Monday, April 6, 2015

What's to come ...

I haven't forgotten about your requests. I'm currently looking for a web hosting place that isn't going to cost me anything because I really don't want to pay for that stuff all over again since I won't be doing an entire site. Now ... Whichever stories you want to read again, please respond here. Number 1 on the list is Tangled Web. It'll need to be cleaned up before posting because their were SO many editing problems with our earlier stories.

Currently, Kena and I are writing a story. It's finally something we hadn't given full attention to before ... Doc Sr. I think you'll love it when it's done. 2 others will get posted before that, I'll also get you updates on the ones currently posted on the site. Those will come this week.

*fist pump*


  1. Woop woop bring it on

  2. I cant wait to read a Doc Sr story. I have always wanted to read one I also would like to read the Vittoria and the Hood Rich stories again.

  3. Your stories came across my mind the other day and I love that I see a few postings.. Love it! I love all the stories you used to post on the old site, Vittoria and Hood Rich is my favorite, but by all means add them all back! hahaha.. I am super excited of the possibility of the post of the old stories, i missed them. I could re-read them over and over. Can't wait for an update. :) -Raphii

  4. I miss the Doc storys forsure. I really miss reading your stories at my leisure. Ive tried other fanfiction sites but nothing replacing the great stories you have hiding!