Sunday, November 25, 2012

What If - 25 Years Later - 3


| Later |

A few more minutes of one-sided small talk took place when the hospital door opened. Aj walked in first, followed by Jiselle with her 1 year old daughter, Genevieve followed, then Lucky with a 2 month old. A moment later, Gigi passed out. Why? The shock of Maddox Ames in. her mothers hospital room. While AJ dealt with her, Lucky saw him sitting there, then looked at the clothes he was wearing. Same damn outfit, just different colors. "Awkward ..." Jiselle eyed him, then kissed Janine on the cheek.

Maddox smiled at them and raised his brows at Gigi. He then looked to Janine, "i thought you only had 2 children?"

'2 more.' She wrote, then continued, 'Elle, Lucky, AJ, and Gigi.' Janine showed it to Maddox, then erased and wrote, 'bio dad to twins.' She showed it to the kids.

"wait, they're mine?" Maddox looked at her and then the twins.

"We finally meet," Lucky switched his baby to the other arm, kissed Janine, then held the kid close to her so she could kiss the baby as well.

"Well I be damn ..." He stood, "you look just like me." Then he looked to Janine, "when you never contacted me to come visit Memphis, I just thought you got an abortion."

'Was busy being depressed,' she wrote.

"Mom told all of us about you." Jiselle took a seat. "Our dad is a superstar. And our mother has cancer," she sighed.

"I see, Well I'm very happy to meet you guys. Sorry I wasn’t around. That's very shitty of me," he turned to Janine, "so two lungs, huh?"

"Could i please ..." Gigi finally regained herself, "have a picture and a kiss?"

"NO!" The twins and AJ said in unison.

Maddox laughed, "how about a hug and a picture?"

"oh my God ok!" She rushed over with her phone and handed it to AJ, then posed. After the picture was taken, she kissed her mom and sat on the bed, "i'm totally facebooking this!"

"So again, 2 lungs? Is that all you need to live, sweetheart?"

"Dad is getting them for her," Gigi told him.

"What brings you by?" Lucky asked.

"I was visiting my ex wife down the hall, and saw your moms name on the door ..." He looked to Janine, "I can get them to you in two days," he spoke of the lungs.

"Black Market?" AJ asked.

"No, not black market. From Italy."

"Dad is getting them," Gigi repeated

"We already ..." Jiselle started.

Janine held up get board, 'flight time?'

"10 for us." Lucky answered, "Gigi leaves at 7."

"I can stay another day or week," she smiled.

"Don't you dare miss it," Janine warned in a small voice, then looked to Maddox, "It's fine," Janine told him. "Tests. Needs to be compatible." She reached out for Lucky's baby and smiled as he was put in Janine's lap. "This is Lucas ..." Then she nodded to Jiselle's 1 year old, "that's Carmen."

"Ok, wow, I'm a grandpa. Can I hold him?"

Janine glanced at Lucky who gave her a nod, then she looked at Maddox and nodded.

| Later |

Maddox stayed and visited with the family. When it was time for them to get ready to leave, Genevieve started her notorious crying again and AJ had to drag her away. Finally some peace and quiet ... With the exception of Maddox still there but then again, she figured he just felt some sort of guilt for SOMETHING and hung out until visiting hours were over. 'Kept you from your day.' Janine wrote on the white board.

"Nah, i stayed because I wanted to. They are damn good kids."

'And pretty too.' She smiled.

"Yea ..." He sighed, "I'm gonna come back and see you before I go on my European tour. Is that okay?"

She nodded, 'I'll be here. Thx.'

Maddox hugged her gently and them left to head back home.

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