Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 6

| 3 Months Later |

Maddox's tour was at its end and Janine had long gone home. That card she'd gotten from Ricardo came up missing but she didn't stress over it. She'd probably see him again. She, KB, and Tarin were having sushi and drinks at a restaurant, sitting by the window and catching up since Janine hadn't seen them in a week, "i'm still trying to convince her to come hang out with us," Janine was telling them about Yung, "but her boyfriend is extra fine so i don't blame her."

"What does he look like?" Tarin asked.

"Who cares?" Keith answered.

Janine nudged KB, then told Tarin, "about 6 foot 3, hair is cut short. Big dude. He boxes so he has big hands. Square jaw, dark brown eyes, NY accent with just a pinch of Spanish. He's very sweet to her, it's cute."

"Aww, I need me a man..." Tarin looked down, sad.

"No, Tarin, you need Jesus, you WANT a man," Kb corrected, who was being abnormally cunty that day.

Janine snickered but looked at him, "what's been up with you?"

"Yea the fuck is wrong with you, ass hole?" Tarin chimed in eating a piece of her salmon sashimi.

Kb just hunched his shoulders, which meant he wanted them to pester him for a real answer.

Janine quickly eyed Tarin, then leaned forward towards KB, "what's been up, Keith?" She asked again, "I haven't seen you or talked to you all week. This is supposed to be us time ... What's going on?"

"Ok, you really want to know? Lana broke up with me and your boyfriend hadn't gotten back to me about my demo."

"Maddox is not my boyfriend!" Janine snapped and leaned back in her seat, sick of saying it and saying it to them more than she should. "I'll see what I can do about the demo. No promises, though. I have to figure out how to do this. But what happened with Lana?"

"You sat tomato, I call bullshit. As far as Lana, she said my female best friend made her uncomfortable."

"What the fuck did I do?" Tarin said with all sorts of attitude.

"C'mon, you know what you did! You're always a Bitch to her."

"She's sensitive and needs to learn how to fit in!"

"Ok look," Janine started, "my problem was that you would invite her to shit we would be doing without even telling us. So yea, maybe Tarin had an attitude and maybe I was rolling my eyes HELLA hard. You can't force a girl on us and make us like her just because you do. If you like her, then go tell her you'll keep her away from us."

"The fuck, that's dumb. I've always put up with anyone you guys were dealing with and never gave you guys a problem, and never was rude, so the fact..." He stood to his feet and tossed money on the table, "that you guys can't supply me with the same respect is bullshit! Y'all have fun, I'm out!"

Janine's jaw dropped, "wha ..." Then she stood up and watched him leave, then looked at Tarin, "was I wrong? Damn, I was wrong wasn't I?"

"If you wrong, I'm wrong too, i just didn't like that Bitch.." Tarin continued eating.

"I hate it when he's mad at me. He's like that little boy on the playground that keeps throwing rocks that are too big. I'll be right back," Janine left her purse and rushed out of the restaurant and towards the street to find him, "KEITH!"

Keith heard her but hopped into a cab and headed home.

"Oh what the hell!" She slapped her thighs, then turned and went back to the sushi restaurant. She plopped down across from Tarin, picked up her chopsticks and continued eating, "well ... That's that."

"He's gonna be impossible for the next week you know?"

"Yea ..." Just as Janine was about to say something else, a pair of hands covered her eyes.

She paused, "Jesus? Of all things to take, you took my sight?"

A chuckle came from behind her, "you're so goofy," Maddox leaned down and kissed her cheek, and then grabbed some flowers from his guard and handed them to her.

She stood up and took the flowers, "thank you ... Hi," leaning into a hug.

"How are you?" He squeezed her tightly, and then pecked her on the lips. Tarin shook her head.

"I'm good, you remember Tarin ..." Janine sighed, damn this nigga had to kiss her in front of Tarin.

"Yeah I do, how are you Tarin?"

"Good.." She waved.

"Sit down," Janine sat and picked up her drink, "tour is over ... what will you do with the free time?"

"I told you my work is never done. I have other jobs, and i didn't come here to talk about work."

"Snappy. You need a nap," she rubbed his leg under the table.

"I need something and the shit ain't a nap.." He responded as Tarin widened her eyes laughed out loud and drank her drink.

"Eat your food, Tarin!" Janine cleared her throat, then looked at Maddox, "i'm going to finish my dinner. Your welcome to join us, or i can call you when i'm done."

"I'll wait." He paused, "where's your other friend?"

"Mad at us."

"Over?" He pryed.

"We hate his girlfriend ..." Tarin answered.

 Maddox rolled his eyes, "why?"

"We don't think she's a good fit for him." Janine told him, "we didn't run her off on purpose either."

"So, who's gonna be the one sucking ol' dudes dick now that his girl is gone? Because you two THOUGHT she wasnt good enough?" He shook his head, "i think that's bullshit and the biggest crock of shit, ever. Y'all had no business pushing that girl out of his life, instead, if the broad isn't really for him you should've let him find that shit out"

"Sooo you done?" Tarin was pissed, "you don't know shit about-"

"You don't know shit about-" Maddox mocked Tarin, "man shut up, and accept that you're wrong. That's where some women go wrong, your opinion isn't always important. Stop being petty, and let dude get his pussy on a regular."

"Hold up ..." Janine put hey chopsticks down, "I've already accepted i was wrong for it but i won't apologize. She's not good enough for him ... Point Blank! I really don't care who thinks we were wrong for what cause they ... You ..  Are not in this. I tried to be nice but the bitch said we made her uncomfortable and i don't give a fuck about her comfort. If she liked him like she should have or how she pretended to, she would have been woman enough to my ass about it. Fuck her. You want some sashimi?"

"Yea fucking right, you and i both know women are like hyenas. That girl had no chance, especially if THIS is how you guys act. Be woman enough to get to know the girl. I thought you were different, better even, Janine. As far as you Tarin, I'm not surprised. Petty asses ... And no i don't want any sashimi." Maddox Sat forward a little.

"Who the fuck do you think you-" Tarin started.

"Be right back," Maddox cut her off to excuse himself and left the table

After he walked off, Janine shrugged, "guess i'm not getting any tonight."

"I don't fuckin like his ass." Tarin now had an attitude.

"Let's just eat, man ... But what we gonna do about KB?"

"i don't know.." She hunched her shoulders.

Ten minutes later, Maddox came back, "you almost done?"

She smiled, "yes, beautiful."

"Alright, I'll be outside in the car.."

"Ok." They finished eating and paid the check. On the way out, Janine slapped Tarin on the butt and then went to Maddox's car.

Maddox sat in the back, texting as the driver got out and open the door for Janine, "hey..." He greeted.

"Hi," she sat inside, flowers in her lap and turned towards him, "you must have already eaten."

"Nope, i just had to excuse myself before i offended you for what i would've said to your friend."

Nodding, "you want me to make you something?'

"Nah, you're fine, I'll make a sandwich." He finally looked at her.

"You upset with me now?"

"Not really, i just saw you in a different light today, than I've ever seen you. Thats all..."

"And you don't like it ..." She nodded, "it's ok. I didn't like you when we first met."

He smirked, "you sure didn't tell me. Don't think for one second you need to do me any favors. When i do shit for someone i don't give it to them for nothing..." He shook his head, as that notion really set him back with her, "I'll deal with it, you're never like that when where alone, I'll deal," he placed a hand on her thigh.

"See. I have a problem with you. I've been keeping my distance because I don't want to get caught up. You're charming and you know it AND you know women. You know if to press, how to press and when. That ... I don't like. You're that type of man that women talk about wanting but don't ever expect to get. In my case ... I wanted to keep you as a friend and slowly work you into my life because I deserve to have you in my life. You need to know all this shit about me and then decide what happens next. We still don't know each other that well but you're a good man. I'm a good woman. So regardless of what happens tonight, I'll stay your friend before I'd ever be your girlfriend just so I can keep you around."

"And why do you want to keep me around?" He asked genuinely.

"Because I like you," she sighed and sat back, looking forward, "and that is a very bad thing."

He looked forward, "if its so bad, why didn't you say how you felt in the beginning, and i could've left you to your own life.?"

"Because I don't want you to do that. I want this but I'm a woman. I'm quietly emotional, protective of myself, my feelings, protective of the people I love. I'm stubborn. I'm a woman," she repeated and looked at him, "and the best one you'll ever have."

He sat there staring through her, he was a sucker for a loyal bitch. Shit got his dick harder than anything else. Without notice, he grabbed her by the back of her head, and attacked her lips. At that point his 'Janine sexual tension cup' runneth over. He just wanted to give her the business and then he could have a proper conversation with her. Had Janine not been in the process of being ravaged, she would have fist pumped and probably killed the mood. So instead, she responded by losing her blazer, hiking her skirt up and straddling him in the seat.

Maddox took off his blazer, and began to unbutton his dress shirt, and Janine just ripped it
the rest of the way off. Once his shirt was off, he turned the tables by picking her up and laying her on her back. He ripped her panties off the same way she ripped his shirt. He slipped one of his long slender middle finger into her mouth to get it wet, and then followed with his thumb. Once wet, he slipped that middle finger right between her legs, and rolled her pearl with his thumb. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a pocket knife, and opened it as he looked her into the eyes, he then cut her bra from her. Ditching the knife on the floor, he leaned down and brought one of her nipples in his mouth. Quickening the pace of his finger and thumb, some wicked noise began to escape Janine's mouth. Her eyes closed and she chewed on her bottom lip. When he eyes opened again, she slightly raised up on one elbow, then used her free hand to snake down between the two of them and undo his belt, then the button, then the zipper. She pushed his slacks down slightly, then reached into his boxers to stroke him. Smiling some, she kept on, "no wonder your ego is so big."

"Mmhmm..." He handed her a condom, he was ready to go.

She pushed his boxers and sat him back up in the seat. Janine shrugged out of the torn clothes, but kept the skirt on that was up around her waist, and her heels. She pulled his boxers and slacks down more then opened the condom and rolled it down on him. Right after, she slid down slowly and dropped her lips to his ear.


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