Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Characters

Here are a few characters we were in the process of using when we stopped.


Kena and I were working on a What-If that was what if Maddox found Janine 25 years after he left her in HS. I may post it anyway because it's pretty good and you get a good sense of the kids from that point. They're all so different. Anyway ... This is the child that Janine had with Antonio. Yes, they had Antonio Junior but this is Genevieve Bovin, Janine and Antonio's youngest. She's actually said to be quite athletic but only 5'4'', thick as hell like Janine, but way more toned. She's an Olympic track star, a mommy's girl who never wants to leave home and opposition for when Maddox comes in the picture.


Ever wonder what Black Maddox would be like. This is Evan. He's Gigi's potential boyfriend and Maddox re-incarnated. He's actually just a tad bit thinner than this picture but just as tall as Maddox at 6'4''.


Remember Nicholeous Donovan and the entire house of Colombians that S.E.X was working with at one time? I created this guy to be Janine's husband whenever we got back to writing on those stories. The name I wanted to give him, Dante Espinosa, I ended up giving to Jiselle's husband from the 25 year later What If that I may end up posting pieces of.

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  1. Please post the what if about Maddox finding Janine 25 years after high school. Genevieve very pretty!