Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 PART 6 

| Italy |

On schedule, the twins and their children arrived in Italy. Maddox stood waiting for them by the baggage claim and waved as they approached. "hey!" He Maddox smiled and walked towards them, "how was the flight?" He went in to hug Jiselle first.

"With a Spanish speaking 2 year old? The worst." She laughed and hugged him.

"hola nanita, que pasa?" He looked at the little girl.

"Bueno," she responded.

"Hey, pop," Lucky greeted him.

"I get the royal treatment? I'm Pop already? Love it." He hugged lucky and then kissed the baby, "whats happenin Lil man?" he spoke to his grand son.

The 3 month old went on to munch his fist while Lucky chuckled, "being open."

"i like that..." Maddox smiled and took Jiselle's bag from her and began to guide them to his car. They were meet by a few men that took all their bags, "you guys hungry?"

Starving," jiselle told him.

"good your ya ya has cooked you guys a healthy sized Italian meal. We'll go home to drop off your bags." he noticed Lucky's sneakers, "damn jump start on the new j's?"

"Collector," he smiled, "my wife wants to kill me. I buy them for her but it's not her style. I have to make her wear them ... Anyway, moms friend designs for Nike so i get the new stuff," he grinned.

"I have mine at the house right now. Love my sneakers..."he paused, "how's your mother?" He spoke to the twins.

"She's ok. Still moving a little slow but she's happy," jiselle smiled, "Lucky put a maid in the house. She threw a fit but it's for the best."

"Did she makes plans to use the trip i gave her?"

She shook her head, "doesn't feel up to it yet ..."

"I really think this is all about her hair," lucky told him

He sighed, "I'll have to give her a 'do you know how beautiful you are' talk real soon."

"Good luck. She didn't believe us so she won't believe you."

"i have my ways, trust me."

| Later |

Finally they got to his house, dropped off the luggage, and then got to his ya ya's house. Maddox pushed the door open after unlocking it, "ya ya! Dad, were here!"

Lucky adjusted his baby while jiselle put hers down to walk asking side her. Maddoxs big ass father stepped up first and Jiselle quickly grabbed up her kid, she didn't know these niggas.

Doc looked at the kids, inspected them, he was hard, and suddenly smiled, "I'm your grandfather. Doc ... Your name?" He spoke to Jiselle first.

"Jiselle Amaya Esposito." Then looked at her daughter, "and this is Carmen Vittoria Esposito. She's almost 2."

Doc kissed Jiselle on the forehead and then kissed Carmen on her little cheek, "very beautiful..." He then looked at lucky, "now this is what an Ames man is supposed to look like," he looked to Maddox, "you could learn from him," Maddox laughed at his father.

Lucky cleared his throat and deepened his voice, "like the sound of that ..." Then laughed, "Addison Lucas Hines ... And this 3 month old is Lucas Brandon Hines."

Doc rubbed the Baby's head gently, "you kids have to be hungry, the rest of your family its waiting."

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