Friday, May 8, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 8

| 1 Week Later |

Janine had spoken to Maddox each day and had some girl time with Tarin. Still, she had yet to deal with KB. However, things were about to change. She'd found out a certain person was going to be in New York. She met with him and practically begged him to listen to KB's demo. After all ... She knows music and all he needed was a shove in the right direction. Now it was time to get KB out to meet him himself. She went to his apartment and knocked. Seconds later, Lana answered, "hi," Lana smiled.

Janine's eyes widened a little, then she grinned, "yo ... Uh ... KB here?" Janine walked in just as she'd always done.

"Yea, in his music room..." She crossed her arms over her chest smiled softly.

Janine took off to the room and let herself in, "go get dressed. We gotta go."

"What are you doing here?" He continued to write.

"I've come to pick you up. This is how I apologize. I love you. You know that. I didn't mean to piss you off but I felt how I felt. I'm sorry you got hurt. But right now ... We have 45 minutes to get to this meeting. Please go get dressed."

"what meeting?"

She smiled, "can it be a surprise? You won't be sorry. I'll go wait in the living room while you get dressed in something proper."

"You're not fucking me over are you?"

She bit back the curse word she was about to let loose, "GET DRESSED!" Then waltzed out and sat on the couch to wait.

Kb rolled his eyes and just got dressed. Lana came in the room with him, he looked at her, "hey..."

"Where are you off to? I thought you were writing?" Lana sat on his bed.

"Yea, but apparently, she has some huge meeting for me that's urgent. I don't know."

"Maybe you should ask more about it. In case she just wants take you and Tarin out for lunch. Because if that happens, you'll be upset."

"Its fine, she wouldn't do that knowing how much she pissed me off."

"She apologized, though. And," Lana sighed, "she's important to you."

"Yea, she is..." He nodded.

Shrugging, "work it out, then. I'll be here when you get back."

Janine smiled when lana came back in the living room, "Is nappy head done yet?" She looked at the clock on her phone.

Lana tilted her head, expecting an apology out of Janine, "no," she sighed, "not yet."

"Ok," Janine got up to pace around some, looked at the clock again, "KEITH, I'LL BE DOWNSTAIRS IN THE CAR!" Then huffed and looked at Lana, "have a good day." Then left.

Lana officially had zero respect for Janine. A woman who is that stubborn and can't even apologize for when she was wrong. Gross. Lana walked to Keith's room, "your friend is in the car," she paused, "i think I'm going home, text me when your done?"

"Ok," he kissed her, "i will," he grabbed his wallet and the left together.

Janine saw them come down, then quickly ended the call with Tarin and unlocked the door when Keith approached, "don't you smell sassy," she smiled.

"Thanks..." He buckled up

"So ... Got Lana back. You're a happy man. Miss me?"

"No I'm still pissed. Let's not talk about her, don't even ask. In fact, let's not talk about any relationships. You don't care to get to know someone I'm dating, I'm straight on anyone you and Tarin are dating. Especially if you want to get advice. I'm not your go to guy for that whiny girl bullshit anymore."

"So ..." She said calmly, "you're going to maintain this anger towards me? A person you've known for fucking ever ... But be kissy face with this heffa you met 14 minutes ago." Nodding, "what do you want from me? I apologized to you ... I'm nice to her ... You're picking her over me! I'm the nice one ... I've always been nice to her and will remain nice to her. But, I'M NOT KISSING HER ASS!"

"Where the FUCK do you get that I'm picking sides. Anyone can spot a fucking phony smile and wave. You're right we have known each other forever, and you should respect the fact that i really care about Lana, instead you and Tarin act like y'all are experts on relationships, when Tarin never had a man, and you're sitting here trailing behind a fucking womanizing superstar!"

"Trailing behind him?" She laughed, "please ..." Janine shook her head, "would you rather me scowl at Lana or try to be nice as i have been?"

"I'd rather talk about something else. Lets just get to where we're going."

Janine rolled her eyes but kept driving. Once they got to a studio parking lot, Janine pulled KBs demo CD from her glove compartment and they went inside. "Look at you in your aqua," Janine smiled at Cee-Lo and hugged him, "thank you for seeing us. Him." She pointed to Kb, "Keith Brownstone."

Keith's eyes widened, "wow, Ceelo, it's a pleasure," he shook his hand.

"Same here. Let's sit down and talk. Janine blew up my phone but she has a good ear so ..." They sat down and Janine handed over the cd. They put it in and played it.

Kb sat there looking around as everyone listened do his demo, he was nervous as hell. The song they listened to was called 'Carry You.' A song about a man carrying his woman through any situation in life so its easier for her to live. It was funky, young and such a lively track. When the bridge hit ceelo began to really bob his head.

Janine stood back out of the way texting, then speaking to the others in the room. Once they'd gone through 3 full tracks, ceelo stopped it and Janine told him, "that's my baby ... Be gentle but make sure the contact is generous," she winked at kb.

"Janine told me a lot about you, man," ceelo started, "made me watch performance videos of local shows you did, YouTube videos, the whole nine." He paused, "i'm convinced. You need to be on my team."

"Man, that means so much to me, I've been trying to get a chance like this for the longest. I really appreciate it," then looked to Janine, "thanks a lot."

Janine smiled at him and Cee-Lo kept on, "I'm performing in 2 weeks at The Suite and I want you to be my opener. Bring that band I saw, they're good"

"You got it, sir, absolutely..."

"I got your info from Janine. We'll talk in a few days and look at the contract," he stood up and shook his hand again, then hugged Janine.

Janine smiled, walking in silence as the two of them went back in the car. Janine pulled off, saying nothing still. Just smiling.

"i love you so much..." Was all Keith could say.

Janine turned her lip up and swooped her bangs out of her face before turning the corner. "Do we get to celebrate?"

"Yea,  i could go for a drink before my vocals are on lock down."

"Get home. Tell Lana to get dressed, I'll call Tarin, and we can go out. Good?" God, it pained her to have to include Lana, but this was his moment.

"No, it can be just you and me, I'm definitely not ready to kick it with Tarin right now."

Janine nodded, "anywhere you want to go. My treat," she smiled, "I'm proud of you."

"I dont care. You pick." He smirked as the two discussed a place to go.

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