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Undercover Superstar - Chapter 4


| 2 Hours Later |

Maddox's driver pulled up to Janine's complex, "Janine, you really know how to show an old dude like me a good time." He smiled.

"Thank you for not falling asleep. Does wonders for my ego," she smiled, "but really ... Thank you for dinner. I had fun."

Maddox got out and helped her out as well, "I had fun, next time, you'll have to wear something more comfy."

He thought their would be a next time? Well ... Dinner and regular stuff couldn't hurt and she for damn sure hoped her boss didn't find out. "That would be great," they walked to the door and Janine took out her keys, unlocked it and slightly opened the door, "when will you be back in new York?"

"Few months, well you take care ... And good luck."

"Thank you," she reached up and hugged him, "be safe." Maddox hugged her tightly and then walked away and left. Janine went in, locked up and texted Kb and Tarin, 'back home. No fucking. Going to bed.'

Just as Janine was settling, Tarin called, "ummm soo? Details?!"

Janine put her earbuds in and got comfortable, telling Tarin the details of the boring date, I don't know if he felt like he was doing me a favor or what but he didn't have to imply that we're going it again. We will never go out again. I'm not ... I don't know ... I feel like I'm nothing that he likes. He said he was breaking up the monotony of what he usually dates by dating me but ... I think he's way off base here."

"So, you mean to tell me that, you had no fun and no good conversation with Maddox Ames?" Tarin was dumbfounded, "Janine, dont be one of those girls that make the man's decision for him."

"It was awkward. I won't hold my breath ... Its not even a big deal. He wouldn't seriously consider dating me so it doesn't matter," she chuckled, "but pimp the pictures we took backstage all over Facebook."

"Girl, you heard what he said backstage. You never cease to amaze him, he's willing to see what youre about."

"Mmhmm where is Keith? With Lana?"

"When we left dinner he said he was about to hit the gym, so, yes ..." She laughed, "he really is in lala land with that girl."

"Ewww ... Oh ... Side note ... That nigga Maddox had the audacity to say that KB likes me."

Tarin busted out in laughter, "that white nigga is drama, KB is too busy humping on broads with flat booties."

"Thank you! I'm going to bed ... Jay wants me in house tomorrow at 8 so I'll see of I can get y'all for lunch."

"Alright goodnight girl."

"Goodnight" Janine hung up.

| Days Later |

Janine was in-office, editing with a producer when the mail guy knocked on the door frame, "uhh, miss Hines."

"Ya?" Janine waved him in.

"I went to drop off your mail on your desk, and I saw a mighty gift waiting for you." He cheesed.

"A mighty gift?" Janine laughed and stood up, "be right back," she told the producer and went to see what the deal was. Walking to her tiny office, she was slapped in the face with an obscene amount of flowers on the floor, on her desk, on shelves and every single corner of space in her office. "Fuck ... Me ..." Janine stood there and blinked. She couldn't even see her desk anymore, just purple and white Calla and Tiger Lilies strewn all over, in vases and lying around. "Uh ..." Then she went and looked through all of em them and fished for a card or something.

Upon finding a medium sized card, she read it, "through awkward conversation, and many other setbacks, there's something about you I like that makes me more curious about you. To put it simply, 'just thinking of you' Maddox."

"Oh fuck!" Janine sighed, she just knew she'd run him off ... Now what the fuck was she supposed to do? She took a picture of the card, then a picture of the Lilies and texted them to KB and Tarin, then tried to figure out what to do? Keep trying to run him off or let it ride? Janine shrugged, she'd let it ride.

"What's this?" A coworker walked by.

Janine swallowed and then stammered an answer, "this guy I went out with ..." She slyly put the card in her back pocket then pulled her shirt down to cover, "I threw my drink on him ..."

"Oh what an apology, Paul needs you back." He informed her.

Janine nodded, "thanks Kevin," shook her head and went back to work.

| 2 Weeks Later |

Janine had just finished an interview with Ciara when there was a knock on the door of the office she was in. Looking up, she saw Cheyenne, "hello, Janine."

Janine stood up quickly, "Cheyenne ... Hello. Have a seat."

"No thanks, I won't be long, Mr Ames wanted to know if you got the flowers."

"I did," she smiled, "I didn't know how to say thanks without drawing attention."

"Didn't he give you his cell?" Cheyenne shook her head, "Never mind. That's beside the point of me being here. Mr Ames wanted me to bring you a press pass to his club. He said you aren't to use it until you start working on your own business. You'll have a press room where you can hold interviews with celebs that hold a concert or host that nights event. He said it's time you be your own boss."

Hey jaw momentarily went slack and then she laughed, "point taken."

"Now look, if this it's something you truly want, he's making it so damn easy. He has a quota for you every interview you do. It's $700, if it's high profile that's an extra grand as a bonus. You will be represented by Magic&Hype. Therefore they will promote you, EVERYWHERE ... even do some personal correspondence for whatever he needs. You will be magic and hype's Oprah."

"Shit ..." This broad was serious and do was he. She quickly thought of all the possibilities, "I'll do it."

"Good, put in your two weeks notice and call me here," she gave Janine a business card.

"Alright," Janine put it in her back pockets, "thanks."

"Your welcome, talk to you later," Cheyenne then turned and left.

| 4 Months Later |

Things got set up quickly. Janine went home that night and talked it over with her friends, even called her parents and spoke to them, then put in her two weeks notice. Jay was pissed and chewed her out but there was nothing he could do. Janine had yet to see Maddox again despite the fact that she was employed by him, but was already moving as fast as humanly possible to cement herself at Magic & Hype. She was dressed in a suit, her press pass on, and moving through The Suite to get to an artist that was recently signed to the label, Yung Li, pretty Asian girl who sung soul as well as Lauryn Hill herself. She was petite and had a taste for men of color. She made her way to the celebrity lounge, upstairs.

"Yung ..." Janine approached her. When she stood up, Janine grinned, "finally I don't feel so tiny. I'm Janine Hines. Let's head to my office and talk a little."

"Yea, I guess..." Yung nodded and followed Janine.

"Welcome to the team," Janine told her when they walked into her office, "excited?" She sat down and nodded to the seat next to her, "sit."

"Of course," she said in her thick accent, "it's a dream come true, really."

"Alright. This is the easy part. The camera will roll, and we'll just talk ... No pressure." Janine hit a button on a remote and several camera's lit, then she started an interview, "Magic & Hype is proud to present a soulful young woman from right here in New York. Theirs a powerful voice packed in this little body that we're excited to let you hear. This is Yung Li. Yung ... Welcome. Tell us about you and how you got here."

"Man, I been writing since I was a little girl in Brooklyn. Did the youtube thing and that's how m&h found me. The song that caught their attention was my rendition of stay by Rihanna. I murdered it." She smirked and let a little ready laugh.

"You did ..." Janine nodded, "wanna give us a sample?"

Yung did as she asked, using the table as a drum to keep her rhythm. Then she finished, "just a little but, can't sing too much before the concert."

"What will we hear on your album? How much of it did you write?"

"I wrote and produced 95% of it. As far as the sound, soul and funk; I mean shit that's going to tug so hard at your heart strings, that you cry every time. It's all about feelings with this record."

Janine smiled, "oh my God, you are so cute. Anyway ... You play almost everything too."

Yung laughed, "thanks, I'm just excited for my rocket ship to take off."

"Cool. Yung will be in concert tomorrow night, right here in New York at The Suite. Hop on the Magic&Hype website to get your tickets, follow Yung on twitter and get more information on all of the artists represented by Magic & Hype." She looked at Yung, "anything you want to add?"

"Everybody live and let live..."

"Live and let live," Janine repeated and then powered down the shit, "thank you, thank you ..." She said to Yung, "you're free of my prison now."

Just as Yung's concert was starting, Maddox was escorted inside, his north America tour and south America concert was over, and next stop was the UK, Africa, and Asia, but first, a ten day rest too focus on other business. He went straight to the suite lounge, where he spotted Janine

Janine walked towards him, "Mr. Ames."

"Call me Maddox. I may write your checks but this is YOUR business, soon enough, you won't need me." He hugged her, "how's your new work life?"

"Busy as hell and loving every minute of it." She squeezed him a bit.

"Good," he squeezed her one more time, and when they parted he brought one hand to the back of her neck he lightly massaged it as he lead her to the section reserved for him and any of his people. "Hard work always pays off."

Nodding, "break time for you."

"Nah, never ... If I sleep, then who's gonna earn my keep?" Truth was Maddox had slept a total of 36hrs average per week, that's just how he lives.

"So you cat nap a lot. Let's get a drink ... Can we dance?"

"Something like that ... What do you want?"

"Cosmo. Please."

Maddox got her a drink, and he got water for himself. He came back to her in mid groove. Placing the cosmo in front of her, he put his arm around her shoulder, "starting the party without me, huh?"

"I'm having a good day. Ready for the concert to start."

"How did Yung do?" He went back to massaging Janine's neck.

"Great job. She's likeable. I can't wait to edit tomorrow."

"Good." He nodded.

They continued dancing and talking while Janine kept drinking. "Go get ready for your show ... I need to get my camera guy set up."

"girl what are you talking about I'm not performing, Yung is. Do what tippy need to I'm sitting here for minute more."

"I figured you would introduce her," she patted him on the chest, put her glass on the bar and took off.

Maddox watched Janine walk off as a few of his men began to pile into the booth.

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2 More? WHAT?

I hope you guys are enjoying Undercover Superstar.

After this one is finished being posted, we have 2 more completed stories for you. 'Groove Returned' and 'Reformation.' Those are working titles ... meaning ... We really don't have titles so I pulled those out my butt. Yes!

Roll call! Whose reading right now?

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Undercover Superstar - Chapter 3


| 2 months later |

Janine was doing house work when her cell phone rang. She slapped her yellow kitchen gloves off, then took her cell phone off the counter and answered, "hello?"

"Janine Hines?" A sweet but stern voice responded.

"Yes, this is she."

"Hello Janine, this is Cheyenne, Maddox Ames' assistant, and I was calling about tickets to his show in your city."

"Oh! Yes." Janine looked at the phone, then put it back to her ear, "how are you, Cheyenne?"

"Perfect. Look, Mr. Ames is giving you an allowance of 5 tickets. Do you wish to take them all, or do you only need a certain amount?"

She blinked, "3 is enough."

"Perfect, your address, please."

Janine gave Cheyenne her address and apartment number, "give Mr. Ames my thanks."

"Definitely, take care, Ms. Hines."

"You too." The call ended and Janine immediately texted Tarin and KB, 'just heard from Maddox Ames' assistant. Just hooked me up with 3 tix and backstage passes.'

Tarin responded first, 'fuck ... Yes!'

And then Keith, 'who cares? Count me in though.'

She then called Tarin and yelled, "WHAT DO WE WEAR!?"

"Something fuckin sexy. We have to be all ass and titties!" She exclaimed in response.

"Yell at me when you're off one day so we can shop. Concert is in 2 weeks."

"Yes bitch I'm looking at my sch- tomorrow?!"

"That's cool. You want me to come get you?"

"Girl, I got a car, I'll meet you at Shany's at 12?"

"Love you, boo." Janine hung up.

| Concert Night - Going Backstage |

After the concert was over, Janine, Tarin and KB went backstage and showed their badges, then were sent to a small waiting area. After Janine's first run-in with Maddox Ames, the allure had worn off and now was over being star struck by him, "what are we eating after this?" Janine questioned.

"Steak ..." KB responded as a few teen girls and a couple of young adult girls were all giggly, "fajitas ..." He continued.

"Ribs, ya bish ..."

"I've already reached my meat limit for the week ... Well ... I can have some fish. The steakhouse has all that. I'm glad too, I've been wanting to go."

"Perfect ..." KB Laughed at the young girls as they were getting so excited when the doors opened. Maddox walked in towel draped over his shoulder, black wife beater, slacks and dress shoes. 6 guards walked in with him getting in position. He immediately walked to the younger girls.

"Holy, fucking shit ..." Tarin's eyes got big.

Janine looked at Tarin and laughed, "get it out of your system now."

Maddox heard Tarin, winked at her and continued signing.

"J." Tarin clinched her thighs, I think I just wet myself."

"Go find someone to help you with that." KB cringed at Tarin.

Janine snickered, "I have wet wipes in my purse."

30 minutes later and Maddox had finished with everyone except Janine and her two peeps. He grabbed a water, opened it and drank a little, "what's up?" He greeted them.

"Not much. Thanks for everything," Janine told him, "these are my friends Tarinica and Keith."

Maddox looked to Tarin, "Tarinica." He held his hand out for her to shake, "how are you gorgeous?"

"Better ..." She grabbed his hand, "can I have a hug?"

"Of course." He snatched her quickly into a hug and hugged her as tight as he knew would be comfortable for a woman, "damn, you smell so damn good." Rubbed her back.

Janine wanted to roll her eyes but contained herself. Tarin giggled a little, "you smell better."

"Thank you," he ended the hug and shook hands with KB, "how you Doin man?"

"Good, good, hey question?"

Maddox raised a brow knowing where this shit was about to go, "what?"

I have this disc," he handed over his demo, I just want to know if it's any good."

Maddox fought the urge to roll his eyes, "cool." He took the disc and handed to his closest guard.

"Thanks man."

Then Maddox walked up to Janine, "now you, you never cease to amaze me." He rested one arm around her.

"How is that?" She looked up at him.

"The way you dress. I love this shit," he grazed his hand along the ruffle of her short A-line skirt. He flashed her a smile, "how'd you like the show?"

"Thank you ... And it was great, of course."

He turned to KB and Tarin, "do either of you have anything for me to sign? Need a picture?"

"A picture," Tarin shoved her camera at Keith and went to stand with Janine and Maddox.

"You got it!" Maddox took a picture with the women and then Kb, "alright can I speak to Janine alone?" He looked at Kb and them Tarin and then his body guards.

"We'll be right here," Tarin winked at Janine.

Janine walked along side Maddox, "what's up?"

I want to have you for dinner."

"Oh ..." She nodded, "alright. That's fine."

Maddox smiled, "good, tell your friends you're okay, and coming with me."

"Be right back." She walked off top get people and whispered to them, "I'm about to go to dinner with Maddox, if I end up dead, you know who did it."

"What are you talking about? Maddox wouldn't hurt a fly." Tarin shook her head, and then whispered, "he's totally giving you the D."

"Don't fuck him," Kb shook his head.

"Not going to," Janine assured Keith, "I'll text you both when I get home."

"Alright," Kb took Janine's car keys, "be safe." Kb kissed Janine on the temple and then drug Tarin off with him. Janine walked back to Maddox.

"He likes you ..."Maddox noted.

"He loves me," she smiled, "I've known him since college. Best friends since."

"No I mean, more than friends," he paused, "d'oh well, I hope you like Thai."

Janine laughed that off. She knew KB well and wasn't about to argue with this dude about it, "I love it."

"Perfect, that's what we’re having." Maddox and Janine plus a half dozen guards walked to his SUV, "tell me about yourself." They climbed in.

"Ok ... I'm originally from Texas but came here for school. Graduated from NYU with a degree in journalism. I started in a mail room at The Source when I was 19 and eventually worked my way up to writer but I only got small stories and features before starting a blog and building my own bridges. Got hired to write a column only a few months before I was ballsy enough to make contact for that interview. I got in so much trouble for that interview too ... Almost got fired."

He raised his brows, "why?"

"The interview didn't go the way we wanted it to."

"How should it have gone?" The car stopped in front of a hotel.

"It should have never gotten messy. I wasn’t supposed to let it or allow use of certain language but I don't see how you stop a grown man from saying what he wants to say ... I got threatened with a suspension but earned my credibility back."

"Yeah, if your boss would have done his research he'd know I never go by anyone else’s rules." They got out of the hotel and headed to the elevator, got in and headed to the penthouse suite, I had to, though. All the questions you asked, I answered a hundred times before seeing you."

"I knew but it was what he wanted and he's got the power ... At least until I'm editor in chief somewhere."

"Hmm," Maddox gave two shits when it came to HER career, but he smiled warmly anyways, I need to shower and change, ok?"

"Alright," Janine took a seat in a lone chair. Once he went into the bathroom she pulled out her cell and texted Tarin and KB, 'At the penthouse ... no smoke signals as of yet. Convo is harmless.'

'You're probably worrying for nothing,' Tarin texted.

'DO NOT FUCK HIM!' Kb responded.

'NOT GOING TO!' Janine texted KB back, and sent a '*nods* maybe' to Tarin and put her phone back in her purse to wait.

Ten minutes later, Maddox walked out in a pair of clean slacks and shirt, but shirt hung open exposing his matching tank top. His towel hung around his neck when there was a knock on the door. His guard got it, and it was some brown skinned woman who was all eyes, boobs and white teeth that she exposed when she smiled at the guard.

"Tyson." She greeted him.

"Ms. Santos."

She then looked and saw Janine sitting there as Maddox walked to her and kissed her, "that's Janine," he nodded to her.

"Hi," Janine stood and smiled, looking the woman over, then gave Maddox a 'thumbs up,' and laughed.

If a woman ever needed a way to make Maddox's dick to go soft, a thumbs up is the way to go. "Anyways, what are you doing here?"

Adriana Santos sighed, "look, I'm not here to cause problems, I just wanted to tell you something in person."

"At 11 in the evening?"

"You had a show, what else was I suppose to do? You told me not to reach you on a concert day."

"So what the fuck you call this?" Maddox said calmly as Adriana had her arms crossed over her chest. She was clearly more than just a girl to Maddox. According to the tabloids, she was one of his two girlfriends he cared for but wasn’t in love with. He just loved her body, face and the clear training she had with sucking a big dick.

"Can we just talk alone?" Adriana pleaded.

"Fine, Janine, can I get a few minutes please?"

"Yea ..." Janine picked up her purse and stepped outside the door with a guard and leaned against the wall now thinking she should have said no and just gone to dinner with KB and Tarin as planned.

"So what couldn't wait?" Maddox buttoned his shirt.

"I took a test, a few, and they were all positive. I'm pregnant, babe ..." She put her head down.

"Not by me." He said without a hiccup.

"What?" her eyes became glossy, "how could you say that?"

"Easy, I'm never unprotected with you, never once, so, what's the next story? And hurry, I have a date."

"It could've busted-"

"It didn't, so now what?" Maddox finished tying his tie.

"You are so fucked up." She let tears escape her eyes.

"You have no idea. So before you find out just how fucked up I am, leave and don’t call me until I call you. Got it?"

Adriana was outdone by how cold he was being, "bye." She strutted out the door zooming past Janine.

Janine watched her leave, then looked at the guard as he let her back in. She wasn't about to dig in their business like that and didn't even care. She was hungry and ready to go. Inside, Janine stood with her purse still in hand, watching him get ready. "What Thai place are we going to?"

"The one inside my night club ..." He grabbed his coat.

"Oh ... Then I have definitely not been there."

"Why not? Its the best in the east. You tellin me you don’t support the Maddox Ames movement like that?"

"I've just never been. I don't club very much, haven't since I've been here. The few times ... They were smaller places."

"There are more low key areas in the club. Where I hold small concerts with other artists. We’ve had Musiq Soulchild, Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Hudson, BeyoncĂ©, and many others." They were back in the elevator heading down, "where do u see yourself in 5 years?"

She smiled, "I'll have Jay's job and maybe a boyfriend ... I'm being realistic by starting small."

He smiled back, "you could have Jay's job sooner. Start your own vlog, you have your own connections. You got an interview with me."

"I could ... But ... I don't know. I work for The Source. They write my checks. It’s not a bad idea though."

"You just have to want it bad enough, that's how I got to where I am. The hustle ..." He looked out the window, "are you dating anyone?"

"No one consistently. I've been on a couple of blind dates."

"You're not looking?"

"Oh yea, but I'm patient, though."

"Do you want to be married ... With kids?"

"I do. I figured I'd end up as that woman that didn't marry until her 40s."

He chuckled, I doubt you'll have to wait that long." They pulled up to his club and got out. Maddox guided Janine in by her lower waist.

They walked into the club and Janine noticed how everyone was dressed. Good thing she went shopping or she would have felt out of place, "is it always like this? Hype?"

"Absolutely ..." He led her to a private dining room that was already set up, "what do you think?"

"Very nice. I already know the food will be great." She was looking at her menu as Maddox just stated through her until she looked up. He grinned. Janine smiled back at him and chuckled a little, wondering how long it would take got him to realize his really cute face was doing nothing for her. "You have a mischievous smile."

"Been told that all my life."

The waiter asked for drinks. Janine looked at Maddox, "suggest something? I'm a light weight."

'And the woman ...' was all Janine heard. The waiter went with the order and Janine sipped on her water, "personal question ... What is it your current girlfriends don't have that you're still looking for?"

"Hmm, good question... Can I think about this?"

"Absolutely." She smiled at him under eyed, "does your family want you to settle down?"

"Everyone except my father and my uncle Constantine."

"They want you to stay a bachelor ... I can understand that."

"Yea, for now, they get their wish ... Ever been in love?"

"Yea," she took a deep breath and then picked up her drink, looking at it.

"Or still in love I guess I should ask."

"Its fading. I haven't seen him in 2 years. Its that situation where you wonder what could have been. But when I do see him ... The spark is not there," she shrugged, "bothers me because if I was really in love ... I'd still feel it. Anyway ..."

"Some people fall out of love... All the time."

"Or get bored."

"Same difference ... What are you looking for in a man?"

"He has to have a love of music, MMA, football, Archer, and regular exercise. Standard things like being smart, tall, and can speak properly ... Hmm. He has to be able to support himself and just not freaking lie to me. Ever."

"Good luck not finding a liar, all men lie to a degree, PERIOD."

She outright laughed, "let me have SOME hope."

He smiled, "my bad, but it's better this way. You just need a man who treats you like a queen, doesn't cheat, and will love u unconditionally."

"That's harder to find than a man who doesn't lie. At least in New York it is."

"Not that hard." They got the food which was placed in front of them like a buffet, and plates were placed in front of them, "what do you want, bean sprout salad or pad Thai?"

"Bean sprout salad ... No meat, please."

"You got it." He did exactly what she asked, and placed it in front of her, "tell me a secret." He refilled her wine and then served himself.

Her eyes widened momentarily, then she messed around her food, "my birthmark is on my butt."

"Hmm, pretty weak, but I'll accept."

She laughed, "sorry to disappoint you, but I'm boring. You're probably used to a different type than me. Someone a little more sassy."

"Yea, but it's getting old, that's why you're here."

'Like I will ever be again,' she said to herself and kept eating.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Ch 2



| Next Day |

Janine walked into the office half an hour early wearing a black peplum dress and pumps. She even decided to curl her hair that day due to sheer excitement. No, Janine had no plans of flirting with this man but she didn't want to look stupid, either. She knocked on Jay's office door and once she heard him call her in, she closed the door and quietly screamed, "I am so awesome!"

"Indeed you are, however, lie to me again and you're suspended," the tall, fit man with loose curls in his blonde hair, and a killer smile, responded, "Maddox is headed up and the conference is in room B. A camera man has already gotten set up."

"But I succeeded. That's really all that matters," Janine took off to Room B and waited.

In the elevator, Maddox Ames, stood at 6'4" in a navy suit with a black military styled pea coat. His assistant, Cheyenne stood next to him. His facial expression was grim and dark, but surprisingly he was in a good mood. Cheyenne was on a phone call as they exited the elevator and found room b. She walked in first, and he followed, catching sight of the beautiful ebony woman. On his face, what was once grim, became friendly, inviting, and sexy as hell. Janine being that woman, greeted him.

Janine stood up when the assistant walked in, then smiled when she saw Maddox, quietly coaching herself not to act excited. She'd met plenty of pop stars before but none like this. She kept her cool and walked to him, giving a quick smile to Cheyenne, then looking way up at Maddox, "thank you for coming. I'm Janine."

"Thank you for having me," he smirked and shook her hand.

"Thank you for doing this ... Sit, please," once they all sat, Janine glanced at the camera and smiled, then looked at Maddox. "What's the response been like? It's been only 2 days since the Grammy performance, then your album is streamed online."

"It's been good, I'm not too surprised by that. The positive response, I mean."

"Why choose to stream before release? Generally one or two songs will be streamed but an entire album ...? Coming from someone whose proven themselves time and time again, it almost seemed to be unnecessary. What prompted that action?"

"You want the real answer or the safe answer?"

"The real one," she grinned.

"It's simple, because I'm THAT good. If you stumble across a bar of gold you know could help your family's living situation out, are you going to wait till rent day comes or are you going down to their renter's office that day?"

She nodded, "definitely that day."

"Ok, so why deprive my fans of something almost as life changing?" He chuckled, "no but, I knew theyd appreciate it and still support me."

"Definitely. So you had a smash album, world tour, and then a 4 year break. We would see you pop up only once in a while and out of sight again. What made you come back aside from the millions of fans that went crazy when we found out you were in the dungeon?"

"While, all I did was create music," he only partially lied, "and I finally settled on what you all know as 50/50."

"Cool. Now!" She backed up just a little, "yesterday, I asked the readers of my blog and viewers on my Vlog what they would ask you if they could ask you anything. Their seemed to be more that I couldn't ask than could," she laughed, "but Corinne from Denmark wants to know if you're single."

He smiled, "yes and no ..." He simply responded as Cheyenne nudged him, he shot her a look.

Janine half grinned, "Madison from South Beach wants to know why the songs on the album are so long ... That happens to be something I love about the album."

"Well who really wants their favorite song to end after 3 minutes? I mean you tell me, Ms. Janine, if you're getting the business handed to you in the bedroom," he paused for better effect, "dick is getting good and your favorite slow jam is on. Would you really want it to end, and kill your vibe? How would that make you feel?"

She laughed out loud, I would be pissed."

"Most women would, what's your favorite to fuck to?" Maddox turned the tables on her

Janine blushed a little, then paused as she thought about it. Shaking her head, "Red Slip Dress."

"Great taste ... Another question for you. Why is it, I'm better at asking exciting questions? Don't make me regret this interview, Janine."

She tilted her head to the side and lifted an eyebrow, "alright ..." Janine made herself comfortable, crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair, "I wanted to keep it strictly professional ... How are you single and not single at the same time?"

He smirked, "hmm I don’t know, I'm taken, but I'm still looking."

"Not fair to the girl who thinks she's got you."

Maddox laughed, "you think she doesn't know? That's cute."

Smiling, "and she's ok with that? Wow ..."

"Pipe game is like 'wow' and that's why she doesn't care."

"Has a woman ever told you no?"

"Once ..." He answered honestly.

She looked him in the eye, "wasn't expecting that."

Cheyenne pointed to her watch.

"One last question beautiful..."

"At the Met Gala ... It was rumored that you got into a verbal altercation with Madonna. Why?"

"Because she's a self-centered, bitch, who needs to climb up off her high horse ..." He stood, "it was a pleasure meeting you, beautiful. I hope to see you in the future."

Janine stood with a huge smile and shook his hand again, "thank you again ... This was fun."

"We're past hand shakes now.." He pulled her in for a hug, "give Cheyenne your info, she'll send you some tickets and back stage passes in your area."

"I will," she rubbed his back and made a mental note of the Cologne he was wearing, "I feel so much smaller now."

He chuckled, "right..." Kissed her temple waved and then exited.

Janine reached under the table and grabbed her purse, pulled out a card, then wrote her cell number on the back of it and handed it to Cheyenne. Janine thanked her and watched her rush away behind Maddox. Once Janine saw them get in the elevator and go, she rushed to Jay's office, "PLEASE DON'T FIRE ME! HE BAITED ME! What else was I supposed to do? I was gonna keep it strictly about the music and he was like MAKE IT INTERESTING and then what do you do?"

"I'm not going to fire you, but I will tell you this. Research. Next time you need to have interesting 'music' questions available and ready to read. You are v logging for vibe magazine Janine, so gossip isn’t entirely bad, but be sure to keep his language as clean as possible. Unfortunately, we can't even use most of the interview. Although I'm not gonna fire you now, I will tell you this. Two more interviews like that and it just might happen. Understand?"

"But ... But ... I was prepared! How was I supposed to know he was gonna want to talk about the messy stuff?"

"We're done here. You may go home."

"How was I supposed to keep HIS language clean?" She really wanted to an answer to that question.

"Janine! By avoiding certain questions that's how! He is not God, and he doesn't hand you the pay check, I do! If he would've walked out of that office because you stick to your guns we'd be having a different kind of conversation. However you, being the Maddox crazed woman you are... Like all others, you failed. FACE it, you fucked this up, no one else. You are dismissed."

"Great ... Thank you," Janine shook her head and left before she did or said something she had no business. Janine went downstairs to her black Audi, rubbed the top of the car, then got in and rubbed the dashboard, "you still love me, don't you?" Nodding slightly, she started the car, pulled off, then called Tarin, "I fucked up."
"Oh shit, what happened?"
"The interview was going fine. We were talking about the music and it was nice but he was getting bored I guess. Anyway, he started talking about the length of the songs and the he asked me what I like to have sex to. After the interview, jay got angry."

Tarin paused a little, "that nigga Maddox asked you what type of song you like to tale the dick to?" Was all Tarin got.

She laughed, "yea ... He did ..." Shaking her head as she pulled to a stop light, "I was prepared, Tarin. I know all his shit. I know all the gossipy shit but Jay told me to keep it professional. I tried that, he didn't want it. I didn't want him to leave but I got screwed for it."

"Admit it, you were a little starstruck. Why else would you allow that to happen?"

"Of course. But I was so smooth," nodding.

Tarin laughed, "or so you thought. How did the interview end?"

"Uh ..." Pulling off again, "he hugged me and told me to give my info to his assistant. Said he'd send me some tickets and backstage passes. He was probably just being nice cause he screwed me."

"Orrr!" She exclaimed, "just theory, he wanted to screw you?"


"Hmm, ok, so how many tickets?"

"Didn't say. I'm not even worried about it. I just have to claw my way back into Jay's good graces so my Ed Sheeran and Icona Pop interviews better go as planned. Icona Pop are two lesbians so pray for me."

"Yea good luck girl."

| 1 Week Later |

Janine was back in the office again. She'd done the other two interviews and delivered them to Jay's approval, "I can get Lil Mama, Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora interviewed for that TLC biopic people are mad about," she told him.

"Very good, how soon?" He raised a brow.

"They told me two days since they'll be filming here at that time."

"Ok good, and you'll have finished footage to me by?"

"Friday ... Or same day, Thursday, if you want."

"Either will work. So how would you like the chance to redeem yourself for the Maddox Ames situation?"

Janine's entire body relaxed, I would love that."

"We have the female equivalent to Maddox Ames willing to interview with us: Beyonce, and I thought you'd be perfect for the job."

"FUCKING BEYONCE!?" She nearly jumped, "she's a queen! I am about to pass out."

"Calm down, this is huge."

"I will be ... I'll be cool, Jay ... I totally promise. Thank you!"

| 3 Weeks Later|

"Thank you so much , for having me," Beyonce humbly shook Janine's hand.

"Are you kidding? You're so busy. Thank You ..." They finish shaking and sat, "you're touring, putting an album out, keeping H&M on lock, bring wife and mom ... When do you sleep? I see footage of you on stage and its 200% every show."

Smiling, Beyonce rested her hands in her lap, "its tough, even when I'm allowed to sleep, I can't. My brain is constantly working up new ideas. Especially with the new album coming out."

"And 'Grown Woman' is getting great reviews. What kind of feel is the new album?"

"Well, of course I wanted to evolve, so i wanted a lot of high energy drums and hot beats. I definitely had to get H-town on them," she laughed at herself, I wanted anyone who listened to feel it in their gut."

They went on talking. The interview was easy and the conversation was fun. Janine started to wrap it up, "I gotta ask how the baby is doing. She's getting big so fast ... That has to hurt."

"Girl, I cry every night, its so hard being a mother and to see your baby begin to gain her own personality, then begin to verbally express herself, hurts, AND makes me smile and feel warm inside."

Janine nodded, "well I've already got my ticket to see you tomorrow night. Having you here to sit and talk about the millions of things you're doing right now drives it all home. You have a show to prepare for, Blue Ivy to go see so I won't hold you any longer. I can't thank you enough for stopping by today."

"Absolutely ..." Graciously, shaking Janine's hand, Beyonce was escorted out of the room.

Janine stood there and watched her float away, then smiled and walked to Jays office, I love her."

"You did amazing! Now THAT is how you interview! You kept it light, you guys made a bond, and she will always want to interview with you!"

"Yes yes praise me now and then yell at me tomorrow," she chuckled.

"You get me now."

"I don't know. You're a little Moody sometimes," she smiled, "can I go?"

"You are free to go Janine. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you," Janine went home and changed into some running clothes then left again to get to the gym, on the way, she called Keith, "I'm going to the gym, shall I come pick you up?" She grinned.

"Yes, I'll throw something on. How was Beyonce?"

"Royalty. So freaking sweet and awesome and amazing ... Completely cool," she detoured towards KBs place.

I meant her ass." He snickered.

"You know she wears padding. You don't even like ass. Hesh up."

"First off she doesnt, ive seen her bare assed, and I like her ass. Do you know why?" He waited and Janine said nothing, "its stuffed with benny's and dollar coins. I need a sugar mama in my life."

"Get off my phone. I'll be there in 7," she hung up.

When Janine pulled off, Keith opened the door. "So..." Keith started when he sat in the car, "what do you think of Lana?"

Janine held her tongue until she found a delicate way to put it, "she's nice. Pretty. But ... I always thought you would take on someone ... And I'm only saying this because I love you and because I've only met her once ... Someone a little less airy."

"What does that mean?"

"She was falling all over you at my apartment. Wiped your mouth for you. Laughed at all your jokes ... Even when they were lame," she chuckled.

"What? Woman ... I am hilarious."

Janine only shrugged, "that's my opinion."

"Do you think she's terrible for me?"

"I think you'll get bored without someone to challenge you. It's fine now. Yall are still new but after a while ... You'll be wanting more from her that she can't give you. Who knows, though ... She may want to change to accommodate."

"Hmm, we'll see."

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Undercover Superstar


Despite the fact that Janine told them 7, they always showed up early. It was a little after 6 when KB arrived, then Tarin came a little after him. Janine was excited to be hosting her first small get together in her new apartment that she'd purchased after receiving a major promotion. She went from running a music blog to hosting a music Vlog that was sponsored by one of the top music magazines in the country, The Source.

Now, she and her friends were getting themselves ready to watch the Grammy's. They had their food and the flatscreen's surround sound was up high. Janine kicked back with her laptop open, twitter logged in and the notepad so she could take notes about performances. "Tarin ... No drooling over your faves, ok?" Janine grinned.

Tarin just swatted a hand at Janine. "If my husband comes on, you know I'm gonna have to hoot," she gave a slight disclaimer, "I should be telling you the same thing!" She shot Janine a look as Keith, KB for short, put his phone down.

"So, Janine ..." He smiled sweetly, "I have a favor to ask."

Janine shook her head at Tarin, then looked at KB, "mmhmm?" She folded her arms.

"Ok, my girlfriend, Lana is coming over to join. Is that okay?" He waited for her response.

"Why wouldn't it be?" She sighed to herself and turned back towards the TV. This chipper ass bitch.

"Just wanted-" the door bell rung, "to know" he smiled and went to get the door, "be nice Tarin!" He yelled.

"I'm nice to you, Janine and God. That's all the nice I got, you hear?"

Janine chuckled as KB opened the door. Lana immediately hugged him and kissed him, "I brought wine."

"Thanks sweetie," he hugged and kissed her back as he led her and all her exotic-ness into the room, "Janine ... Tarin, this is Lana. Lana, these are my two best female friends."

"Yo," Janine told her, "sit ..." As she only glanced at her, then smiled at Keith for good measure.

"Ok," Lana sat and so did Keith. Tarin remained quiet.

"Quiet now," Janine readied herself as the show started, "time for mama to get to work."

"How cool to have this kind of job," Lana threw in her 2 cents, remembering what Keith had told her.

"It'll be even cooler if I can get one of these performers on my Vlog show before I have to post on Thursday." Janine started typing on the laptop.

"I use to write for a paper," Lana slightly fibbed.

Tarin then looked from her phone, "yeah right, the show is on. Shhh!" She glared at Lana, and then smirked at KB.

| Later |

The show ended and Janine saved all her work. She'd add to her blog later, and then start working on contacts for the Vlog in the morning. "Everybody and they mama is gonna want to talk to Miguel after that hot mess." Janine complained, "no way I can get him before deadline to talk to him about his Hulk Hogan Leg Drop."

"Yea good luck ..." Kb added.

"And what about my husband Maddox? Looking as fly as he wants." Tarin grinned at Janine.

"Please ... I get him for my Vlog and I'll probably be too stupid to talk to him," Janine shook her head, "makes me wanna giggle and all that stupid shit."

"He's a fuckin chump!" KB exclaimed.

"Oh shut up ... You just mad cause he's like 6 feet taller than you," Janine cackled.

"I'm tall as fuck, what are you talking about?"

"I was only joking, sweet cakes." Then walked past him and ruffed up his hair, "so seriousssss. Tarin ... Kitchen," then kept going.

Tarin stood and followed Janine. Kb sighed, "Secrets get you loaded." He yelled after them.

The ladies walked into the kitchen and Janine started fumbling with the faucet and ran some dish water in the sink. "Now you know every time we want to do something, he's gonna bring her."

"She's annoying but ok," Janine shrugged, "she's cute and he likes them overly sweet."

Tarin shook her head, "so why are we holding this conference?"

"Because YOU are known to hurt feelings," she laughed.

"Hmph, well are we done? Mama has got some place to be," she lied, meaning the living room.

"Sittin on my couch," Janine mumbled and walked out, flopped down in her spot and flipped on VH1, "Keith ... What you doin tomorrow?"

"Doctor's appointment, and then Lana has a performance at the convention center later tomorrow. What about you?"

"Getting your tubes tied like I told you to?" Janine batted her eyes, ignoring the rest of what he'd said.

"I want kids Janine ... Eventually."

Janine and Tarin both rolled their eyes.

| Next Day |

Janine posted on her blog that night and then got her butt up early to get to work to get some folks for her Vlog. On her laptop, the stream of Maddox Ames' new album was playing. It had yet to be released but the bastard was so sure people would love it that he streamed it. Of course she loved it, then decided to send an email to his camp to ask for an interview. She laughed at herself as she sent it, not sure if she would even get a reply but would bug the shit out of em and pray she'd get him to talk to her about his new album before even a magazine could. After the email was sent, she put together some shit that she was hoping would get her a TV spot one day, then called KB to fuck with him, "don't procreate with her," she said when KB answered, "I'll cry when you bring the baby for me to babysit and it has your hair but her face."

"Shouldn't you be getting interviews with some Grammy winner right now? I'm busy, writing," he snapped at her.

"Got Ed Sheeran." She chuckled, "and got Icona Pop for Friday. I stan for those bitches."

"Who? Look, can I call you back? I love you but I'm busy."

"Yes," she sighed, "love you too." She hung up and went through her emails.

20 minutes into Janine's work, and she got a call from her boss. "Janine …" he greeted her.

"Afternoon, Jay." Janine answered and picked up a pen and clean sheet of paper.

"Janine, I just got word that Maddox Ames' team received a message from someone from my company and are pissed about it." Jay sounded annoyed.

She nodded, "probably."

"Do you know who it might be?"

"No, Jay ... God, no." She sounded completely shocked, even put her pen down and clutched her pearls. "I don't know anyone with that much initiative, moxie ... GUTS ... if you will ... To send an interview request to Magic & Hype in order to obtain an interview with an artist who hasn't released an album in 4 years or an artist who has won more awards than Michael Jackson. I don't know who would want that kind of notoriety!"

Jay shook his head, "That's too bad because they wanted to set something up."

"Jay ... You know ..." She chuckled, "I can be really resourceful at times. I may know who did that. And not to toot her horn but it was ME!" Laughing still, "you don't sound happy about this at all. This is HUGE!"

"I was pulling your leg, to see what you'd say. Tomorrow, 10am, here at the office. Be on time, look professional, and come prepared. You understand?"

"God yes, I understand. Thanks jay." Janine hung up and texted tarin and KB, 'got Maddox Ames for interview. Suck It!'

Tarin quickly responded, 'may I hide under your skirt while you interview him?'

'You'll drown if you do.'