Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Maddox handed her and lucky their drinks and them went to grab the pictures. Once he grabbed them, he returned and took a seat. Pulling out half the stack, it was a picture of him with his arms around Janine at the airport, and then the next was him planting a wet kiss on her as she made a face, "i look twelve," he chuckled, "your mom looks damn good."

"Yea, mom will forever be gorge." She chuckled at the pictures.

"Who are all these people? Your friends?" Lucky asked about a Christmas group shot. "I see Antonio and uncle KT. Uncle KT had a daughter with ..." He looked closely at the picture, then pointed to Deanna, "her ... Can't remember her name."

"that's Deanna, she was a ho. I dated her," he pointed to Kandi, "before your mom, but she was a ho as well. Your mom was as pure as they came and i got lucky. She dated Dominic before me," he pointed to dom and then pointed to lyric, this was my female best friend and then he was my brother, as down as they came and would never double Cross me EVER," he pointed to Jeremiah.

"I couldn't imagine doing all the stuff you guys did at that age. I missed curfew when i was 17 and i thought i was gonna die. I was so scared to walk in the door." Jiselle shook her head, "mommy emphasized that you two were too grown for your ages ... Or tried to be."

"The name Lyric sounds familiar but we haven't meet anyone ... Then again, mom never brought up friends from her past." Lucky flipped the page.

"lyric was her best friend too. We were too grown for our age, but my dad didn't care as long as i stayed protected and didn't get him involved to where he had to whoop somebody's ass over me. My mom stayed in Memphis, which I'm gonna call her in a little so you two can talk to her. She's excited about you guys. Now this is when we were on the balcony, your mom and i were clearly too into each other. She has a smile that kills man..." He smiled at the memory.

"That is so Gigi ..."Jiselle looked at the pictures, "looks so much like mom here."

"I always knew we looked a lot like you because she never wanted to answer ..." Lucky started, "we'd ask about looks and she'd say 'biological father.'"

"Yes, its like looking in a mirror. Hey can i take a picture of us to have put on my website?"

They both nodded, then jiselle asked, "how will your fans take having kids and grands?"

"Who knows and who cares, you guys are mine and I'm proud." He flipped through the second stack which was mainly Janine.

"These are all ..." Lucky went through half the stack and looked at the pictures his sister was holding, "of mom. You took all these?"

"yea, told you i was a kid in love."

"Well had you not been a dumb ass ... The possibilities ..." Lucky said as jiselle looked at him with wide eyes.

Maddox's face became visibly red, "right, I'll give you a pass because i understand the situation. I wasnt very smart but its been 25 years, and i won't make a mistake like that again."