Monday, November 16, 2015

Doc's Little Girl - 3

| 2 Weeks Later |

Janine loved being in the shadows. It was her favorite place when she was working. She was in all black, fitted cargo pants, black work boots, long sleeved black shirt, black gloves and a ski mask. She was standing beside a closed door in an alley way. When out jobs, Janine was always told to cover herself from head to toe. She was a weapon and Doc made sure, that as a child, she knew that secret weapons weren't to be paraded around. So while the rest of the men in the Business were in regular tailored suits and glocks, she was to be a shadow on the wall, stealthy and lethal.

Janine beat on the door three times with her fist. It was the kitchen of a fancy uptown Ukranian restaurant. Their was a thin layer of smoke in the air and 5 people rushing around putting food on plates, but Janine wasn't stupid. Anyone who was employed here worked for the Russian mob. "Rastitel'noye dostavka [vegetable delivery]," she called out in perfect Russian. Then followed with, "svekla, kapusta, luk [beets, cabbage, onions]." She reached down into her combat boots and pulled out two black objects that fit in her hands. They resembled 1 pound weights. The door clicked and then was pushed open. Janine pressed herself against the wall behind the door, waiting for the man to come out into the alley. He didn't, which was fine with her, she just needed his neck. 'Come on,' she mouthed to herself. He stuck his head out further beyond the door and Janine clicked a small button at the back end of the hand object. It grew into a foot long baton. Collapsible. But the end of it was a razor sharp and ready for stabbing.

Janine whipped the baton, hitting the man in the adams apple. He stumbled forward and Janine grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him out to the alley where she used the sharp end of the other baton to open a hole in his carotid artery. Blood started to squirt out in short spurts and the man collapsed to the ground. Janine grabbed the closing door, opened it wide and walked inside the kitchen. 3 of them started moving in her direction, while a 4th went to a phone. From Janine's back pocket, she took out one of her many 4 inch steel and hollow throwing knives and launched it at the guy, catching him in the base of his head to catch his spine. As long as he went down, she'd deal with him later. He did. She advanced.

She broke into a run with her body leaning slightly forward. Both batons were at full length and she ran up to the first two advancing, slicing, twisting her body, striking. Her right baton connected with the left mans face, left baton slapped the right mans neck. Every strike leaving welts on the skin where the skin had broken. She dipped low and started laying lashes onto the two that were behind the previous. She took little time with the baton, instead lifting her foot and and kicking one mans knee, bending in completely backward, then twisting her body to the other man, turning her batons sideways in her hands, and laying two quick punches to his throat. Seeing the first man in her peripheral vision, she ducked under his swing and laid a killer blow to his kidney, then used the sharp end of the baton to stab him there as well. He wailed a bit and Janine kicked him off of her now bloody baton.

Only a few minutes after, Janine cut the throats of all 5 men that were laying on the floor. She hadn't been touched. Her batons dripped blood as she walked through the kitchen, into a tiny hallway and to the office she was originally targeting. They knew she was coming. As soon as she opened the door, the boss was standing in the center of 4 other men. She could have been flashy but Doc wanted this hit done quickly and she already used too much time playing with her food in the kitchen. She stood for a second. The boss opened his mouth to speak and Janine threw a knife, catching him in his throat. He clawed at the knife, pulling it out of his throat as he went down. Then the gun shots began. Janine quickly dropped to the floor, rolling in their direction while pulling out a handheld Cobray M11 Fully Automatic Machine gun. She started to spray random bullets, making them take cover, then crouched down and played a quick round of target practice with their peaking heads. When the last flunky fell. Janine stood up and then skipped. Yes, skipped ... Over to the boss, who was half dead. She smiled down at him, "Doc sends his regards," then lifted her foot and came down hard, crushing his throat. When the life drained from his eyes, she smiled and waved, then skipped out of the office, through the kitchen, and out of the back door she came through.

| 1 Week Later |

Maddox came to the hideout house to shoot off rounds. He was seasoned with smaller guns but was getting acquainted with a sawed off shot gun and bigger things as well. Doc was with him when Janine and Sasha came out from practicing lightweight natural makeup. It was true in that last moment Sasha was told not to come by but she couldn't help it and made a point to hang with Janine just to be her sexy spirit guide, "Your boy looks good," Sasha smiled as she naturally sauntered alongside Janine.

"He can't even handle a sawed off ... I can't do anything with him," Janine turned her nose up.

"Girl, we all have to start somewhere. Dont be salty from that old ass rejection." Sasha walked off as they finished, "may we?" Sasha asked more so to Doc, flirting as always.

Doc nodded, "by all means..." He stepped away.

Sasha tossed Janine a sawed off, then grabbed one herself, "don't be fancy and do it with one hand, Sasha. You're a show off," Janine joked.

"Oh baby, i can shoot one of these with my feet. ."she smirked as sheet cocked it and began to shoot the targets.

The ladies finished off all the targets with a variety of shot guns. Janine made lots of lewd comments about the persons head exploding from a close range shot. When they finished, they were so kind as to change out the target sheets. Janine was caressing a long shot gun with a chrome handle when a woman approached Doc and Maddox.

It was Lynn Ames. She and Doc were currently separated which is why he was living mostly in the hideout. She looked to be a bit annoyed, "Maddox..." she looked to Doc, unamused.

"Oh crap." Janine stopped moving.

"Lynn ..." Doc sighed but walked towards her.

She looked like she'd been crying, Maddox kissed his mother on the forehead before she continued, "I need to talk to you," her eyes trained on Doc, "can we go back into the house please?"

Doc turned to the group, "clean this up," then walked away with Lynn.

They did as they were told, "so, little doc, how have you been?" Sasha smiled at him.

"Well..." he dissembled the guns, "you?"

"Same. Anything I can do for you?"

"What do you mean?" Maddox looked at Sasha, clearly they were cleaning up all the shooting gear, "no, Im good, sweetheart," he then looked to Janine, "how are you, Janine? "

"Awesome. Yes. I'm good, thanks. Shotguns make me jittery." She giggled just a bit and started sweeping up shells.

"Why..." he checked out her ass while she was sweeping. Sasha saw him.

"I like them and want to keep shooting. I like big guns. My hands feel empty when I put it away."

"Oh. I have to say Im a desert eagle kinda man."

Nodding, "that looks like you actually."

"Yea, it does."

"So lil doc. ." Sasha began

"Yea?" He looked to her

"Why you playing hard to get with Janine?"

"Me? Naw... no hard to get.."

"Then what's the issue?" Sasha asked.

"Who said there was one?" He looked at her, "Janine, did i ever express to you that we had a problem?" He turned and crossed his arms over his chest.

"No. It's no problem that you don't like me in that way." Janine answered without emotion.

"So you came to that conclusion on your own?" Maddox actually showed emotion, "you want my complete opinion of you?" Walked to stand in front of her.

"Yea." She dropped the broom.

"I like you. Im attracted to you. How you look, dress or no dress. I would still fuck the shit out of you. My thing is you are so inexperienced when it comes to everything except how to extract someone's organs and make it look like nothing happened. Also, you gotta stop assuming you know who the fuck i am, im not a fuckin puzzle and im as simple as just opening your gotdamn mouth and asking!"

"Ooo.." sasha smirked as she watched on.

"You want a fuckin kiss, ask for it, just dont go around here gossiping or saying he don't like me, fuck outta hear, girl. .." he continued taking the guns apart.

"Oh how interesting," Janine picked up the broom, "duly noted."

Sasha just looked at her, "you are something else,"


"Are you that dense?" Sasha laughed, "he just ... nevermind.." as maddox walked to carry the guns inside and down the cellar.

"What? I heard what he said. I'll figure out how to proceed later," Janine assured her.

"Ok girl.." sasha smiled as they heard yelling coming from the house.

"I NEVER! WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN, MADDOX!" Lynn ran to her car and drove off as Doc walked off.

Janine went around the side of the house and looked at Doc who was standing at the door. "Are you okay?" She didn't give a shit about Lynn.

Doc watched as Lynn drove off, "I'm fine, and she will be as well" he turned around and went back in the house.

"What happened to Ma? Why the fuck is she upset?" Maddox came from the gun cellar.

"She'll be fine," Doc brushed it off, "if you're that concerned, go after her."

Maddox just shook his head and left the house.

Janine followed Doc inside, right on his heels and almost bumping into him when he would turn a corner, "Doc."

"Yes, Janine?" he turned to her.

She took a quick step back, looking up at him, "What happened?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Doc ..." She sighed, "you want a drink?"

"Don't worry about it."

"No, im fine, just let her believe what she wants. If it'll keep her safe, that's fine by me."

"Can I do anything?"

"Janine, what the fuck do you want me to say? If i needed something, i would ask!" Truth was he plotted for weeks to get Lynn to ask for a separation, because he knew things were heating up and he couldnt risk it. Thats why for the past 10 months, he's lived in the safe house as opposed to his original home, "Janine there is one thing i want you to do."

"Okay ..."

"Train Maddox on clean up."

"No problem." She went and hugged him. "I love you." Then disappeared.

Doc nodded and picked up the phone to make a few calls.

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