Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hood Rich - Ch 17

"But she's not even good enough for you. Look at her, poor black bitch, got lucky and hooked a rich boy." Lucinda attempted to make a point.
Maddox threw his head back and laughed, "you're so ignorant, Lucinda. If you haven't noticed, we both live in the same damn area. Rich boy? no, my parents were rich, but me? i'm still living the way i always have and that's not falling victim to this damn scene like you spoiled ass people do. All I did was fuck bitches ... that's right ... you were one of my main bitches," he chuckles, "which makes me a pimp. Dudes always wondered how i swung you. I told them to by you an expensive dinner and promise a future that involved expensive things, and boy would you swoon," he laughed, "you tryin to make yourself sound better, but baby you're much worse ... hmm ... much like a bottom feeder, and that's sad. I'm sorry to say."
She gasped, "I can't believe you."
"Believe it sugar", Janine smiled and pulled Maddox away towards the door, Lucinda grabbed her arm to stop her. Janine looked down at her hand and walked up to her. Speaking as calm, clear and consice as she could, "If you want this to be peaceful, I suggest you dont put your hands on me anymore. Alright?"
What a stupid move, Lucinda was about to make. She rolled her eyes and pushed Janine as hard as she could, "Get the fuck out, you poor raggedy bitch!"
Janine laughed out loud, looked down at her chest where Lucinda pushed her, in the interest of Maddox not getting mad, she looked at him, "she got 1 more time to do somethin, ANYTHING, and its on. I wish she would hit me." Looking back at Lucinda with a sick smile on her face, Janine just waited and hoped she would do something else.
"C'mon J, let's just go.." he grabbed a hold of janine's arm, and then from behind Lucinda grabbed Maddox by the shoulder, pulled him down just to kiss him in front of Janine. He pushed her but it was already too late, she had already kissed him. Janine sniggled and looked at Lucinda, reached in her bra, pulled out a switchblade, cocked an eyebrow, cocked the blade up and with her left hand, grabbed a hand full of Lucinda's hair. She pulled Lucinda down and twisted her around where her back was to her, Janine took the blade in her right hand and started cutting away chunks of her hair, not smiling, no expression on her face what so ever. She let go of Lucinda and laughed but Lucinda slapped her across the face. Janine raised an eyebrow again, folded up her blade, stuck it back in her bra, balled up her fist went back and dotted Lucinda in the eye, sending her to the ground. Janine stepped over her, looking down then lightly kicked her, "the bitch is breathing." Again, she went for her blade, cocked it back and got ready to work on her.
"JANINE!" Maddox hollered  and grabbed Janine by the waist as she still kicked and screamed at Lucinda. Fighting for the chance to get one more lick in. People shooting disappointed stares at Maddox and Janine as he dragged her out, "Why'd you do that?" he questioned as they got in the car.
"What? Me? She started it!" Folding up the blade and putting it back in her bra.
"Janine, you didn't have to do all that to her. Damn, you took it too far this time!" He started up the car, and began to pull off.
"Too far? All I did was cut some of her hair off and punch her in the face."
"And all she did was push YOU. You coulda just pushed her back, and we could've been on our merry fuckin' way. WHY THE FUCK YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PROVE PEOPLE RIGHT ABOUT YOU, JANINE! I mean, I know you're more than that shit. I know you're not just some ghetto girl, hell, and even when you put on that front it makes me laugh a little, but baby, you're better than that!"
"What? The bitch slapped me in my face. In the hood we dont slap, we BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF. If I proved someone right about me, oh well, I cant help it you know why? Cause ive been 1 way for 17 years so its in me, yes Ive got other skills and can present myself in a whole nother way but THE BITCH DISRESPECTED ME even when I was tryna be good so fuck her, she got what she deserved." She folded her arms and let the window down a little. "I was bout to scalp that ho."
"Of course," he rolled his eyes and looked onto the road.
"Of course what?"
"Nothing.. nevermind."
She sighed and sat in silence for a while, "of course what Maddox? Look, im sorry ok, its over and done with so lets let it go."
"Yeah, just learn to control yourself, Janine."
"Cool with me, they just need to learn NOT to put they hands on me."
Maddox didn't say anything in response he just continued driving back to Oakland. It was maybe an hour or so when they finally pulled into janine's project's parking lot. Maddox got out to walk her up to her door before he made his way home.

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