"Yea, I'll cook."

Her eyes widened, "okay. See you then."

"Alright later.." He hung up.

After the phone call ended, Janine walked out of the gym door. She'd just finished a couple of miles before she and Maddox talked. Just as she was putting her hand up to adjust her eyes to the sunshine, she saw Ricardo was walking by the building, seemingly on the phone. She glanced at him, but kept going. However, he stopped her, "Janine," he smiled and backed up, phone still up to his ear, telling the person he'd call them back.

"Hey...." She gestured toward him like she was trying to remember his name, "R..." She began hoping he'd finish.

"Ricardo. It has been months. I never heard from you after I give you my card."

"Yea, sorry about that, I misplaced it.."

"Ah ..." He went into his wallet and pulled another one out, handing it to her, "call. We can get to know each other. Someplace public if you like ... Coffee."

"Yea ... Ok," she said with flirty eyes.

He smiled, "are you free now?" Stepping closer to her.

"I ... Can't ... I've got ... A thing."

He nodded, "you are the busy type. Make time to call me."

"you got it. Well, i better go. You have a great day."

"You as well," he backed up and left.

| Later |

Janine went home, showered, changed, and made sure her place was spotless. When Maddox showed up, she was curled up on the couch in yoga capri's, a tank top and some fuzzy socks. She locked the door behind him and looked at the stuff in his hands, "hi," then leaned up on her tip toes and kissed him.

"hey," he kissed her as well, "i hope you like pasta.." He slapped her ass a little.

"I do," she followed him into the kitchen, "long day?"

"you don't even know," he sat the groceries down and began to pull or the right Pots, "what about you?"

"I have an admirer," she grinned, then hopped up onto a cabinet he wasn't using, and sat.

"I'm not surprised."

"This doesn't happen to me often so I am ..."

"Hmm, but you're gorgeous as fuck, and your ass is fat, i dont get it."

"Thank you," she chuckled, "I always seem to be in a hurry ... Maybe that keeps them from hitting on me."

"Their loss.. " as water was boiling, Maddox began to cut veggies like a pro, "can you manage to help a brotha out sweet thang?" He smirked

"Of course," she got down off the cabinet.

"Fill a mixing bowl with hot water and put the frozen meat in there."

Janine nodded and followed his instructions. Soaking in the fact that he really knew what he was doing. After he was finished cooking, Janine got out some glasses, "you want water or something else tonight?"

He actually thought about this and brought a 1930s chianti with him from his own collection, he pulled it out, "voila..."

"Oh," she looked at the bottle, "the good stuff. So prepared," she went on and set the table.

"If you want to date other guys," he started, needing to get this out, "for now it's okay, but trust me, the moment it's not okay, I'll let you know, just food for thought." He poured wine into the glasses, and then he brought plates over, "just know, everyone isn't as cool ass they seem. Just pay attention," he kissed her temple.

"Got it." She smiled a little, "I have no problem macing someone if i need to."

"good," he paced her plate in front of her, "eat up..."

Janine went on and ate the food, "wow ... Look at you. This is so good."

He smiled, "I'm Italian, you actually think i wouldn't be able to cook. Psh, i make Emeril look bad."

"I can't stand his show ... The one where he has random women sitting there commenting while he's cooking."

"Yea, i don't watch it," he sipped his wine, "do you have regrets in life, Janine?"

"No. I'm satisfied so far. Do you?"

"Hmmm yeah, going into the military, it changed me and not for good either."

"I hear that a lot," rubbing his leg under the table, "how long were you in?"


"Didn't want to go to college?"

"i went to college after. I have a bachlors in business. I used the military as a way to get out of Tennessee, and when i studied business i went to Columbia."

Smiling, "i love a man with brains," and continued eating. When they finished, they went to the couch. Janine sat next to Maddox with her thighs laid across his lap and one hand gently scratching the back of his head.

Maddox rubbed janine's thighs "who were you as a teenage girl, how've you changed?"

"I was pretty rough and tumble. A tomboy. I didn't get prissy till i got to new York."

"i can't see it.."

"No way you can. The only thing that gives me away is the collection of purses in the bedroom."

"i see titties and ass and that's what says otherwise. Oh, you are smart too. Very.." He held his hands in front of his chest to mock her breast, "smart." He cursed ass she slapped his chest.

"Mmhmm, We're going to have to fight one day. The guy at the gym I spar with is the same height as me," she shook her head. "That won't help me at all if I'm ever attacked."

"I'm going to get a pet. What do you suggest?" Loving their random conversations

"a pitbull..." He paused "or a monkey... Yep a monkey."

"No! I want a cat!"

"Then why ask me?"

"I thought maybe you would have a better idea."

"And a cat is better? Girl, get the fuck out. I'm getting a pet monkey now just to show you how damn cool they are."

"No. No thank you," she laughed and shook her head, "I love kitty babies. Tiny and amazing."

"well yes thank you, I'm buying it for me, not you. Those same kittens will then grow up to be evil bitches. I hate cats."

"I love them; When I was young ... I would go visit my grandparents in South East Texas. They lived on this big plot of land with tons of animals on it. Grandpa used to feed every single animal dog food. Chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, whatever was around, they all ate dog food ... Together ... And on Sunday's, even though they live directly across the dirt road from the church, he'd get drunk, take out his Bible, and go preach to the animals in the back yard. My Grammy just let him do it," she smiled. "So ... I need a cat."

"Yea, yea ... What type of cat?"

"i want a smokey grey kitten. Teeny tiny."

"Pfft... Can't even believe you and this cat shit," he shook his head and them rubbed his hand down her hair

"It'll be awesome. I'm free all day Sunday and Monday so I'll be decking out my apartment for a cat," she paused, "I've also been planning on apartment hunting. I thinki I can afford something a tinge bigger. This little thing I'm in now is only big enough FOR a cat."

"what else you need to make room for?"

"My purses," she beamed. "I need a bigger closet. I've had to revamp my wardrobe since I quit Vibe."

"yeah, cant look a mess at the suite."

"I already know. I bought some really nice stuff ..."

"model them?"   Maddox waited.

"Just a couple," she got up and went to the bedroom. She came out 3 different times. 2 dresses and one suit. New shoes included. After she finished, she put her comfy clothes back down, then took her previous spot, "lots more ... Closet is jacked."

"where are the extra short skirts for Maddox/Janine quiettime?"

"You just KNEW that I had some," then got up and left out again. She came back out in a short black skirt and low cut red camisole, "what about this?"

"shorter..." He joked

She shook her head, "you're just gonna rip it off anyway."

"yea... You right."

"Heels or boots?" She asked and took her hair down.

"heels, " he smiled, unbuttoning a few buttons on his white work shirt.

She found the highest black platform pumps, put them on, and went back out. "Come ..." She grabbed the front of his pants, pulled him up and walked him to the bedroom.

Friday, September 4, 2015

We're Alive!

Sorry, sorry! I've had a melt down. All my info got wiped from my computer so Ive had to start LIFE over again. Those new stories that were written are gone (all except 1. We had 5 completed). Not to mention, I haven't yet found my backup of Undercover Superstar.

You can thank Windows 10 and my A.D.D. for it. Sorry guys. I'll get more that WHAT IF posted when things slow down a bit in life. But I'm here.

I would, however, like to hear from you guys. If you're checking back, please respond.