Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Undercover Superstar - 16

Days Later |

Janine was dead serious about moving. The same day she was set free, she started packing and now had an apartment full of boxes. She opened her door to take some downstairs when Ricardo stood just on the door. Janine stood frozen for a moment, not out of shock or fear, but annoyance. She handed him a box, then another and picked up one, walking past him, "MY patience is non existent so tell me why you didn't say anything that would have helped."

"We had a cover to keep, at your fathers orders. He didnt want to do anything to piss Doc off so he had a certain way he wanted us to do this. I'm sorry, Janine." He followed her with the boxes in hand.

"He failed and you suck at undercover work," they left the apartment and started down the stairs, "had me scared to death ... Well, near death. Scared to death after dude got to me."

Ricardo, followed Janine downstairs, to Maddox standing next to her car, in jeans, a plaid shirt and sneakers. Ricardo dropped the boxes he was holding and pulled a gun on him, and Maddox held his hands up, "put your gun away Ricky, I'm not here to fight, i just want to say a few things to Janine, and I'll go."

Janine sucked her teeth and deliberately kept her eyes off of his, "its fine," she told Ricardo, then unlocked her car and opened the door.

Ricardo just walked a little ways away putting his gun down but not away. Maddox walked to her, "can i get your attention real quick? Just look me in my eyes while i tell you what i have to tell you.."

She huffed and put the boxes in the car, then closed the door and looked at him, "yes?"

"I didn't come down here expecting a damn thing from you. I just knew that if I let you leave without telling you how i really feel I'd regret it..." He sighed, "you changed me."

She gave him that look like 'nigga please.'

"Not a total 180, but you just made me want to have love and a family. I told you that you were never my girlfriend for a reason because you were always wifey material. That's why i fought through the awkward times. I didn't have to spend time with you in order to hold you for ransom. I could've done it from jump, but my attraction to you took control. My dad is the one that got me to kick shit into gear, but i should've listened to my heart."

"You should have." She agreed, "i would have ..." She groped the air with her hands to find the right words, "... Worked with you? You could have said something but instead you put your hands on me and threatened me and i can't trust you at all anymore," she sighed, "but ... You did say this was your priority so ... No need to say anything at all about any of this anymore ..."

"Well, just know that I'll never choose this shit over you again. If i ever could be so lucky baby..." He sighed again, as he stepped closer to her, he placed his hand on her shoulder, "good luck Janine..." His hand slid off her shoulder, and down her arms, "love you..." He said under his breath and began to walk away.

Janine watched him leave, trying not to let what he said get to her. She waited until he got in his car and left, then looked at Ricardo, "are you a cop?"

"Not even close, why?"

"Curious ... Liars are common place in my life these days. You're probably not even a lawyer." She walked past him and back into her apartment.

He laughed, "right..."

Months Later |

Janine moved back to Texas and chewed out her dad royally. She took a job teaching 5th grade math at a private school, and during the summer months, she worked as a personal trainer. Keith had called her with info for his album release party that Janine wouldn't miss, but that meant going back to New York. She borrowed Tarin's couch while there, then got dressed with her and went to a club where KBs party was held.

"ive never even been to this place, better be good.." Tarin stood 40 lbs lighter and loving herself. She wore a tight white knee length, body hugging dress and some nude stilettos.

"Robin Thicke had his here. It's pretty nice," Janine nodded as they walked through. KB had their names put on 'the list' which gave them no problems getting in anywhere they wanted. They went to the VIP after KB got up and said a few words about his album and took a seat, on both sides of him, between himself and some random groupies. Janine smiled at him.

"I'm so happy my girls are here.." He put his arms around Janine and Tarin.

"I'm excited. You wouldn't even let me sample anything."

"And you didn't tell me shit the last time I saw you," Tarin raised an eyebrow.

"Well i gotta have some sense of mystery, guys..." He cheesed.

"Yea yea ... It's sounding good so far. I expect all the perks when you go on tour," Janine told him.

"Even that merchandise stuff. I will rock the hell out of a shirt with your face on it," Tarin chuckled.

He laughed, "that's what I'm talking about," he squeezed them as he looked up to see a familiar face; Maddox, "Maddox, how are you man?" Kb shook his hand.

"how are you? Thought I'd come and congratulate you."

"Thank you, man. That means a lot." 

While KB accepted his congrats from Maddox, Janine sighed on the inside. That stupid nigga standing up there looked so good. She missed him.

"Of course.." He looked to Janine, "hey beautiful..." He grinned down at Janine.

"Hi there," she looked everywhere but at him, then finally in his eyes, gave him a tight smile and then to her hands in her lap.

"We're thirsty ..." KB grabbed Tarin by the hand, "oh look. There's the bar. We'll be right back."

Maddox continued smiling as they left and then slid in next to Janine, "you look amazing, baby."

"Thank you. Don't wear this stuff anymore so it was fun to dress up. How are things?" She turned her head only slightly and looked at him.

"Quiet... Lonely... And very busy. What's new with you?"he put an arm around her.

"Just work. I'm very much a normal now."

"You're anything but normal. Extraordinary is more like it. Tarin looks good by the way. Good for her."

Janine nodded, "and did it all by herself." Ignoring the rest of what he'd said. She'd relaxed a little.

"Thats good..." He sighed, "can i get a dance with you?"

'Sneaky bastard,' she thought and nodded, then stood up, "no feeling on my booty," she grinned and walked ahead of him to the small VIP dance floor.

"no promises..." He winked.


  1. Hmmmm. They're about to get back together ;)

  2. Omg finally!!!! But it was too short! I'm glad Maddox manded up and apologized to her. Please please dont make me wait sooo damn long to finish this story!!