Monday, November 28, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 15

"Maddox!" Janine yelled and beat on the door, "what is going on right now?"

Maddox didn't hear shit. The room, on top of all the security, was sound proofed. He headed downstairs where his uncles and father were. Carmine stepped to him, "Maddox don't you kill that girl, it wasn't in the plan."

Maddox looked at his uncle, "by any means necessary, unc. Shit's business, not personal."

"But you really like this woman-"

"Carmine, put a sock in it," Doc Sr growled, "that bitches father is a problem for the business. My son is making a wise choice."

"You want him single forever like you. I know differently. Call and negotiate with her father. Maybe her life can be sparred." Carmine handed Maddox a cell phone.

Constantine shook his head, "take her the phone and make her call him. Knowing she's been caught will make him cooperate."

Maddox went back upstairs, unlocked the door to see her crying her eyes out, "Janine ... I get this is a hard pill to swallow, but I'm gonna call your father, and the only shit i want you to say is 'dad they have me.' He's very familiar who THEY are. No names. If you say otherwise, id be forced to act accordingly and kill you. I'm no nonsense, you know that. This is nothing personal. About 80% of the shit i told you is true, but this shit was always a priority. You understand? Yes or no?"

She nodded but didn't look at him, keeping her head down. She wouldn't look at him again after this if she made it out of there. Maddox handed her the phone and she dialed her dads number. Her mother answered, "mom ... Where's Daddy?"

"You get a new phone?" Caroline asked off handedly.

"Quick, mom."


Janine heard shuffling and then William took the line, "hi sweet heart."

She sighed, "they have me." She heard him start to say something but then Maddox snatched the phone from her.

Maddox grabbed the phone from her and walked out of the room locking it up, "William. I've been very patient with you and treated your daughter with respect. You defied me so you have 3 hours to get to City Lake Park with all the bullshit you have collected over time about me. I wont let your precious Angelica go until i have all documents and other pieces of evidence in hand. Better not be any police. Do know i have connections down there and shit will go down if this isnt a straight, easy breezy connect. No wires, no police just you and the items,  we clear?"

"Yes," he huffed and hung up.

Maddox walked downstairs, "start the clock ... Unc, contact Geno and tell him its on, to head to the spot now."

Geno was told to get to city lake park where William would be waiting with the papers. He was holding a box with a top on it that had documents, pictures and voice recordings. All, he handed over when he meet the guy. After the stuff was gone, Geno told them he had it all and drove on to the airport to bring it to the Ames'.

Maddox hung up the phone after speaking to Geno and walked up the stairs to the room he had janine in. He shut the door behind him, "do you understand why i did what i did?"

She nodded, still not looking at him. She really did understand even though she hated him for it.

"I had to protect my family, but i really do care about you, make no mistake. I know how this is already going to play out, i know how you feel about everything so tell me what you want from the business you started. Do you want it all or do you want to leave it? Either way i wont fight you."

"Leave it. When i get out of here, i'm getting the hell out of New York. I'll keep your secrets. They're not mine to tell. But i'm leaving." Scooting into the bed, she pulled her knees up to her chest and turned her head towards the bathroom door.

He nodded, "ok, are you hungry?"

"No. Thank you."

He left the room and locked it behind him. Going downstairs, he walked to his patio and pulled a cigar out and began to smoke it.

"Now what, nephew?" Carmine took a seat next to where he was standing. Then smirked, "you're going to miss that one, aren't you?"

Maddox nodded, "yeah, pretty sure she was the one."

"This could have been handled differently. You could have gotten what you needed and kept her too ... Had you thought it out more like me and not like your father."

"You're right ... I just didn't think the girl would get me like she did. I just didn't even plan for it."

"Give her some time and then lie your way back in," he smirked.

"I don't know if that will work."

What felt like an entire day went by. Geno had to travel from Texas to New York so Maddox had to wait for Geno to get back with the contents of the box before he let Janine go. When Geno arrived, they meticulously went through the contents of the box. When they were satisfied, Maddox hit a button that unlocked the room. Janine popped up from the bed and went straight for the door. When she opened it, she crept out into the hallway and downthe stairs.She saw the men sitting in the living room, except Maddox had his back turned looking out of the window. She shuffled through quickly, ignoring the stares from his family, got her purse and dipped out.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 12

| Days Later |

"Your dad is gonna give me away ..." Janine said to Maddox. They were out shopping and Janine was looking at baby things. "I'd like him to."

"If you want him to, you should."

"And when will you fix it?"

"Fix what?"

"Your relationship."

"Ok. Pause, Janine. What you're not gonna do is try to convince me to make amends with my father. You have your relationship and I'll have mine the way i want and I'll move things on my own damn terms."

"I'm going to try and convince you because it just makes sense. He's asking to be let back in. Please. I have not asked you for anything at all. Just this one thing." Janine picked up a small piece of clothing.

"Janine!" He yelled, "my relationship with my father is fuckin non-negotiable! Don't ask anymore or you WILL cause problems between us!"

A man walked up to them, "is there a problem over here?"

"Who the fuck invited you over here?! Is anyone bleeding or crying over here? No! Did she ask for your gotdamn help? No! Get the FUCK out of my face!"

Janine had frozen as soon as he yelled at her like that. Her eye twitched a bit and she wanted so badly to lash out. But she had to remember who this was to her, that she was pregnant, and she needed to calm down. But unfortunately, now she was incredibly angry. She balled up the tiny piece of clothing she was holding, held her breath and stared at him as the shop worker walked up to them. After Maddox yelled at him, Janine roughly dropped the shit she was holding to the ground, then turned around and stormed her ass out of the store.

Maddox followed Janine and stopped her from getting in the car, "don't even fucking act like I'm in the wrong right now. Its you who is butting into shit you shouldn't."

Janine didn't even look at him. She tilted her head to the side, snatched the car door open and sat inside.

"Alright we can do this," he walked away to go catch a cab.

| Later |

Janine took her sweet time getting home. She went to the gun range and unloaded for two hours, walked the pier, then went and picked up a giant fruit platter from the organic food store. When she got home, she went to the kitchen, opened the platter and dumped all the cantaloupe, pineapples and mangoes into a bowl, then walked around eating it.

Maddox however hadn't gone home and was at his mother's house, "I'm just so damn pissed, Ma."

"I understand honey. But ... With marriage comes compromise. There isn't anything you can take from this?" She was in the kitchen, working on a pie, "hmm? I compromised with your father and let him come over here once a day to grovel, then he leaves."

"The speed i move with my father is not for her to decide. I already told him i would be open to working on our relationship, but at my own pace, and she should respect that."

"She should," Lynn agreed.

"What makes me more mad is she doesn't see that because she is my father's drone. He's everything to her and i get it, but for most of my life. My dad has been too busy for me."

"That is true but he loves you. So much, baby. Now he has the opportunity to make it right when YOU are ready. Tell Janine to cool it."

"Tried, maybe i told her the wrong way but I'm that angry."

"I think ... You told her the wrong way." Lynn patted his hand.

"I know but i said it regular to begin with and then she kept pushing it."

"Alright. Honey. I hope everything is okay by morning."

"Yeah, well, i better get out of here," he kissed his mother on the head.

"Love you.." lynn hugged him

"I love you too mama," he smiled and left to go home.

| Later |

Maddox got home. Janine knew he'd arrived and didn't give a shit. She was in their bedroom, sitting on the loveseat with her legs up and folded, kindle in one hand reading a book about babies, and almonds in the other hand, popping some into her mouth as she read.

Maddox walked in to their bedroom, "lets talk."

"No thank you." She responded without looking up from her book.

"Well, I'm talking. Sorry, for talking to you like I did, however, i am not sorry for what i said. You need to respect my wishes. If this is gonna work, you have to respect my feelings." he looked to her.

"If this is going to work?" She looked up at him, "if this is going to work? What the fuck?"

"Yes, generally speaking, you respect me and i respect you."

"You respect me by not yelling at me in my fucking face like I'm some random who pissed you off. I need to respect your wishes but you don't need to respect mine ... right?"

"You miss everything i said. I started with sorry and i just said we both need to respect each other. Why would i expect you to respect me and i wouldn't give you any in return? You forget i spoke in a completely tamed tone until you kept pressing the issue."

"Whether I press or not ... you don't need to talk to me like that. Walk away." She went back to reading her book.

"Right ... we'll ignore the fact that i just apologized. Cool, lets keep this up, lets stay mad. Because that's what you want to do. Remember, i came to you, trying to talk, but every time we get in a damn argument, you always want to keep it going and even if you are wrong, you never apologize. I'm stubborn, but baby you take the damn cake. When you're ready to talk, you know where ill be," he walked off, intending on a spare room.

"I'm not wrong and therefore can't apologize." She said loud enough for him to hear. Janine would have apologized for nothing had he not said 'if this is going to work' because that made her anger worse. At least now, she didn't have to tell him to leave, he went on his own and she was fine with that. Maddox was exhausted,this is why they were always on and off, her stubbornness. She also always read into things incorrectly.

| Morning |

Maddox got up and made breakfast for the both of them. He put hers on the table and went to the bedroom, "your breakfast is ready..." he announced to her and then walked off.

Janine sighed and turned over. She just wanted to sleep but she was starving. She got up and brushed her teeth, combed her hair into a ponytail and went downstairs. "Thanks ... I'm so hungry." She sat down and took a moment to rub her stomach.

"You're welcome..." he nodded and drank some orange juice.

"When you get off, can we try the registry again?" She started eating.

"Yeah ..." he agreed.

"Great." They finished eating in silence. No, things were not okay. Nothing magically fixed itself overnight. Maddox was right, she's as stubborn as they come and could become irrational with it. Then again, Janine had learn everything about normal life in only a few years time. When they finished, a maid cleaned off the table and Janine went back up to bed. Maddox left to work, trying his hardest to change his attitude the whole day.

| Later |

Janine spent her afternoon crying to Doc about Maddox yelling at her, "stubborn or not. I'm not apologizing and I did nothing wrong."

"Why wouldn't you? Didn't you say he apologized?"

"Yes. So ..." blinking as tears fell, "I'm supposed to when he does?" She was confused.

"My question is why wouldn't you? He told you cool it and you continued to press it. I appreciate you, i do, but i dont want you to fight because of me."

"I've always done what you said to do. It's all I was doing." She wiped her face.

"But don't risk your relationship."

"Jesus!" She leaned back on her couch, "Okay. I'll fix this. Okay. I don't know how but okay."

"Remember, your man comes first. Dont jeopardize that for anyone," he rubbed her hand.

She sighed, "Okay. You won't stop coming around will you?"

"Of course not," he smiled.

And just like that, Janine felt better. Doc always fixed everything.

| That Evening |

Janine waited for Maddox at home. When he got there, she was cooking, but went to greet him. She only gave him a tight hug and stood on her toes and kissed him, then went back to the kitchen.

"Hello ..." he smiled as she walked off.

"Hi. Hold on," she rushed back to check the halibut.

"Holding," he took off his coat.

She turned it down low, then went back to him, "I'm sorry. I was an idiot. I was thinking like Doc's protege and still taking orders like they're the bible. You're my number 1 now. I didn't forget, but it was like my mechanics override that if Doc asks me to do something. Won't happen again." Yet she still felt like she wasn't wrong. Go figure. Either way, she was still doing what Doc told her to do.

He smiled and just kissed her, "i love you."

"I love you too." Smiling, she rushed back to the kitchen. "YOUR MOM IS COMING OVER FOR DINNER."

"Good! Im gonna hop in the shower really quick..." he ran off to do so.

By the time Maddox showered, Janine was putting food on the table and Maddox's mother was brought in by the butler. "Hi Ms Lynn." Janine went to greet her.

"Hey sweetie, how are you and my grand baby?!" She hugged her.

"We're good. Growing too fast. Come sit. Dinner is ready and Maddox will be down in a minute."

"How is everything?"

"Fine! And you?"

"Im great, just miss having kids in the house," she pouted as Maddox came down, "baby," she jumped up to hug him.

"Hey mama," he leaned down and hugged her tightly.

"I was just telling Janine I wanted a baby in the house. Trent's son got too big too fast," she sat back down.

"I asked her over," Janine told them, "just so I can get some talk time in since Lynn knows everything about babies. I've read books but I know books don't really prepare you."

"Oh no, experience is where its at, baby," Lynn smiled, "I'm always here to assist though."

"I'll need the help. Honestly. It's a little scary."

"Thats normal. You have a good guy helping you. Maddox is great with kids."

"That's what he says," Janine winked at him.

"I do... ma, how are you and dad?" Maddox sipped his wine and looked at his mother.

"Um i can look at him without being angry.." she admitted. Maddox nodded and went back to eating. "Well... what about you?" Lynn grinned.

"Uhh we got together for lunch today. He showed up, i didnt say no."

Janine gasped and nearly coughed up her juice, "and ..." She calmed herself, "How did it go?"

"Fine.. it went fine."

"That's ... That's ... nice." Grinning too hard. From then on, everything would be fine. Doc is always right.

The End

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 14

| Days Later |

"No. I'm the photographer so that's not an issue. Space is the issue. Once I have the studio I put in for ..." Janine stopped abruptly, almost running into Ricardo as she was about to cross the street, now really wishing she had driven that day instead of taking the subway, "I'm going underground, I'll call you in an hour." She said her goodbyes and then gave Ricardo the most genuine smile she could muster until she made sure she could dart her ass across the street away from him.

Ricardo was suppose to be at war with Maddox, somewhere I'm the world, but he managed to be one step ahead of Maddox. He walked up to Janine, "hello beautiful.."

"Hi there. How are you?" She took a few steps to the sidewalk to wait for the light to change and hopefully loose him in a crowd.

"I have a question for you."

"Okay," now tapping her thigh with her right hand.

"How do you think your boyfriend would feel knowing he's the reason for your death?" Before she could respond or move two men stood on the side of her

"I don't think ..." She took a few deep breaths, "he would like that at all." To keep from flat out hyperventilating, she laughed, "he fucked you over once ... He'll do it again," then the signal showed walk and she took off running into the mob of people coming to her side of the street, now using her lack of height to her advantage. Staying low and hauling ass. The men took off in the same street knocking people over.

"Don't panic. Don't turn around," she coached herself, running down the sidewalk and trying to find a place to hide. She paused on front of Planet Hollywood but kept going, smiling at the subway entrance and ran there. The men separated in order to have a better shot in finding her.

Janine slowed her speed down just a bit while in the subway, looking around for them. The train wasn't coming so she kept walking towards the other exit when she bumped right into one of the dudes. He reached out to grab her and she kicked him in the nuts, chuckled and took off, back out to daylight and hailing a cab once out. Inside the cab, she slumped down and called Maddox.

Maddox was in the middle of closing in on some people, our so he thought, when he saw the call. Thinking of ignoring it, he answered it anyway, "hey, i can't talk long, what's up?"

"I just almost got grabbed." She paused and shook her head a bit, "well, almost. I got away. I'm in a cab now."

"What the fuck you mean?"his tone changed, explain!"

"Ricardo walked right up to me, said a few words and i took off with 2 guys chasing me," she said quieter.

"Fuck, i want you to get in another cab and get to my estate somehow, i am heading to my jet be there in 2hours."

She blinked, "alright, i'm going." Janine ended the call, paid the cab fare, got out, got in another one and rode on.

Later |

Janine got there with no problem and was let in his place. She nearly collapsed on his couch and was in that same spot when he got there.

Dressed in his assassins best, equipped with a long trench coat, he came to her, "are you okay?"

"I kicked him in the balls," she jumped up and hugged him, "and ran like hell."

"I'm so pissed," he kissed her on the lips, "something told me to wait."

"Don't worry about it." She slapped her thighs, then looked him over, "you look amazing."

"Thank you ... I gotta go make a call.."

Janine nodded and sat back down, then got up and went to the kitchen. She had no idea when he'd last eaten so she cooked up something quick while he made his calls.

"Janine grab my dessert eagles from under the coffee table," he yelled from the hallway.

"Eagles," she mumbled to herself add she moved to the coffee table, catching that he wanted both, not just 1. "Got em!" Then walked towards the sound of his voice.

Maddox hung up his phone and grabbed both phones. He put them in his gun holster behind his back, and then held his arms open to her, "I missed you."

"Missed you too," she hugged him and held on to him, "I'm sorry you had to come back in the middle of all you had going on."

"I'm not ..." He kissed her lips and then she felt a blunt object against her stomach, "because i get exactly what i wanted."

She stepped back a bit and saw the gun, smiling, "doing this today?" She bit her bottom lip, "let's go."

Maddox snatched her to him by her hair and forced the gun into her mouth, you think I'm playing?" Serving her with the same look, he gave cheyenne that day.

Janine briefly paused, staring him on the eye, "why wouldn't you be?" She swallowed and tried to move away from him.

Pulling her back by her hair, Maddox drug her to the nearest room, and locked her in. He then went to the intercom and spoke, "security on windows, i repeat security on all windows!" Seconds later, steel plates dropped over the windows, shielding all outside light leaving Janine in the darkness.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 13

| Next Day |

They packed up and went shooting. Janine, of course, enjoyed it more than dealing with the hand gun. On the way back, Janine was dozing seeing as how she didn't sleep much the night before. They hit a bump and Janine's eyes flew open, "Jesus ..." She mumbled, "I am completely dead right now."

"You asked for it..."

"And man did I get it," she smiled, "I came too many times. I was dehydrated yesterday."

"Shit was good.." He paused, "you need to be consistent with drinking water dealing with me. Ill take fatigue to a whole new level."

Janine laughed out loud, "you aint never lied. I gotta tell you though ... I was worried about hanging over the banister. But still too excited to say anything."

"I got reflexes like a cat, you're safe with me, even when it doesn't seem like it."

"Theirs a lot you need to teach me."

"what are you talking about?"

"We haven't been to spar yet," then closed her eyes again.

"We'll do that next week," he put his arm around her and kissed her forehead, "so I'm leaving new York for six months."

Her eyes opened and she sat up some, "why?" Then paused, "that ... Stuff ... You told me about?" Then pouted just a little and leaned back the way she was. Disappointed.

"Cut that shit out. Do you understand how much trouble i could be putting you through? I get you think this whole time i was training for this huge war, but.. Yea right i do that shit because i know you actually enjoy it. If i fight its alone or with my soldiers..."

She smiled, "yes, I enjoy it. You're leaving for 6 months to lay low?"

"No, i don't hide from shit. I'm leaving to win."

"Stay safe," she rubbed his leg, "please. And I want to hear from you whenever you have time."

"Of course, " he nodded, "plus ill be fine, and you will too, no matter how it turns out."

| Days Later |

"Well ... WHAT HAPPENED?!" Janine ran through Tarin's opened door and flopped down on her couch.

Tarin turned and looked at her crazy, "Bitch, fine is am understatement with that man by the way."

"Told you ..." Janine nodded, very satisfied, "are your hips sore? Give me details, damnit!"

"Well, he took me to eat at The Suite, he licked The Kitty in this private room and fucked me in the bathroom. He's rude as fuck in a sweet way. We then went to a hotel and fucked the whole night and morning. His dick us so girthy, shit, my pussy hurt up until last night. I keep having to take warm baths."

Nodding, "I know the feeling," she smiled a little, "congratulations."

"Girl, thank you. Were getting together again before he leaves."

"You're welcome, baby doll. Glad you had fun."

"How are you and Maddox?"

"Good," grinning, "really good. Talk to KB yet?"

"Wait a minute, explain 'good, really good.'"

"We're ... Together." She nodded, "like for real, for real. I might joke with you about us only having sex but we ... Talk. a lot. We know what this was, what it turned into, and we're playing it by ear but we're playing together."

"Ok. Kb and i agreed to disagree."

"Good. That's kind of what we did anyhow."

"Yea, we're fine."

"Good. The separation of my parents was killing me." Janine smirked.

"Parents? Stop, girl, i think i want to officially lose weight."

"That's cool. You should come to the gym with me when I go tomorrow."

"I will, just tired of being the cute fat girl."

Janine wasn't about to go over the same shit she'd been over with Tarin before about her weight and blah blah blah. She was sick of it so she let it ride and nodded. Janine looked up and smiled, "I'm sure Maddox's uncle saw nothing but a juicy pussy and a nice mouth."

"Bitch, i know, that man is beautiful."

"Good job, gorgeous. Very good job."

| 2 Months Later |

"What's the scoop?" Janine finally caught up with Keith. It was a little after 6 and they'd decided on an early dinner so KB could get back to writing his material.

"Lana and me broke up, so just been focused, loving the material im coning up with."

SHe sighed, "why?"

"Why are you sighing like that? Just because i was busy and i wasnt about to put my dreams in hold for her."

"I just ... Thought ..." She mumbled under her breath, "that it might work out."

"So did i, but it didn't, its fine, clearly God has a bigger plan."

"Agreed," she smiled, "I'm so fucking excited for you!" She almost shrieked and then quieted herself. "I'm working on doing an E-Mag."

"Thats amazing... Have you talked to Maddox since he disappeared off the face of the earth?"

She laughed, "yes. Almost every day." Janine shrugged, "he's a busy man. Always. You are too, now."

"And shit feels so good."

"This glow fits you. Happy for you," she repeated, "don't forget the little people when you're touring Asia."

"The woman who discovered me, please... You'll be riding right with me, you and tarinica's stubborn ass."

"That's what I like to hear," she patted his and looked up at the food as the waiter sat it down.

Doc's Little Girl - 11

| 4 Months Later |

Janine got pregnant almost immediately. Everything remained quiet as far as the Business was concerned but routine checks were done. Janine talked Maddox into moving into her house since it has the necessary security and she felt she'd need it if she were pregnant and shit popped off. One afternoon, security called into the house, "visitor at the gate."

Janine turned the security feed on the tv and took a breath, then hit the intercom button, "let him in."

Doc drove into the gate, finding a place to park which was behind Maddox's car. Stepping out, he began heading to the door which was opened by Janine, "look at you," he referred to the house.

"It was needed," she smiled uncontrollably. "I can't believe you're here."

"Yeah, me either," he walked up to her, and gave her the tightest hug, "you look beautiful."

"Careful." She backed up and patted her stomach after kissing him on the cheek.

"No way!" He smiled so big and softly held her stomach, "this is beautiful," he shook his head, "Maddox?"

She nodded and they went inside. She showed him her ring, "you came back just in time."

"Yes i did..." he looked around, "where's my boy? "

"Maddox ..." Janine walked Doc to the den.

"Yeah baby?" He was watching basketball and didn't even look away from the screen

"Visitor. I'll give you two a minute." She smiled up at Doc again, then walked out.

Maddox looked away from the tv and instantly grumbled to himself. He shit off the tv, "what?" He looked up to him.

"Not going to give your old man a hug?"

"No, what do you want?"

Doc took a seat on the opposing couch. "To be here."

"Ok, then be here, but dont expect me to be jumping at the chance to talk to you. When i tried, you didnt..."

"I realize that. All I'm asking is to not be cut out."

"Fine.." he nodded

Janine came back with a butler behind her. "Are you hungry?" She asked Doc as the butler set up drinks.

"Yes please, sweet heart." Doc looked to Maddox, "how's your mother?" He raised a brow.

"She's doing fine i guess..." Maddox sighed, she really wasn't.

Janine went back to make a spot for Doc. She'd feed him in front of the TV alongside Maddox, then retreat to her office. Doc kept going with Maddox, "Lia and Trent?"

"Trent's son is two now, he's happy and celia is about to graduate."

"My first grandson." He smirked, "what are you having?"

"A little girl.."

Right then, Doc laughed, a loud boisterous sound, "how about that ..."

"Yea, im happy."

Janine and the butler came back in with their food. It was buffalo wings. 3 different flavors that Janine made herself. She brought them beers, sides of mashed potatoes and ears of corn. "Im going to my office." She told them.

"Ok baby.." Maddox grabbed Janine's hand and kissed it.

 Doc nodded, "thank you sweetheart."

"Anytime." She left the room.

| Hours Later |

Doc sat through the basketball game and ate the food but didnt force the conversation. Sometime after, Janine called Doc into her office.

He sat across from her "yes?"

"Nothing," she laughed and just looked at Doc. "I'm just ... Glad I did what I did. It was worth it."

"I have to say it, you've made me proud. I get to come back and live a normal life, get my family back."

"Why did you do it in the first place? Get into the business. Did you have a choice?"

"That's who i was, I'm no longer that person."

Janine paused and leaned back in her chair, putting a hand on her stomach, "I ... thought I'd changed ... But I didn't. I loved it. Every bit of it."

"Sweetheart, you are different. For me, the lifestyle was a choice, for you, the lifestyle chose you. This is just who you are, and so is this loving side of you."

She squealed, "I'm so excited! Oh! Doc ... dad ... I'd be so honored if you'd give me away at the wedding. It's going to be another year or so but ..."

"Of course, i would love to. Seems very quiet around these days."

"Everyone is dead. So yea!" She beamed.

"That would do it, i want you to be there when i propose to Lynn again."

"Awwwwwwwww." She gushed, "of course."

"Wont be for a while. Im going to see her when i leave. I have so much making up to do."

"Good luck. I don't know how things are with her other than surface information. Maddox won't let me stalk."

"Can you talk to him for me? I really want to fix this."

"I will. I'll work on him for you," smiling.

"Well I'm out of here," he stood, "i love you, and ill see you later, ok?" Doc and Janine hugged.

| Later - Across Town |

Doc showed up to lynn's and knocked on the door. Lynn was on the phone, talking to one of her girlfriends and opened the door. She looked up a her husband, "I'll call you back, Amanda." She ended the call, "you reappear."

"I am here to beg for your forgiveness for as long as you need me to. Can I please come in?"

Lynn only glared at him, then stepped back for him to come in.

Doc walked in as she closed the door. They made their way to the living room to sit, "how are you, baby?"

"Do you have an explanation?" She ignored his question.

"Of course, but how are you?"

"Lets hear the explanation first."

"I moved away to keep my family from being killed. I wanted out of the Business and there's just no quitting, so i faked my death. None of what i put you through was something i really wanted to do, it was something I had to do, to ensure your safety."

"How did you get out then? How are you here if you're obviously not dead or hiding?"

"The person who took over got rid of everyone..."

"So this person... Did you a favor? You hurt me. All you had to do was tell me."

"No. I wouldnt change it, because now I have the rest of our lives to make it up to you. We can make it all like new again."

"No. We can not. You may leave now, Maddox."

"I'm not leaving. We havent finished talking. I dont mean to excuse anything i did, but give me the chance to court you like i did in the beginning. Remind you of why you loved me to begin with."

"Get out of my house! I don't want to see you!" She stood up, "get out!"

He looked at her and nodded, "if you know one thing about me. You know I'm not done. Ill see you tomorrow," he stood and went to the door and left.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 12

| 2 Days Later |

"Tell Tarin, tonight us a go." Maddox spoke to Janine in the phone.

"Oh hell yes. Do i get to see him before hand? I adore him," she laughed.

"The fuck for? You don't get to fuck him." Maddox raised a brow.

She laughed, "joking. What time?"

"9 pm, my penthouse, no panties."

"You want an outsider in your penthouse ... Okay. I'll bring her."

"Yes my penthouse he's gonna pick her up from there."

"Okay. See you at 9. Want anything?"

"Nope surprise me ..."

| Later |

They arrived a little before 9. Janine walked Tarin to the penthouse elevator, "no drawz right?" Janine lifted up the back of Tarin's dress.

Tarin swatted at her, "naw, none! Do i look cute?" Tarin raised a brow, "would you fuck me?"

Smiling, "yes and yes."

"Good!" She cheesed, "what are you and Asshole doing tonight?"

"Screwing probably." They stepped into the elevator.

"Damn us that all you do?"

"Course not. We ... Date," smiling.

Janine and Tarin got out of the elevator and was met by a guard at the front door. They were let in immediately. Maddox was talking on the phone. Saw Janine and winked at her and puckered his lips at her. She really did bring the old Maddox out.

She smiled and waved at him, then walked Tarin to a sitting room where she couldn't hear him talking, just in case. "Your face is so pretty I hate you," Janine chuckled, talking to Tarin.

"Girl stop.." Tarin blushed, "hard to believe that when you haven't had a man in 2 years."

"It's gettin harder and harder out there for us, girl. That's all."

"Girl shut up, you got a man."

"This is still very new," she laughed, "I'm feeling really excited right now. I don't know why," She tapped her hands on her thighs.

"Excited about ...?"

"I don't know! I'm just happy is all. KB is in the studio RIGHT THIS MINUTE with Pharrell, you're about to get some D and my mother called to yell at me today about a picture of Maddox kissing me on the street," she looked at her a little funny, "she was pissed I didn't tell her."

"Your mom is a trip."

Just as she said that Maddox came over, "Tarin..."

Tarin turned around and then stood up, "yea?"

"Your 'ride' is here," Janine whispered to her as she used her fingers for quotes, then giggled.

"Yea... Geno will take you down.." A huge Samoan stood next to Janine waiting.

Janine hugged Tarin, "text me in the morning," then Tarin waved and left.

A soon as Tarin left, Maddox excused the other guards so him and Janine were alone, "how was your day gorgeous?"

"Perfect. Got some work done, talked to my mom, played with my kitty," she stood on her toes and kissed him.

Maddox pulled her closer as they continued to kiss, he then wrapped his arms around her shoulders, "i got something made for you."

"What is it?" She smelled his cologne, then gently grabbed his butt, "you smell nice."

"Thank you, baby," he kissed her cheek, and then walked back to her with a long box, "go on open it."

She half smiled and pulled the ribbon off, then opened the box. Staring at it a minute, she full-out smiled, "it's ... So ... Beautiful." It was a shotgun with high gloss wood and custom matted chrome. The slide ejector release and trigger were small enough to fit her finger and easy enough for her to slide quickly if needed, "damn ..." She just looked at it, seeing her name engraved on the chrome, "this is amazing. Thank you!" She cheesed still.

"absolutely, tomorrow, we shoot... With our big boy guns.." He smirked

"YES!" She fist pumped and rubbed her hand over it, "this is so dope!"

"You're welcome."

"When are you going to come see Luna?" They walked out of the sitting room and to the couch in the TV room.

"Luna? Your cat? When you come see kunta," he referred to his pet monkey. Offensive yes, but he named the little guy after one of the characters in his favorite movie, roots.

"You named that damn thing Kunta? Where is it? Let me see it."

He laughed, "at the estate... I had a huge cage built for him with lots of trees and vines and shit."

"God," she leaned back on the couch, "what a mess," pausing, "by the way. I'm not wearing any panties either."

"oh, i know, you know the rules. I'm just not ready."

"Was your day ok?" She got up from the couch and went to get her purse from the sitting room. When she came back, she pulled out a small jar of honey and sat it on the table in front of him.

"Yea, it was good, lots of paper work. Yours?"

"2 interviews and some editing work. Album review and mulling over if I want to do an E-Mag."

"Why mull when you can just do it, the sky is your first limit, and next is outer space. Just go for it, the stars are closer than you think." He sat back.

"And it would be a lot more cost effective. It can be accessed by anyone with a net connection ... Which is most these days. And there would be no paper involved and none of that crap," she sighed. A little relieved. "I'll do it. People are coming to me for things now. It's odd, but flattering."

He smiled, "I'm proud of you."

"I'm proud of me too," she removed her shoes, then took the remote and turned on the TV, put her legs across his lap and turned on Archer.

"You up for honesty hour?" He smiled, "we can ask each other anything and no matter what it has to be the truth. Even if its something from the past that we might've questioned.

Janine nodded, "if things don't work out for us ..." She turned the TV down, "what happens? I know things about you ... Although i wouldn't every broadcast it ... Still ..."

"You keep your job, we coexist, unless you betray me."

She nodded, "i can understand that," and rubbed the back of his head.

"Would you ever turn me in or rat me out?"

Janine shook her head. "Two reasons. One, i wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Two, I'm a little soft for you," smirking.

"Aww shucks." He kissed her cheek, "your turn."

"This mafia thing ... Family thing i assume? That fine uncle that left out of here with my Tarinica."

"Both uncles, and my father. Its something i got into after i stopped working for Ricardo."

"You worked for him? Why? And how long?"

"He saved me from being murdered, and when he needed me too return the favor, which was right away, i worked as the enforcer. Specializing in torture, gun, and knife play. I worked for him for almost two years until i killed half his army and escaped to new York where my father lived at the moment. Then i joined My family, and five years later i was a superstar, and posing off the Russians."

"Very cinematic. Is it weird that all those bad things you told me just turned me on?" She frowned and pressed her legs closed a little tighter.

"No, not at all. What else turns you on?"

"All that badass stuff. A fight. Oh my goodness, as juvenile as that sounds, I'd probably rip your clothes off after seeing you fight someone."

He laughed, "show me how."

Her eyes glazed over with delight. "I can't right now," blushing, "it has to be in the moment. Or maybe a crazy man with a gun chases me around my house to try and rape me," Janine took a deep breath and clutched her pearls, "you'd get ridden so hard that night," and laughed.

"Don't threaten me with a good time, "he squeezed her inner thigh.

"No threat," get breathing picked up, "i'm up for that scenario."

"Run it by me again.."

Smiling and standing, "its dark ... I'm home alone and then i hear something," smiling, "i look for where the sound came from and he pops out of nowhere with a gun. I run. He catches me and throws me down."

Maddox grabbed a remote and turned off all the lights and just sat there, he grabbed a gun, that was in one of his many hiding places, removed all the bullets from it, and cocked it, just for effect, he stood as he heard Janine move away from him.

"Oh crap," she backed up smiling, and then ran for the stairs, or where she figured the stairs would be. It wasn't pitch black but it was damn sure dark enough.

Maddox heard her running up the stairs and headed in that direction. He moved up the stairs like he would if he was trying to close in on an enemy.  Hearing her loop to the left side into his bedroom, he shook his head and went another way that allowed him to get in through his closet. He had a bunch of passage ways like this in his penthouse and in his mansion. He knew she'd be expecting him to go the original way.

Janine let out a quiet sigh, standing by the bathroom door. She shuffled around and then stilled, trying to see if she could hear anything but couldn't. She knew Maddox came up the stairs but didn't hear him anywhere. She quietly walked out of the bedroom and down the hall way towards the guest rooms and towards the stairs to look for him, "Maddox ..."

Just as she called him a second time, a hand covered her mouth and she felt something cold and blunt being pressed against her temple, "if you scream, i will fucking kill you. If you fight back, i will fucking kill you, and if you dont get on your knees right now and suck my dick, i will fucking kill you," Maddox spoke convincingly into her ear.

She gasped and then shivered, so turned on she could hardly think and wondering why he went along with it. Wiggling just a little, she slipped down to the floor, then turned around and grabbed his pants. It was dark upstairs and she could hardly see but saw his hand lower with the gun in it. She sighed and stuck his dick in her mouth.

Maddox made a tight grip around  Janine's hair to control the speed she went. He then stopped her from going up and slowly slid her mouth lower on his dick.

She was thinking that this was about to be everything she expected so she made sure his pants fell to the floor and continued sucking. When he let go of her hair, there was her opening. She fell backwards on her butt and took a second to breath, then back up and got up, feeling the stair railing, then inched her way to the stairs and down them again. She was so gonna dream about this later.

Maddox was done  with the foreplay portion. He pulled her up by her hair, bent her over the rail of the banister and put himself inside, drilling the hell out of her.

Doc's Little Girl - 10

| 1 Week Later |

They laid low to survey the news and see if anyone had heard anything. When Janine was satisfied, they headed back to California on a multitude of different flights and their covers in tact. Janine got home and fell into her bed. She hadn't slept most of the trip and she needed to catch up on it desperately. Maddox wasn't informed on when she would be back so he just showed up and found her sleeping with her head under a pillow. Smiling, he got down to his knees and reached over to her, i missed you" he pulled her to the edge of the bed.

"Hey you ..." She mumbled out and then curved her body around him.

"Hey baby," he climbed to the bed, "how are you?"

"Tired but recuperating." Still with her eyes closed, she pulled the cover up over them both and buried her face in his chest, "I missed you."

"Oh yeah? " He ran his hand through her hair.

Nodding, "did you bring sunshine?" She referred to his dick.

"Nah, left it at home?"

She chuckled, "Sunshine is like American Express."

He removed her panties and parted her legs, "you right about that" he licked a few fingers and  then stuck them inside her and began to rub her spot slowly.

Poor Janine still hadn't figured out how to properly flirt so American Express was what she came up with. That next morning, they went out for breakfast and stayed out all day, "I think i should buy you a ring or something ... Right?" Janine asked Maddox in an awkward fashion. They were walking past Tiffany's, "something manly, though. Is that how it works when you want to get married?"

"So you trying to take my manhood away?"

Her eyes widened. She even panicked a little. Maddox was a man ... A real man. She'd never want to threaten his manhood. She just didn't know how a marriage proposal process was supposed to work. "Of course not. But I understood it as whoever asks first. I know that in those black n white films, the woman waited for the proposal but what if I want to propose to you? Do I still have to wait?"

"Janine, don't "

She held her hands up to surrender, "sorry."

"Look i love you, but dont ever in your life get down on one knee and propose to me."

"I got it now."

"Thank you..." he kissed her forehead, "so when can i put a baby in you?  Still two years? "

"Yes, but there's only about 7 months of that left. So ... Soon," she put her head on his arm momentarily, then they started walking before they stopped again to get food from a cart. Janine got a chicken and steak fajita with everything on it except tomatoes. "how many do you want, anyway?"


Janine stopped midbite, "no."

He smiled, "4 at the most."

"I can do that."

"I know you can" he rubbed her ass, "you have come a long way, you know that?"

"You proud of me?" Smiling.

"Yes, and grateful, i wouldn't want to break up with you for remaining weird."

"You REALLY would have put me down that?"

"Fuck yeah Janine, i dont want a woman who cant reciprocate the affection i need. Yeah, ive done a lot of shit, and when i met you, i was this stone wall, but thats not me. I always wanted a good relationship with my father and i didnt care how to go about it and then boom." He looked her in the eyes, "when i met you, i thought you were legit the most beautiful girl ive seen, even more so than Sasha, but the reason i didn't make stronger moves, was that whole weird murdery thing you had goin.  It was a turn off."

 Thankfully, she knew she was still weird and murdery, but not around him. She nodded, "I understand how that can be a turn off. I didn't realize how bad it was. Sasha had to show me."

"Yeah, and i dont care what choose to do outside of you and me, as long as you give me the girl i fell in love with."

"No problem." She bit and chewed up more fajita, swallowed, then said, "you didn't get one."

"I'll eat at home" he rubbed her head.

| Months Later |

 "That's everything. It all looks good. Cubans are attempting to regroup with all new people but they won't be an issue. Mackey is still on board. According to everyone, there is no more Italian Mafia operating inside the United States, just a branch of it headed up by an unknown that is running basically everything. They'll be asking questions soon, I'm sure of it," Carson notified Janine of the entire sweep being completely successful.

"For now. Keep monitoring ... better than the NSA."

"You got it," he paused, "it's ... safe now." He mentioned to Janine, referencing Doc.

Janine nodded, "What of the remaining organizations who knew Doc?"

Carson laughed, "Joseph says they're claiming ignorance. Never heard of him."

Nodding, that was good. That was very good. She'd accomplished her goal. Business was still going as usual. Arms deals were running smoothly, information still being passed and her small corporations she created to clean out dirty money were actually pretty legit. They were good. "I just ... Need to be sure. Thank you. I'll call you later. Enjoy the bonus."

"Already on it," Carson hung up.

Janine ended the call and pulled out a burner, dialing Carmine. "Hello?" He answered.

"Clear." Janine hung up.

Now all she had to do was wait. She knew Carmine would do some checking of his own and that was fine with her. She doubted anyone thought she could clean up the US in 2 years or at all. But when you kill first and not ask questions, things move a little more swift than usual.

| Later that night |

Janine went over to Maddox's with a bottle of wine and groceries in her arm.

Opening the door, "what's up babe?" He took everything from her arms and kissed her lips.

"Absolutely nothing," she kissed him again and closed and locked the door, then followed him to the kitchen.

"Good, what you do all day?"

"Business ... All day. But ... we can make a baby now."

"Oh can we?" His smile grew bigger, "dont tease me with a good time"

"I'm not teasing. We can do this. We're celebrating," she motioned to the wine, "ta da!"

He sat everything down, "oh baby, you have made me the happiest man on earth," he picked her up off the ground.

"I even bought parenting books." She kissed him.

He smiled and kissed on her some more, "we startin tonight" he put her down.

"I threw my birth control out already. Let me make dinner."

He smiled and just kissed her on the head, and then watched her go for the pots and pans, "use the new ones in the box baby."

"Are these Martha Stewart? I love ..." She started pulling the pots and pans out, "Martha Stewart," and put them in the sink to wash when she stopped, "Oh my g o ddddddd," she said in a small whiney girl voice.

Maddox walked to her, "i love you. Its that simple baby," he removed the ring from the pot, "There is no one in this world that I'd rather be with. Will you marry me?"

"God. Yes." And this moment was why she'd killed so many people. No, she wouldn't say that, but she was over the moon.

Maddox put the ring on her finger and grabbed her head to kiss her long and hard, "i love you" he said between the kiss and then hugged her, "now make me dinner, woman."

Smiling, "Okay baby!"

Friday, March 18, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 9

| Later |

Janine and Sasha retreated to the office once they got back to the house, "What else did you learn?"

"His camp is weak. Still strong in the police departments though. And he is not smart enough to maintain his business operations. He's focusing too hard on one person. Thats a fraction of the competition thats so irrelevant."

When that one person was wiping people out, that's very relevant. Joseph thought she was Asian. Nice. "It's never been a very strong camp but ... having an ally with eyes close by is an asset. Can you set up a phone call for me with him? Tomorrow," she reached into the bottom drawer of her desk and passed Sasha a paper bag with a burner cell in it, "tell him to expect the call around 3."

Sasha nodded and crossed her legs while taking the bag, "plus ive got him wrapped around my finger. No problem."

| 2 Months Later |

Cutting people down from the bottom up, as Doc suggested, wasn't working. Too many experienced unwillingness to work for a woman ... A woman that wasn't blood related to the Ames or Agnello's no matter what Doc had said. So what did Janine do? She fired the lower branch and killed the higher branch. The rest that were in other areas, she disbanded the outfit. Janine needed to bring Doc, her father, home, and would do it by any means necessary.

Only about 20 of Doc's men were respectful enough to stay on the job. The ones who'd been around Janine and Doc together and understood the relationship. They would stay on board, mostly as her personal security. Janine treated them the same as Doc did so nothing for them had changed. In the meantime, she would have them pick up a few guys. She had specific qualifications. 

Inside a warehouse in the dead of night, Janine was having a meeting. She was covered in black from head to toe. All they saw were her eyes and heard her voice, now knowing it was a woman. Roughly twenty men were in the room and one of them was Jerry McKissick. He was recently released from prison after serving 13 years for sexual assault of a minor. The minor was 9 years old. She'd just given all of them the brief overview of what was to be expected of them. Not all of them were as bad off as Jerry, but most of them were. No job or low paying job, halfway house living, homeless, or almost back in jail. She'd just offered them a clean start in exchange for loyalty and a paycheck.

Jerry McKissick, however, had more questions, "you know what we all did. Why would you want us? Don't you think we might hurt you?"

"No." Janine answered quickly and walked up to where Jerry was sitting. "You're a pervert, not stupid. There's a difference. I need an army. I need a level of trust. Small from my end, large from yours. And if any of you walk out of here and I find out any of you said anything, you're dead. You will see me and I will murder you. Screaming."

"I can make you scream, baby," Jerry reached out and put his hand on Janine's hip, then started moving towards her ass. Lighting quick, she pulled a knife out of a sheath in the long sleeve of her black shirt, and stabbed Jerry in the neck, unmoving as he gurgled some of the blood that was squirting out of his neck. She sighed and looked at him as he clutched onto her legs, "disrespect," she said loud enough for everyone to hear. The room was pin drop quiet, "if anyone wants to challenge me ... Now is the time," she backed up from Jerry's dead body and went to a small open space, "be aware that this is a fight to the death." She lifted a finger and crooked it, calling to her anyone who felt willing.

One stood, cracking his knuckles and walking out towards her. He was a big man. Janine shook her head, "shame. I could have really used you." The murmurs started. Janine was only 5 foot 2 inches tall, only modestly muscled but impeccably trained. Doc, personally, trained her, so she was a machine. "Would you like a weapon?" She asked.

"I don't need no weapon to put you down, you little bitch." He was big but not wide. Muscular. He used his downtime in jail for working out. He had healed scars on his body. He'd survived some nice knife fights.

"Disrespect," Janine said and stood there waiting on his slow approach. "Any day now."

He swung at Janine as soon as he got to her. She ducked under him and punched him, a haymaker punch, to the small area in the center of his chest where his ribs met. Air whooshed out of him and he backed up, trying not to hunch forward. Underneath Janine's gloves, she always wore small brass knuckles. Doc always told her not to 'get lazy and think someone can't take a punch. Hit hard enough to break something, every time,' he'd always said. Janine gave the guy no time to recover, she punched him in the jaw, the gut, the kidney, and finally the neck. The blows came in rapid succession. The big man backed up to the wall, face read, she'd crushed his wind pipe. Janine tilted her head to the side, then said to everyone, "this is what the lighter side of disrespect looks like ... That," she pointed to Jerry, "is the darker side. If we have a deal, you may go. I'll meet you back here in 3 days." She pulled back and punched the man, as hard as she could, right in his chest, over his heart. His eyes went wide and he dropped to the ground.

| 8 Months Later |

Janine successfully amassed the army she wanted. Not only were they insanely loyal but were ready and eager to go on missions after they were properly trained. She slept easier knowing they were watching the house around the clock.

Janine still held onto her aloof outward appearance in case any questions came up. More months passed and preparations were nearly complete to begin shutting down opposing operations and bring her 'dad' back home. "I need 30 ... for each location," she was talking to Carson on the phone. "Burners and hand weapons. Preferably switch blades."

"Quick and quiet?" He was making mental notes. Carson was a smart ass tech nerd who used to work for the Pentagon. The Pentagon always employed nerds who would literally spend all day trying to break the Pentagon's encryption. That way, they would find out if the encryption could be broken, how, and how they can keep it from happening again. Carson, had cracked it 3 times, once after every update. Instead of giving him a much needed raise and promotion, they deemed him too dangerous and 'retired him' at the age of 28 with full pension along with signing multiple stacks of paperwork that said he would basically never do any technical job or say he ever worked for the government.

"Yes." Janine responded, "I also want hand guns with high quantity rounds that can be suppressed. I want them in swat gear as well."

"Got it... and should these all happen simultaneously?"

"They must. We're arriving, suiting up, then going in. Your guys have to monitor."

"What will be your point of position, boss?"

"I'll let you know. I'm going for the big fish myself. Just get enough gear for my men." She paused, "wait. I'll need extra when i got to New York to get the Russians. Add an extra 10."

"Absolutely. Anything else from me?"

"That's it. Send me the figures so I can get the money wired to you for purchases."

"Yes ma'am," he said in an excited tone and hung up.

| 3 Months Later |

Janine and her team went to New York and took down the entire Russian outfit that had overwhelmed Doc to the point of leaving. Yvgeny, their top dog, was said to have been the one who 'killed Doc' and would brag about it anywhere he went. Yes, the Italians left the Russians bloody on that last mission, but definitely not dead. They didn't know that. All they knew is that Doc's 'body' had been discovered a mile from their final fight zone. That was good enough for them. Yvgeny was taken back to California and put in that sub basement of the hideout house and left there until Janine could decide what to do with him.

Not long after that, Janine needed to take down anyone who helped the Russians. The Cubans needed to go. Janine and 30 men in SWAT gear were rolling through a Miami, FL suburb in plumbing vans in the middle of the night. They had radio com equipment in their ears, guns, enough bullets on each person to reload 10 times over, and a single blade they kept close to their heart in case worse came to worse. About 5 miles from the compound, Janine radio'd everyone, "Anyone not in our gear ... Dies. None of them walk away. I'm talking maid service, animals, kids, I don't give a fuck. If anyone lives to tell the story, you won't. Understood?" She got grumbles of approval from each appointed captain in each van. Janine, decked out in SWAT gear as well, prepared to go in.

3 vans of men were given a 15 minute head start to deal with the outside guards. With night vision goggles on, they moved quietly throughout the grounds, picking off the outside guards from the tower, perches, and even dogs. When that 15 was up, the front van stormed the gate and inside they went.

By the end of it, Janine had lost only 5 men whose bodies were taken back to the van. Ricardo Montega was found in his safe room with his woman. "Cut communications off to the outside," she said to Carson in the earpiece. Once he signaled it was down, Janine pulled her face gear off and looked at Ricardo, "so who is this?" She referred to his woman.

He looked at her with an unbothered smile, "Bridgette."

"You can go now, honey." Janine told her, also confident she would be taken care of once she left the safe room. Looking back at Ricardo, Janine took a seat and smiled, "sources say you helped the Russians 'off' Doc Ames."

"Please... but i wish I had," he looked to Janine, "my colleagues took care of that."

"Your colleagues? Ygveny and his friends? The ones who were killed in a raid about 3 days ago?"

Ricardo's smile faltered just a little. There was no way anyone could break through Yvgeny's defenses. He was swarmed by people at all times. Was this true? "And ... Who are you, beautiful?"

"Just some muscle ... closing a wound."

"Muscle? That supple body?"

Janine smiled, "you would be surprised. Anything you want to say before you're put to sleep?"

Ricardo laughed, "just do it.." he smoked his cigar, honestly not believe he was about to go down due to a ... Woman. A very small woman.

"Good man," Janine walked out and the firing squad ensued. She passed Bridgette's dead body on the way down a grand staircase, "everyone out," she yelled. When they came out, Carson thumbed up from a van, signaling the coms were back on, "blow that shit and let's get out of here."

10 minutes later, all men were out and the place lit up like the 4th of July. They all piled into the vans to go hold up until they could leave to check in at the next location.

40 miles away, Alonzo Montega met his demise. He wasn't involved, but his twin was Ricardo and Janine couldn't take that chance. Pulling up to Alonzo's, it was already engulfed in flames, "looks like we're right on time," Carson smiled.

"I need confirmation ..." Janine got out of the van but told Carson, "tell D Vaz to bring the body so I can see it myself."

"Afterwards? You never instructed for him to bring the body."

Janine took a deep breath and then nodded, she turned to the 5 other men she rode with, "find D Vaz and bring him to me now. Thank you," then she sat on the inside of the van. New frustration on her face. While they were getting him, Janine asked Carson, "was their any surveillance inside?"

"There was surveillance at all locations."

"Let me see the feed from here ... Before I kill this man." She went to the monitor and leaned on the console. Carson nodded, not sure why a man had to die because she neglected to mention one detail. But in Janine's mind, it was an unspoken rule. She'd worry about that another time. Pulling up the camera feed, he handed the small tablet over to her. Janine watched Montega's execution. At least Alonzo had more spark in him than Ricardo. Alonzo went down shooting even though he lost. Still, there was no body Janine could pick at even though the feed said things were handled properly. And still, Alonzo's body was there when the outside camera feed captured the explosion. After she was done viewing the footage, DVaz appeared, "it's common knowledge that I want to see the body when I'm not personally involved. I'm a woman. Actions speak louder than words. Don't make that mistake again. Let's get ready to pull out." Everyone nodded and they left to the safe house.

Undercover Superstar - 12

| Days Later |

"What kind of place is it?" Janine stood in a closet looking at clothes. They were about to get to a party.

"Stop with all these questions, just throw on a black dress withnounderwear, and be done with it..." He slid on a pair of linen slacks.

She rolled her eyes, her back still turned to him and did as she was told. She strode past him and put the black dress on and picked out some shoes without another word, "is this to your liking?"

"Anything you put on its to my liking ..."

Not long after, they were out of the door, "should have brought a camera," she mumbled to herself. She left her phone and purse at the villa.

"Would you like me to get you one?"

"No. It's fine." Rubbing her hand up his leg, "do you miss being ... Normal?"

"yes. I love fame, i hate who i am... The military side of me. I'm not a nice person."

"Can't picture it ... Don't want to I guess."

"There's certain things about me, I'm dying to tell you, but if i do it'll ruin everything. Us ..."

"Try?" She held his hand, "I don't scare off too easily."

"That's because the shit i got going is bigger than anything you could possibly imagine."

"Is it why you don't sleep much? Or is that just your general rule of thumb?"

"Its exactly why i don't sleep much."

"I see. Alright. I won't give you a hard time about it."

He nodded, "thank you."

| Week Later - New York |

Their sexy time in France ended and they went back to the states. And as promised, Janine put that call in to Ricardo when she settled herself at home, with her cat, after she'd picked her up from Tarin's.

"Heyy girl how was France?" Tarin rolled her eyes.

"Fine? What's the matter with your face?" Janine pointed at Tarin's eyes, then picked up the kitty from the arm of the couch, "hi boo boo."

"Uhh nothing... I'm glad you had a good time though."

"My baby give you any problems?" Then went to the carrier and put her inside while she gathered the rest of the cat supplies.

"No she was sweet."

"So ..." Janine continued to gather, "I was asked to not date anyone else. I don't want to get my hopes up."

"Are you serious? Is he allowed to date anyone else?"

"Those 2 women he had ... Doesn't have them anymore. Hasn't for a month. I didn't even notice cause I was too busy trying to keep it about the sex. It feels like he wants to actually DO something. Did all this cryptic talk about wanting to expose me to his life but doesn't want to ruin us."

"He's a singer what else could be so bad?"

"I think he's just being weird. As busy as he is ... That nigga just being weird."

"Hmmm sooooooo when do i get some good i-talian Dick?" She smirked.

"He's going to set it up so I'll give you as much notice as I can so you can go get waxed," Janine picked up the stuff and started to the door.

"ok, see you later girl.." They hugged and parted ways.

| Later |

Janine was sitting on a chaise un Maddox's office in his penthouse, while he sat at the desk. Cheyenne walked in, "Maddox, what the fuck us this?!" She tossed a stack of papers to his desk.

Maddox looked down at the papers she threw at him, and then at her like he could knock her head off. Janine looked a bit concerned.

"My contract with you is suppose to be over in two months, this says I'm not done for two years what the FUCK, do you think you're doing?"

Maddox shook his head, "i think it might be in your best interest, to lower your goddamn voice ..." Maddox removed his reading glasses, "don't you see, i have a guest?"

"I don't give a fuck about her.." Cheyenne spoke whole heartedly.

Janine raised an eyebrow and sat forward, "what the hell I do to your ass?"

Cheyenne ignored Janine and continued, "I've done every got damn thing you've wanted the past 5 years. I have 2 months, like we originally discussed. Not 2 more years!"

"Last time i checked i make the damn demands," he walked around the desk, "you are so fucking lucky you didn't end up 6 feet under for good for what you and your family did to me. Cheyenne, apologize to Janine for your disrespect."

Cheyenne lifted her chin and held her ground, "I will not apologize to her until you honor our original deal."

"Janine, leave..."

That tone he took made her give a hard swallow, then quietly, and quickly, get up, and leave the room.

As soon as Janine left, Maddox grabbed Cheyenne by her neck and slammed her face to the desk, "if you want to have an adult conversation you better show me some fucking respect. Whether it be private, in front of my woman or wherever, show me some fucking respect. If i have to tell you again, you won't get a chance to redeem yourself, go apologize to Janine, and I'll think about when I'm ready to discuss details!" He released her and pushed her towards the door. She wiped a lone tear from her eyes and went to find Janine.

Janine was across the penthouse, about to take a seat on the couch when Cheyenne walked up to her, "Janine," she cleared her throat.

"Ya?" Standing, Janine was about to fold her arms, then just looked at her.

Her eyes her red, almost not wanting to look her in the eyes, "I'm sorry for the disrespect. Mr Ames will see you now..." She walked off, now balling.

Janine felt bad for the girl. She'd never heard Maddox yell at anyone and wasn't sure if that was all he did based on his comments earlier. When she went back into the office, she took her previous seat and looked at Maddox a moment, "i ... Shouldn't ... Even ... Ask. Right?"

"Ask what Janine? Did she apologize to you?"

"Yes. And she was crying. Completely shaken to her core."

"Serves her right..."

"What did she do to you? What could she have done that was so bad to threaten her life?"

He looked at her and sighed, "you want a lie or can you handle the truth. Seriously ask yourself that!"

"The truth," she told him convincingly and stood back up.

"She and her family tried to take me and my family down. You remember the mysterious accident that landed Maddox Ames in the hospital? She ran me off the road. It was her."

"Wooow ..." Janine sat back down, "okay." Nodding, "she works for you as ... Debt forgiveness?"

"Exactly... She WAS apart of the Russian mafia."

"That cute little thing?" Then paused, "you're dealing with the Russian mafia? That's ... Very bad."

"Oh no.. Dealt. they're gone, for now." He looked into her eyes, "those Russians are bad, but us Italians are worse, because ain't none if those Russians as good of a shot as me, and none of them have the stomach, for the kind of shit I've done and can do. Cheyenne got off so easy, 2 extra years should be nothing to her."

Janine sat back down again with her elbows on her knees and her head down, trying to process this, "this is why you can't sleep ... This is what you didn't want me to see."

"Yes ... Exactly." He sighed, "i pretend well ..." He referred to him being a famous pop singer, "and because of that, my security is thicker than the presidents. Because i may be just a song and dance act to millions, but only a slight few know the truth," he sat back in his chair, "are you afraid of me now?"

She rubbed her forehead and her eyes, then looked at him, "I'm not necessarily afraid but concerned. How do I know you won't do anything bad to me?"

"Because you're my piece of reality, you're loyal, so damn sweet, and every bit of the woman i wanted when i was running around Memphis falling in love with every girl i thought was fly. You make me feel like my old self again."

Now what the fuck was she supposed to say to that? One minute he was talking about killing people and the next minute he was talking sweet to her. But still, she was a sucker for his shit cause she nodded and leaned back on the chaise as she had once been, "ok. I'm convinced."

"Yea? Good, just do me one favor, don't tell anyone my business."

"I am more than certainly keeping my trap shut about this."

"Ok, thank you, and another thing. If you ever see Ricardo Montage again, run the other way and call me, you got it?"

Her eyes widened, "wow ... What ... An ... Ass. When i talked to him, after we got back, i told him i was taken. Ask he said was 'hmm, see you soon.'"

"Yeah, he's trying to get to me through you. This is why. i had you on surveillance-" she cut him off.

"You did WHAT?"

"i put you under surveillance... To protect you"

She started to whine but changed her  mind, "okay ..." The conversation was exhausting and she wasn't going to argue with that logic, "as far as Ricardo ... How much shit was I almost in by dealing with him?"

"Deep shit, he would've killed you without a second thought."

Rolling her eyes, "really a blow to my ego," pausing, "this is why you taught me to shoot ... And rushed me to the club that day. I was talking to him downtown. I'll be damned."

He smiled, "i taught you to shoot because its sexy as fuck."

"Whatever," she grinned, "terrible."

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 11

| Later On - The Suite |

Kb just finished performing and Ceelo was on stage. When Janine saw Keith walking towards her, she fist pumped Pitbull style, then jumped on him and hugged him.

"Yea yea yea." He squeezed her body.

"How do you feel?" They started walking to the press room.

"so good.... So unreal man."

They went into the press room and Janine started the cameras, she did a brief introduction, "... Just came down from a concert high ... Or are you still floating?"

"Floatin ... Ive performed a million times, but this was just ..." He shook his head.

"This was your coming out party basically ... You're hooked up with Cee-Lo now, have yall discussed your first album yet?"

"Yes, we've already begun to work in the debut. I'm writing most of it, playing instruments; some funk, jazz, rock n roll, and chock full of sexy lyrics!"

"Which I expect ..." They talked and laughed then concluded the interview. After the cameras were turned off, Janine stood up, "go meet your adoring public. I'll call you when I get your performance up on the site."

"Thank you, J..." He hugged her and continued on.

Since Cee-Lo was on stage, Janine got herself a girly drink and leaned over the railing to watch the performance. She briefly noticed KB talking with someone while Lana added herself to the conversation. Janine sighed, "at least she has a man."

Janine sighed and then she felt a hand on her ass. Just as she was about too go off she realized it was Tarin, "Bitch..." They hugged.

"Where the hell were you hiding?" Janine rubbed her back, then let go.

"Just in the back, didn't want him to see me."

Janine nodded, "still haven't talked to him?" They walked to the bar.

"Nope, but doesn't mean i won't support him even though he didn't want me here."

"Damn, i wish things would go back to normal. And i need a date. A real one. A bitch is kind of lonely."

"Wheres asshole Maddox?"

"Stop," she chuckled. "At home packing for vacay I think." And left out that she was supposed to go with him.

"Poor you, must be sad he's leaving you here huh?" Tarin chuckled.

"Imgoingwithhim," she mumbled and told the bartender, "fuzzy navel."

"Oh, so you guys are getting serious?"

"No! Its just a fun thing."

"Oh, okay, good, because i hate him."

"And what if he turns out to be my prince charming  ...?"

"impossible, he's satan."

"He might be a little difficult at times but he's not satan ... only the son."

"It's getting serious, you're defending him. Hmm, liar..." Tarin crossed her arms over her chest.

"He knows i'm free to date ... He has 2 girlfriends still so he's not serious about me."

"I don't know, i haven't seen any gossip about them hoes."

"He'd probably still got them," then thanked the bartender and took her drink.

"Youre right, you're probably just one of them to him."

"Ok Tarin ... You just need to get laid." Janine rubbed her back.

"Yeah yeah yeah... I'm fine"

| Next Day |

"You didn't tell me where we're going. I have no idea what pack," Janine told Maddox over the phone.

"Pack nothing, i have everything you'll need."

"Even female items that men won't mention?" She smirked.

"Panties? You won't need those. Bra? You want need that. What else?"

She laughed, "I'll be completely free to draft upon draft. Alright. I'll be ready when you get here." Then grabbed a small carry-on to fill with her phone charger and other small items.

"Better be..."he hung up.

A few hours later, Maddox was at her door. Janine had her purse on one shoulder and a backpack on the other. She turned off the last light, then went out of the apartment and locked up, "hi there," she smiled at him.

"Hey.." He grabbed her backpack from her. "you look good. First woman, in my grown man years, that makes cleavage look classy..." He kissed her forehead.

"Thank you," she hugged him and pecked his lips, then walked with him to the car, "how long will we be gone?"

"A week." He handed the driver her bag and they climbed in, "and no you cant know where we're going."

Her smile fell, "because that's just what I was about to ask."

The driver landed them at the port where his private jet was. They climbed on as their bags were loaded on. 20 minutes later after last minute checks, they took off.

| 8 hours later |

It was early in the morning when they arrived in France. Janine was passed out. Maddox woke her, "Janine, were here."

She opened one eye, then the other and sort of grinned then stretched out her back, "here where?" She asked looking out of the window.

"France... St. Tropez to be exact."

Her eyes widened, "get the ... Out of here."

"Yep..." He nodded.

They soon got off the plane, had the car loaded and got inside, "you speak French?"

"Yes, french, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese."

"Damn ... Don't I feel plain."

"First off its morning, and its a vacation spot. You're just over dressed. We both are."

"Which is why I don't get underwear ...?" Batting her eyes, "bathing suits galore."

"No, that statement had nothing to do with St Tropez. No underwear because if were not sleeping, eating, out at a party or anything that requires us to be civilized. I want to be fucking you, period." They headed to Maddox's villa.

"Yes sir," she nodded and took her hair out of the ponytail, only to refit it tighter,"I'll only allow you to use me this way for this trip."

"Use you?" He laughed, "i don't have to use you. I want you here because i like you, and i don't see my life without you anytime soon. If this was just a 'using you for sex' thing, do you believe that I'd fly you all the way to France, JUST to use you?" He scoffed, "get the fuck out of here.." He shook his head, "those girlfriends, everybody believes i still have, never got it this good."

She smiled, "it was a joke." Then squeezed his knee a little, "thank you for bringing me. We're going to have fun although I'm sure I won't be able to walk properly by the time we get back."

"Damn straight..." he took her hair down, "no buns or ponytails this whole trip. Unless they are pig tails and you're role playing my dirty little school girl," he smirked.

She gasped, "I like that shit."

"Mmhmm..." He rested his hand between her thighs and began to nibble her right ear.

"Your appetite is insatiable. You didn't touch me the whole plane ride."

"You are right, my drive never quits. You should've meet me when i was 15."

"That bad?"

"Oh yea, my girlfriend at the time hated it until i wore her down, and took her virginity, and then she couldn't get enough."

"I didn't lose mine til college. My dad was the police captain so no matter where I went ... Those damn cops he employed were nod at me, wave, or something ... Just make sure I knew that I was being watched. Almost ruined my life. Glad I didn't lose it in high school though ... I probably would have gotten attached to whatever boy it was. You? Oh yea, I would have gotten attached to you."

"i was a lover back then so yes, you would've  one woman man until 20."

"Pfft, only 5 years," she laughed. 

| Later |

They arrived at Maddox's villa, showered and changed and were on their way out to check out the French Riviera, "I suppose you know everything good around here."

"Absolutely not,"he said sarcastically, "what are things you absolutely won't do in the bedroom, or have done to you?"

"Nobody touches my back exit. Won't do a threesome. Girls are cute and all but I'm just not into them like that. Just the thought of a threesome of me and two guys makes me want to run," she shivered, "other than that ... I'm flexible."

"No threesomes? And i can't lick your ass? You WERE so perfect," he joked, "what do you like the most?"

"I like the ass slapping and the hair pulling the best."

You know what i love?" He asked as she raised a brow, "eating pussy, slapping ass, pulling hair, a little s&m, i love my Dick sucked, i do eat ass, i love when a woman fuck me for a change, and i love seeing a woman play with herself. To name a few."

"Just a few. And you would like all those things on this trip?" She nodded, "I can do that."

"You just agreed to me eating your ass, you know?"

"Yeaaaaaa," she sighed, "being open minded."

"Good girl..." He kissed her temple, "who are you dating, besides me?"

"I had coffee with someone the other day but that's it. He has my number, though."

"When we get back, will you tell him you're off limits?"

She slowed down walking and looked at him, "yes." Then tilted her head a bit, "what about you?"

"What about me? I haven't been with those other women for a month..."

"Shut the front door ..." Regaining her original walking speed, "then I'm late to this party."

"yes you are, i told you i like you, you're clearly special to me."

| Later |

And deciding to change the subject, she kissed his cheek and kept walking. By the time they got back to the villa, it was close to dinner time and Janine was standing in the kitchen looking around. She knew he had a cook but thought she'd poke around. "You want a drink while I'm in here?" She asked Maddox.

"No. I want you to get out so i can get in there and cook some of my famous lasagna."

"I will allow that. I'll check my messages while you're in the kitchen."

"Mmhm..." Maddox smacked her as while he passed her, "when you finish with that come into the kitchen, i have someone for Tarin."

"I'll check my messages later," she said as she walked back into the kitchen and leaned on the counter next to him, "do tell."

He smiled, "its not a relationship thing. Just a sex thing. I figured she needed that more than a relationship."

"You are SO right."

"My uncle Constantine. After he met you, he's been bothering me to find him a woman just as beautiful as you with the same or similar skintone and i told him about Tarin. She's gorgeous, but a complete bitch, and my uncle loves a challenge. He said he'd love to meet her."

"He's soooooooooooooooooooooo fine," she cooed, "Tarin will love this."

"Yea, i bet, well when we get back we'll put it in motion."

"Thank you in advance. She's crabby without it," then walked out of the kitchen and to her cell phone texting Tarin, 'In France for a week. You get a hookup when we get back.'


'For fucking :-) Remember that really fine uncle I told you about? That's only 5 years older than Maddox. That one.'

'Shit... How did this come about?'

'Wants someone my complexion.'

'but you're skinny and I'm a fat ass, he won't like me.'

'Don't start that shit again. Just shut up and take the dick like a grown woman. TTYL.'

'lol, love you..'