Friday, May 29, 2015



| 2 Days Later |

Maddox had his mother flown in to visit with the new additions. She was in the kitchen cooking while Maddox got things for the babies together. He was just in sweats and some Nike flops, freshly shaven, “momma, you almost done? They should be here any moment and you know you can’t cook when you’re too excited.”

“I know, I know. I’m almost finished. Rushing!” She laughed, “I’m a great grandmother … Oh my goodness.” Checking everything one more time, she turned the food off and rushed to refresh herself.

He laughed, “no perfume! It’s not a date!” He said too late.

“I’m nervous and rushing. Leave me alone!”

Maddox shook his head as the door bell rang. Before the door was opened, Lucky stood patting the crying baby he was holding while jiselle fished through his backpack for a bottle, "i know you better hurry up."

"Did you even pack a bottle, smart one?" She joked and took one as the door opened. She quickly handed it over and smiled

"Aww, give him here..." Maddox kissed Jiselle and then hugged Lucky while taking Brandon from him and them the bottle from Elle, "you guys are just in time, i got a special guest here with us." He led them in.

Jiselle gasped, "is it Alexander Skarsgard?"

"Why on earth would he be here?" He shook his head, "momma, they're here."

"Oh," she blushed, "I just ..." Shaking her head

"HIIIIIIIII," Lynn coasted towards them

"Grandma!" Lucky swooped in before Jiselle, hamming it up like his father, he hugged Lynn tightly.

"Wow," Jiselle rolled her eyes, "what a kiss up."

"Look at this boy. My grandson ... And my granddaughter ... How beautiful you two are," she began to get teary eyed.

"Ma c'mon, no tears!" Maddox yelled.

"Its so nice to meet you grandma," Jiselle finally got a hug in.

"Thank you ... I'm so excited," she wiped her tears and looked at the babies with them, "these precious things. Come in, come in. Lunch is ready ..." She closed the door and walked them through with Maddox to get the meeting started.

"Please, excuse your grandmother, she's always been this emotional."

"Stay out of this!" Lynn joked and sat next to Jiselle to play with the baby she had with her. "Now tell me all about her."

| Later |

They ate and talked the entire afternoon. By the time evening rolled around, Lynn was walking around the house rocking Carmen, who was sleepy because her bedtime was approaching. Lucky was leaned back on the couch with his kid on his arm already asleep.
Maddox walked into the living room from loading the dishes up, "i have spare rooms if you want to stay. I'm sure grandma Lynn wants tip cook you breakfast anyways..."

"We hadn't planned on it ..." Lucky said

"I have rehearsal at 9." Jiselle went to give him a hug. "Next time? Or, when is grandma leaving?"

"We can come by for breakfast Monday morning."

"She's here until Tuesday night, so perfecy,"he then hugged lucky.

"We'll see you Monday. Can it be early? 7:30?" Lucky hugged him, then held up the baby to slobber on Maddox's face.

Maddox laughed, "yea that's fine, momma And i usually go for a walk at 6am anyways.." He have the twins one final hug and then lead them out the door.

| Thursday Night |

The twins did end up having breakfast with Lynn and their dad, but Tuesday was one of 3 days he was at the Madison square garden which was sold out. After the show, the twins, and Gigi met Maddox back stage. Maddox sat in a chair wiping himself with a towel, looking to his right he saw them walk in, "yo!" He smiled and stood, "gimme love."

"Nice show," jiselle went to him first, "dads got swag."

"He alright." Lucky chuckled.

Gigi walked in and stayed back. She enjoyed the concert and that would be enough for her. 'No fraternizing with Elle and Luckys dad.' She knew where her loyalties laid and they weren't with this match making her brother and sister was trying. "Traitors," she mumbled to herself, then walked around looking at stuff.

"Damn right been that way all my life. Hey Gigi, how'd you like it?" he looked over the twins.

"It was awesome. Some of my friends had tickets but not like what we had ... They're gonna be so jealous. Thank you."

"You're welcome sweetheart. I actually have a memorabilia pack for you." He grabbed the basket, "feel free to share it with your friends."

Her eyebrows went up, "shut ........ Up." He handed it to her and she thanked him, "yes! Thank you so much!"

"Just made her year," lucky out his arm around her.

"He really did but i'm not sharing," she smiled.

"The choice is yours," he laughed, "take pictures with me guys?"

Gigi clapped and went to sit directly next to him. She needed something to post on Facebook after all. The first picture was taken, then she moved out of the picture to take the pictures for him and the twins. Gigi confined herself to the corner to dig through the stuff he'd given her, giving the twins room with Maddox.

"Where you goin next?" Lucky asked

"I'm here in new york for 3 nights then 3 days off and then head to Maryland. On the third night, it'll be recorded and shown on hbo," he pulled them closer as his official photographer began to snap pictures.

"Fans are going crazy," his photographer chuckled while he took the pictures, "Maddox Ames finding his children after 25 years ..." He snapped more, then started packing up his camera

"All good talk i hope..." He smiled.

"The good, the bad and the ugly," he told him, then left out.

 "We don't read that mess," jiselle assured him

 "I do." Gigi kept on looking through her stuff

"Of course you do, what do they say?" Maddox asked actually curious.

"Of course super fans are calling my mother all kind of things because she hid your children from you until you hit the billion dollar mark." She rolled her eyes, "others are in denial because you're not old enough to be a dad and others say they're yours because they look like you and mom didn't know who's they were until they DID start to look like you. It's disgusting and pisses me off."

"Yea that's not fair. I'll release a statement."

"Cool." She nodded.

"I'm gonna drop Gigi off at home," Lucky stood up, "and I'll meet you at the restaurant for dinner." Looking at Jiselle, "staying?"

"Yes! I'll wait and ride with him." Jiselle responded.

As Gigi and Lucky left, Maddox was asked to do an interview. He knew exactly how it would go since so many pics of him and the twins were floating around, "Maddox Ames it is wonderful to  finally meet you."

"You too miss, thank you."

"And what a surprise to have your daughter with you. How does it feel? Becoming a dad at 43?"

"Honestly, it was the happiest day of my life when i found out. Also, to find that they are so much like me is awesome."

"What's next for you after this tour has ended? You have almost a new family to get to know. I'm sure that's on your short list." She got to the point, "is their mother here at the show also?"

"No she stayed home, its just my kids and i tonight."

"You have a huge fan base who is really interested in this woman. What can you tell us about her? Is she supportive of your relationship with twins after 2 and a half decades have passed?"

He smiled instantly, "she's still, to this day, one of the most amazing women i know. She allows me to be a father and stays out of the way. I wish it wasn't like that at all."

Laughing a little, "you want her to be in the way?"

"Absolutely..." He smiled, "she's beautiful. Plus the kids like her," he joked.

Jiselle chuckled as did the interviewer, "on to the show ... Any special plans for the HBO taping?"

"Now THAT, you'll just have to find out on your own." He laughed.


  1. Team Maddox! I think he and Janine just need to spend a little time together so she can remember her feelings for him. But he shouldn't push up on her though, just let it happen naturally.--Hollie

  2. I wish Janine would have given Maddox a chance instead of canceling out any type of relationship with him because of who he is now."a celebrity".