Thursday, October 30, 2014



| 8 Months Later |

Maddox's tour was on break. A few days after the fact, the twins were visiting with Janine when Maddox decided to pay them a visit. The twins were well aware, but Janine was not. She went to answer the door barefoot but wearing a strapless print maxi dress. Her short hair was freshly done and she was finally beginning to look like her old self. When she opened it, she tilted her head to the side, "I think you've gotten taller."

"I’ve been 6'4 since college," Maddox smiled and pulled her into a hug, "how you been? You look damn good."

She smiled, "really good actually." Janine rubbed his back, "come on, then," stepping back, she closed the door behind him.

"That's good, where's my offspring?"

"Dining room ... Table duty. Hungry?"

"Very much so ..." He smiled, "what's cooking?" They headed to the dining room.

"Catfish, roasted corn and a few other things. Where do you live now?" She was curious since he basically just popped up.

"Here in new York." They entered as Jiselle jumped up, "baby girl, hey!"

"Hi daddy," she cheesed and walked towards him with her arms out. "Dante is here!"

"Aw shit, he bet not step out of line," he came out of the hug and into one with Lucky," what's up Luck?"

"Shit ..." He responded, then laughed, "I didn't tell her you were coming. Elle told me not to."

"Why is that?" He hugged Gigi next.

"So she wouldn't make any excuses."

"Almost ready!" Gigi smiled and kept arranging things on the table after the hug

"Excuses for? Less abstract, make more sense sweet heart."

"It was a precaution," Jiselle explained, "in case she decided she mysteriously had something to do so she wouldn't see you. She's intent on us having a relationship with you and her staying out the way as much as possible."

He laughed, "gotcha," he said as the doorbell went off.

Janine had forgotten Jeremiah was coming when Maddox showed up. She huffed and went to the door and pulled it open. Jerry walked in immediately, grabbed her around the waist and kissed her. She smiled and even laughed a little bit, "heads up ... Maddox is here."

"What? You're lying."

"No. The twins must have called him over. I should have known something was going on when they showed up WITH Anya and Dante." She sighed and rubbed his arm, "whatever you wanna do ... I'll go with it."

“MOM, IT’S READY!” Gigi yelled.

"Coming!" She yelled back and waited on Jeremiah to answer.

"Elle and Lucky must want you with Maddox."

"Probably. It's only natural. I can't be upset." She paused, "when was the last time you spoke to Maddox?

"Like 2 years ago," he walked further into the house, making his decision.

"I think it'll be ok," Janine nodded and put an arm around his waist, walking with him to the dining room.

Jeremiah rubbed his hand over her head, kissed her temple and strolled in with his other hand in his pocket, "hey chillens ..." He greeted everyone.

"Mothafucka ... No hello for me?" Maddox stood up and walked over to him.

Jeremiah chuckled, "you know you get a hello." They met each other in the middle to greet while Janine shot lasers with her eyes at the twins.

Jiselle cheesed while Lucky hunched his shoulders. "What are you doing over here? I didn't know that you found Janine!"

"Ran into her a few months after she got out of the hospital."

Genevieve cut in, "he asked her out so many times before she said yes. IT WAS SO CUTE!"

Janine laughed, "It was only twice. The only reason I kept saying no was because of my insecurities. Once I got passed them ... It's been great ever since," she shrugged and sat down, then Jeremiah took the seat next to her.

Maddox just stared at them. It got real awkward as he shoot daggers through them, "is that so?" He smirked and them chuckled, face a faint beet red, "some miracle, my brother and my kids mother... Together. Its about time you found each other," Maddox said sarcastic. He was crushed.


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