Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 9

| 2 Days Later |

"I heard..." Maddox spoke to Janine over the phone.

"About KB?" She smiled, "yea. He deserves it ... He's that good. We're also working out our Lana issue. It's becoming a non-issue where I just smile and try but Tarin hasn't come around yet."

"I heard his music, not bad, more power to ceelo."

"He's gonna go far. How are you?"

"I'm good, just tired. You?" Switching the phone to his other ear. He hunched over his desk, "just got word i got family coming in from Italy. My dad, uncles, their girlfriends, aunt, ya-ya, and a couple of cousins."

"Sounds like fun. Special occasion?"

"Not at all," he lied.

"Well thats nice," she nodded, "are they all staying with you? Need help with anything?"

"Yes, and no, i got it," he answered, there was no way he was bringing Janine around his dad and uncles just yet. His dad was a true dick and his uncle Constantine would surely try to hit on her every chance he got. As far as his other uncle, he was cool it was mainly Constantine and his father he was concerned about.

"Yes, superman has got it," she teased, "when are they coming?"

"2 weeks..."

"Can I steal you tonight?"

"steal me? I don't know about that, you might get me in trouble."

"Will a 'please' work?"

"you miss me, don't you?" He smirked.

"I'm fond of you. I like you. I enjoy your company," plus, she wasn't dating anyone, "I miss your face."

"I miss you too," he said honestly and meant it for the first time since he was 20 years old.

A slow smile spread across Janine's face that was accompanied by a feeling of longing. She sighed, "can I at least ... See you for a little while?"

"You can see me a little longer than that. Where will you be in a couple of hours?"

"I'll be home by then."

"Ok, I'll come over..."

"Will you want dinner?"

"Yea, I'll cook."

Her eyes widened, "okay. See you then."

"Alright later.." He hung up.

After the phone call ended, Janine walked out of the gym door. She'd just finished a couple of miles before she and Maddox talked. Just as she was putting her hand up to adjust her eyes to the sunshine, she saw Ricardo was walking by the building, seemingly on the phone. She glanced at him, but kept going. However, he stopped her, "Janine," he smiled and backed up, phone still up to his ear, telling the person he'd call them back.

"Hey...." She gestured toward him like she was trying to remember his name, "R..." She began hoping he'd finish.

"Ricardo. It has been months. I never heard from you after I give you my card."

"Yea, sorry about that, I misplaced it.."

"Ah ..." He went into his wallet and pulled another one out, handing it to her, "call. We can get to know each other. Someplace public if you like ... Coffee."

"Yea ... Ok," she said with flirty eyes.

He smiled, "are you free now?" Stepping closer to her.

"I ... Can't ... I've got ... A thing."

He nodded, "you are the busy type. Make time to call me."

"you got it. Well, i better go. You have a great day."

"You as well," he backed up and left.

| Later |

Janine went home, showered, changed, and made sure her place was spotless. When Maddox showed up, she was curled up on the couch in yoga capri's, a tank top and some fuzzy socks. She locked the door behind him and looked at the stuff in his hands, "hi," then leaned up on her tip toes and kissed him.

"hey," he kissed her as well, "i hope you like pasta.." He slapped her ass a little.

"I do," she followed him into the kitchen, "long day?"

"you don't even know," he sat the groceries down and began to pull or the right Pots, "what about you?"

"I have an admirer," she grinned, then hopped up onto a cabinet he wasn't using, and sat.

"I'm not surprised."

"This doesn't happen to me often so I am ..."

"Hmm, but you're gorgeous as fuck, and your ass is fat, i dont get it."

"Thank you," she chuckled, "I always seem to be in a hurry ... Maybe that keeps them from hitting on me."

"Their loss.. " as water was boiling, Maddox began to cut veggies like a pro, "can you manage to help a brotha out sweet thang?" He smirked

"Of course," she got down off the cabinet.

"Fill a mixing bowl with hot water and put the frozen meat in there."

Janine nodded and followed his instructions. Soaking in the fact that he really knew what he was doing. After he was finished cooking, Janine got out some glasses, "you want water or something else tonight?"

He actually thought about this and brought a 1930s chianti with him from his own collection, he pulled it out, "voila..."

"Oh," she looked at the bottle, "the good stuff. So prepared," she went on and set the table.

"If you want to date other guys," he started, needing to get this out, "for now it's okay, but trust me, the moment it's not okay, I'll let you know, just food for thought." He poured wine into the glasses, and then he brought plates over, "just know, everyone isn't as cool ass they seem. Just pay attention," he kissed her temple.

"Got it." She smiled a little, "I have no problem macing someone if i need to."

"good," he paced her plate in front of her, "eat up..."

Janine went on and ate the food, "wow ... Look at you. This is so good."

He smiled, "I'm Italian, you actually think i wouldn't be able to cook. Psh, i make Emeril look bad."

"I can't stand his show ... The one where he has random women sitting there commenting while he's cooking."

"Yea, i don't watch it," he sipped his wine, "do you have regrets in life, Janine?"

"No. I'm satisfied so far. Do you?"

"Hmmm yeah, going into the military, it changed me and not for good either."

"I hear that a lot," rubbing his leg under the table, "how long were you in?"


"Didn't want to go to college?"

"i went to college after. I have a bachlors in business. I used the military as a way to get out of Tennessee, and when i studied business i went to Columbia."

Smiling, "i love a man with brains," and continued eating. When they finished, they went to the couch. Janine sat next to Maddox with her thighs laid across his lap and one hand gently scratching the back of his head.

Maddox rubbed janine's thighs "who were you as a teenage girl, how've you changed?"

"I was pretty rough and tumble. A tomboy. I didn't get prissy till i got to new York."

"i can't see it.."

"No way you can. The only thing that gives me away is the collection of purses in the bedroom."

"i see titties and ass and that's what says otherwise. Oh, you are smart too. Very.." He held his hands in front of his chest to mock her breast, "smart." He cursed ass she slapped his chest.

"Mmhmm, We're going to have to fight one day. The guy at the gym I spar with is the same height as me," she shook her head. "That won't help me at all if I'm ever attacked."

"I'm going to get a pet. What do you suggest?" Loving their random conversations

"a pitbull..." He paused "or a monkey... Yep a monkey."

"No! I want a cat!"

"Then why ask me?"

"I thought maybe you would have a better idea."

"And a cat is better? Girl, get the fuck out. I'm getting a pet monkey now just to show you how damn cool they are."

"No. No thank you," she laughed and shook her head, "I love kitty babies. Tiny and amazing."

"well yes thank you, I'm buying it for me, not you. Those same kittens will then grow up to be evil bitches. I hate cats."

"I love them; When I was young ... I would go visit my grandparents in South East Texas. They lived on this big plot of land with tons of animals on it. Grandpa used to feed every single animal dog food. Chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, whatever was around, they all ate dog food ... Together ... And on Sunday's, even though they live directly across the dirt road from the church, he'd get drunk, take out his Bible, and go preach to the animals in the back yard. My Grammy just let him do it," she smiled. "So ... I need a cat."

"Yea, yea ... What type of cat?"

"i want a smokey grey kitten. Teeny tiny."

"Pfft... Can't even believe you and this cat shit," he shook his head and them rubbed his hand down her hair

"It'll be awesome. I'm free all day Sunday and Monday so I'll be decking out my apartment for a cat," she paused, "I've also been planning on apartment hunting. I thinki I can afford something a tinge bigger. This little thing I'm in now is only big enough FOR a cat."

"what else you need to make room for?"

"My purses," she beamed. "I need a bigger closet. I've had to revamp my wardrobe since I quit Vibe."

"yeah, cant look a mess at the suite."

"I already know. I bought some really nice stuff ..."

"model them?"   Maddox waited.

"Just a couple," she got up and went to the bedroom. She came out 3 different times. 2 dresses and one suit. New shoes included. After she finished, she put her comfy clothes back down, then took her previous spot, "lots more ... Closet is jacked."

"where are the extra short skirts for Maddox/Janine quiettime?"

"You just KNEW that I had some," then got up and left out again. She came back out in a short black skirt and low cut red camisole, "what about this?"

"shorter..." He joked

She shook her head, "you're just gonna rip it off anyway."

"yea... You right."

"Heels or boots?" She asked and took her hair down.

"heels, " he smiled, unbuttoning a few buttons on his white work shirt.

She found the highest black platform pumps, put them on, and went back out. "Come ..." She grabbed the front of his pants, pulled him up and walked him to the bedroom.


  1. Did you recover your lost work? I'm glad!!.... I think Ricardo is definitely up to something. I'm sure there's some history between him and Doc. Post more soon :)

  2. Unfortunately no. I discovered that I lost that 25 year later What if ... But I have Undercover Superstar. I have a couple of others but only in pieces that are near impossible to put back together. I'd have to go through a ton of crap in yahoo in order to retrieve the later stories and I don't have that kind of time, lol.

  3. Oh noooo! That sucks! How was it supposed to end? Did Maddox and Janine get back together or did she stick it out with Jeremiah?

  4. Oh noooo! That sucks! How was it supposed to end? Did Maddox and Janine get back together or did she stick it out with Jeremiah?