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Gorgeous queen ...

Tarinica ... That face is stellar but that hair needs some work.

Not quite sure what Maddox was thinking with that shirt ...

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Tahj Mowry is giving off a lot of Bruno Mars realness.


First time JT has looked hot since he decided he didn't want his black people anymore, lol.


Ethereal beauty still on the grind.

The first two I fall on my back for ... Yes!

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I know a lot of you are upset about the stories being taken down ... But as I stated in a previous blog post ... I took them down in case I decide to stop paying for the .com ... So if I do decide to stop paying for the .com, no one will be alarmed and the blog will run on it's independent blogspot address. No stories ... Just blog ... Which is what this is ... Other than occasional excerpts. Cool? :-)

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 These are the boots I had in mind in Drifters. Janine loved her simple outfits in that story. Since I'm a huge fan of cowboy boots, these are next on my list to buy for myself.

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New Characters

Here are a few characters we were in the process of using when we stopped.


Kena and I were working on a What-If that was what if Maddox found Janine 25 years after he left her in HS. I may post it anyway because it's pretty good and you get a good sense of the kids from that point. They're all so different. Anyway ... This is the child that Janine had with Antonio. Yes, they had Antonio Junior but this is Genevieve Bovin, Janine and Antonio's youngest. She's actually said to be quite athletic but only 5'4'', thick as hell like Janine, but way more toned. She's an Olympic track star, a mommy's girl who never wants to leave home and opposition for when Maddox comes in the picture.


Ever wonder what Black Maddox would be like. This is Evan. He's Gigi's potential boyfriend and Maddox re-incarnated. He's actually just a tad bit thinner than this picture but just as tall as Maddox at 6'4''.


Remember Nicholeous Donovan and the entire house of Colombians that S.E.X was working with at one time? I created this guy to be Janine's husband whenever we got back to writing on those stories. The name I wanted to give him, Dante Espinosa, I ended up giving to Jiselle's husband from the 25 year later What If that I may end up posting pieces of.

How They Ended

I realize that we retired leaving lots of questions unanswered ... Mainly ... Stories that didn't get finished. So to offer some closure, I'm going to go down the list and tell you exactly how things ended.


Foreign Exchange - This is the story where Maddox comes from Italy and begins to court Janine. Janine is adopted by KT's family and they absolutely do not want her dating him despite having friendly connections with the Ames/Agnello's. Kena and I actually never got beyond the point we were at when we stopped writing it. We had no clear ending and just figured we'd go back to it another day.

Stepping In - Janine was married to Ragi, and had two kids with him ... Nelson and Selene. Maddox was taking care of his younger adopted brother, Hai and ended up marrying Janine. Maddox's mother, was found out to be an undercover racist. That situation was dealt with, by Maddox, but never resolved. He and Janine produced a child together, were not bothered by Ragi and lived a happy life from there on out.

Which Way To Turn - After Maddox and Brianna had their argument about him staying in the relationship with Janine, he decided to come clean with Janine and tell him about sleeping with Brianna, his childs mother. He realized he didn't want to be with Brianna and Janine forgave only because she cheated with Dominic and he gave her a second chance. Unfortunately, after they worked things out, they broke up again. Maddox got hurt on a video set, leaving him with a broken leg. Maddox left California to go back to Texas to be with Brianna and Amber. Years after the fact, work brought him back to California for an extended period of time where he ran into Janine ... Who had an extra child with her. Maddox, then, regretted never taking her calls, e-mails, and shredding letters she'd mailed as the boy she had with her was the spitting image of Maddox. They reconciled, only as friends, and kept it that way.

Paparazzi - Maddox being famous was no picnic for his estranged wife, Janine. They had many public problems but always managed to pull it back together. Unfortunately, Kena and I never saw an ending for that story which was why it was left as is for so long.

The Little Things 2 - They'd moved passed Janine and Adrian's past relationship, especially after Janine and Maddox's child was born. Despite Maddox hogging the little girl and Janine feeling inadequate ... Things worked themselves out for a happy ending.

Twenty-One 2 - We had big plans for this but kind of put it down. Maddox III was a mess with his drug dealing and gang banging. His mother, Janine, had just divorced her husband, Adrian, after finding out he was cheating on her and Maddox III knew. Thankfully, Maddox III met a dark skinned beauty, Grace, that came from a good family. He was so into her that he asked his mother to change up his wardrobe to look more acceptable to Grace and her friends he would try to hang out with. Everything good about Grace began to rub off on Maddox III ... Even to the point of him getting his GED and going to community college. Or so she thought ... Maddox III was still selling drugs and making more and more money. When things got serious between Maddox III and Grace, Grace became pregnant and Maddox III wasn't interested, deciding to leave her alone. While sitting on the front stoop of his mothers house, and smoking a bad blunt that had some horrible hallucinogenic effects, a tall blonde man put an ass whooping on Maddox III. While Maddox III was high and taking that whooping, he mistook the tall blonde thug for his own father, who was beating his ass and berating him for all the trouble he'd given Janine and for leaving his girlfriend, citing he would never do that had he been alive. That was Maddox III's permanent point of change. He went back to Grace and apologized, finished his 2 year college program and promised Grace a good life with him and their child.

Replacement - This would have been a really good one. We left off at Sasha announcing her pregnancy and Janine was not happy about that. Unfortunately, when Sasha began to show, we saw just how damaged Janine's relationship with her father had left her. Janine set her sights on that child never coming into the world. She felt that if they had a baby, she wouldn't have Maddox as her father figure any more and that couldn't happen. Sasha began to have frequent accidents as the months pushed on and Janine was beginning to be fed up with her failure to hurt the child inside her. Finally ... Janine outright pushed Sasha down the stairs and accomplished her goal. The unborn child died, Maddox and Sasha were devastated and Janine denied it until she was blue. When they went to trial, Janine got off on account of mental instability ... Which was the truth. She was made to see a shrink 3 times a week. Eventually during her sessions she was made to apologize to Maddox and Sasha. They accepted the apology but could, understandably, never accept her into their lives again. Unfortunately, that hurt Janine just the same as she was expecting total forgiveness. Salvation came to her in the form of an older man. When Janine was 19, she married 45 year old Ragi, a 6'3'' British African with a great job who was thrilled to find a young woman he could control. Janine couldn't have been happier. Older, yes, but everything she wanted in a man ... Father. He was forceful, loving, a good provider, and a little heavy handed but it was nothing Janine couldn't handle. After they had a child together, she'd literally forgotten all about the trouble she caused, her father and anything else attributed to him, leaving her with a happy existence there after.

Committed 3 - Kena and I were going to throw it away all together thinking their didn't need to be a part 3 so we just let it hang by its neck.

Millionaire Wives Club - I will NOT tell! Lol.

Heart/Beat - No clear ending for that story even though it was a favorite. We had a horrible case of writers block when we stopped.

Love Is Suicide 2 - We planned on Maddox and Janine to go on a cross country killing spree. They lasted 3 years on their spree when Janine got pregnant and the law finally caught up to them. After their last kill, Janine went into labor and Maddox put her in the car just as the police were pulling up to arrest them for the murders. Maddox's favorite knife was found to be the connecting weapon while Janine's money was funding their bad behavior. They stopped at a diner with cops still on their tail. Their were only 3 people in the place but Maddox took them hostage and forced them to help Janine have her baby. Once the baby was out, they shot the people in the diner and held themselves up behind the counter. In a last ditch effort to not be arrest, they agreed on taking themselves out. Janine put the baby in a plastic bag and tied it up tight. After it stopped breathing, she and Maddox sliced each other up with his favorite knife and allowed themselves to die together.

Hood Rich 5 - Do I tell you ..................................................? Not a whole lot to it. Maddox III begins screwing around behind Anya's back. Those two had yet to marry even though he truly loved her. His sexual excursions were done when he was out of the country handling business with his uncles. Anya took their daughter, Kristian, and left him. He let her go but made sure that she knew he was the cause of any boyfriend she had disappearing. Years down the road, after Maddox III finally took out Alonzo Montega, he went back to Anya and his daughter to work his way back into their lives. Anya was happy to let him back in but only under the condition he not cheat again. Being that Anya was the only woman he loved, and his best friend, they worked it out for a happy ending.

Sibling Rivalry, Forget and Forgive, The Payback, and Desperados had no ending.

Behind Enemy Lines - That was a goody. To make a long story short, Vittoria did as she was told by the Agnello's and helped them take down Montega ... While she was double dipping, she had plans of her own. Before the final raid was to take place, she had the Agnello's food poisoned during transit to their house. The house chef who went out grocery shopping hadn't known a thing. Carmine, Constantine and Doc Sr. fell prey to her substance. While they lay dying, Vittoria and Doc were disposing of Montega's operation. And once they were finished, Vittoria shot Maddox in the head, allowed Bryce to find his fathers body, then went and collected her payment from Antonio Bovin ... The Greeks being who she was originally employed by.

The Crew 3 - We planned on this running on up to both Maddox and Janine dying. As for the children, Maddox III actually got kicked out of the house. He and Maddox got into a fist fight, Maddox kicked him out and sent him off to Italy to live with his father and uncles where he was then turned into the next major assassin in the Ames/Agnello family. He kept in constant contact with his mother and siblings but never mentioned his father ever again. Antonio Jr married his girlfriend and had a daughter together, but Antonio somehow got sticky fingers. He became a sought after treasure hunter and Pulitzer Prize winning historian, but not everything he found he turned over to museums. He and Maddox III (MJ) stayed in constant contact with one another. MJ could get priceless history that AJ found on archaeological digs, into the US unseen thanks to his new connections ... And he did it always as a favor to his favorite brother. Jiselle and Coleman divorced. Coleman simply couldn't roll back his immaturity enough to satisfy Jiselle. Lucky and Shonda had 5 kids total, 2 of them were identical twin girls. Sebastian 'came out' after his high school graduation. It killed Maddox to his soul and their relationship was strained after that. Maddox decided to reach out to his son and gave him control of the clothing and liquor lines but that was all the reaching out he could do. The triplets got to go to the Olympics as they wanted. All of them making teams at the age of 16. Neither metaled their first Olympics but all metaled the Olympics after that. Janine dies at 87 after the cancer came back. Her paintings made the history books as she wanted and had no regrets, feeling she lived a full life. Maddox, however, turned into an angry old man and sequestered himself in his house after his wife passed. Maddox died, of a broken heart and old age, at the age of 89.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hood Rich - Ch 17

"But she's not even good enough for you. Look at her, poor black bitch, got lucky and hooked a rich boy." Lucinda attempted to make a point.
Maddox threw his head back and laughed, "you're so ignorant, Lucinda. If you haven't noticed, we both live in the same damn area. Rich boy? no, my parents were rich, but me? i'm still living the way i always have and that's not falling victim to this damn scene like you spoiled ass people do. All I did was fuck bitches ... that's right ... you were one of my main bitches," he chuckles, "which makes me a pimp. Dudes always wondered how i swung you. I told them to by you an expensive dinner and promise a future that involved expensive things, and boy would you swoon," he laughed, "you tryin to make yourself sound better, but baby you're much worse ... hmm ... much like a bottom feeder, and that's sad. I'm sorry to say."
She gasped, "I can't believe you."
"Believe it sugar", Janine smiled and pulled Maddox away towards the door, Lucinda grabbed her arm to stop her. Janine looked down at her hand and walked up to her. Speaking as calm, clear and consice as she could, "If you want this to be peaceful, I suggest you dont put your hands on me anymore. Alright?"
What a stupid move, Lucinda was about to make. She rolled her eyes and pushed Janine as hard as she could, "Get the fuck out, you poor raggedy bitch!"
Janine laughed out loud, looked down at her chest where Lucinda pushed her, in the interest of Maddox not getting mad, she looked at him, "she got 1 more time to do somethin, ANYTHING, and its on. I wish she would hit me." Looking back at Lucinda with a sick smile on her face, Janine just waited and hoped she would do something else.
"C'mon J, let's just go.." he grabbed a hold of janine's arm, and then from behind Lucinda grabbed Maddox by the shoulder, pulled him down just to kiss him in front of Janine. He pushed her but it was already too late, she had already kissed him. Janine sniggled and looked at Lucinda, reached in her bra, pulled out a switchblade, cocked an eyebrow, cocked the blade up and with her left hand, grabbed a hand full of Lucinda's hair. She pulled Lucinda down and twisted her around where her back was to her, Janine took the blade in her right hand and started cutting away chunks of her hair, not smiling, no expression on her face what so ever. She let go of Lucinda and laughed but Lucinda slapped her across the face. Janine raised an eyebrow again, folded up her blade, stuck it back in her bra, balled up her fist went back and dotted Lucinda in the eye, sending her to the ground. Janine stepped over her, looking down then lightly kicked her, "the bitch is breathing." Again, she went for her blade, cocked it back and got ready to work on her.
"JANINE!" Maddox hollered  and grabbed Janine by the waist as she still kicked and screamed at Lucinda. Fighting for the chance to get one more lick in. People shooting disappointed stares at Maddox and Janine as he dragged her out, "Why'd you do that?" he questioned as they got in the car.
"What? Me? She started it!" Folding up the blade and putting it back in her bra.
"Janine, you didn't have to do all that to her. Damn, you took it too far this time!" He started up the car, and began to pull off.
"Too far? All I did was cut some of her hair off and punch her in the face."
"And all she did was push YOU. You coulda just pushed her back, and we could've been on our merry fuckin' way. WHY THE FUCK YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PROVE PEOPLE RIGHT ABOUT YOU, JANINE! I mean, I know you're more than that shit. I know you're not just some ghetto girl, hell, and even when you put on that front it makes me laugh a little, but baby, you're better than that!"
"What? The bitch slapped me in my face. In the hood we dont slap, we BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF. If I proved someone right about me, oh well, I cant help it you know why? Cause ive been 1 way for 17 years so its in me, yes Ive got other skills and can present myself in a whole nother way but THE BITCH DISRESPECTED ME even when I was tryna be good so fuck her, she got what she deserved." She folded her arms and let the window down a little. "I was bout to scalp that ho."
"Of course," he rolled his eyes and looked onto the road.
"Of course what?"
"Nothing.. nevermind."
She sighed and sat in silence for a while, "of course what Maddox? Look, im sorry ok, its over and done with so lets let it go."
"Yeah, just learn to control yourself, Janine."
"Cool with me, they just need to learn NOT to put they hands on me."
Maddox didn't say anything in response he just continued driving back to Oakland. It was maybe an hour or so when they finally pulled into janine's project's parking lot. Maddox got out to walk her up to her door before he made his way home.


Well, ladies ... It's happened. So Effing Xtraordinary Productions has retired. But in an effort to keep hope alive, this is turned into a blog that will occasionally feature excerpts from our favorite stories ... You gotta have something to remember us by, right? I think so ...