Monday, January 11, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 5

| Next Day |

Janine came down for breakfast, smiling and grabbing the first thing she saw to eat. She joined Doc at the table, "morning!"

"Morning. Why so cheery?"

She tried to figure out the best way to tell a father figure that she got laid. "We had a nice time last night. Maybe I've turned a corner with Maddox."

"Ok?" He raised a brow, "did my son deflower you?"


"Ugh gross.." Doc frowned and even gagged.

She laughed way too hard, "that's your fault. I was trying to be subtle."

"Im not surprised, the kid is charming."

"So am I!" She was almost offended he didn't recognize her charm as well.

"Please ... You have a cute face, sweetheart ... and a lot of other things I'd like to not mention, but the kid is not blind."

"okay okay. Back to a previous conversation ... Do you WANT me to move out?"

"I dont care if you stay, but I believe you should get your own place."

"Well ... I ... Like ... You being here. Since I was here my whole life up until last year with a nanny I didnt like."

"I understand."

"Is their no way I can just ... Co exist with you here as an adult?"

"I have already said you can stay here."

"I mean ..." She just started eating, "okay. Awesome. I'll suit up when I finish."

"Good... so im going on a business trip for 3 weeks "

"I'm going with you."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am," Janine countered, "it's too dangerous right now."

"Exactly why you're staying here. You dont call the shots. I do."

"Stay here and do what? Protect the house?"

"Sure or call Maddox or Sasha over. Be a regular 21 year old." Doc suggested.

Freedom. That appealed to her but she wasn't buying it. Doc always had plans on plans. "Maybe ... Where are you going though?" She'd just find out later.

"Where are you going?" He mocked her. Incredulous. "When did you become so damn nosey?"

"I want to make sure you're safe, Doc."

"Thank you ..." he paused, "look i love you, YOU ARE my daughter and i would fuckin die for you, but you gotta get a fuckin grip. Everything that i do ... isnt your damn business and i need you to learn to stop asking."

"Okay," she mumbled. Not defeated, but pretended to be so. She would snoop as soon as she could. WHo was he to not even answer her damn questions? When she finished her food, she left the table to get ready to do a job.

Doc rolled his eyes, "just so you know if any thing of mine is out of place because you were being nosey. You will have to move out.." he yelled after her.

She immediately giggled, "okay!"

| 1 Week Later |

Janine was laying on the couch, sharpening a knife when Maddox walked in. He saw Janine laying on the couch and sat at her feet, "yo."

"Hi. What's up?" She looked at him and continued sharpening.

"Nothin,  this all you been doin all day? "

"This. Meditating. Snooping. Working out. Yea."

He put his hand on her thigh, "workout? Why didn't you just call me over?"

"I was trying to see if I could deal with living alone."

"Even when you live alone, you have company over," he scooted closer to her and pulled her feet to his lap.

"Yea. You're right." She nodded and put the knife down, "What are you doing today?"

"Chillin with you... thats why im here. Pops said you were here alone and i told him I'd come keep you company"

"Thank you. What's college like? Real college."

"College is chill. I really enjoy it on one side but im glad i graduate this summer. You should go and experience it. It'll  teach you some people skills."

"Yea. I have 2 degrees already but yea, I just wanna go and try to be normal. I don't know. I don't like to study. Sick of all the studying."

"Studying is my favorite part, but then again im a history minor and a business major. I love knowledge."

"It's horrible... All the languages I had to learn on top of school work. I cried a lot my teenage years," she smiled, "I almost killed myself once."

"What the fuck,  why?"

"Just angry. I was 15. I'd conquered Spanish, Italian, and French. Doc wanted me to learn German next. Anyway ... I told him I'd learn it faster if I could go to a real class and be around other people. I started screaming and throwing shit. I just wanted out of the house is all. The backyard didn't count. I was sick of being grounded for life so I cut up my wrists. Doc was pissed," she laughed.

"That's not funny." He shook his head, "i never went through that teenage angst bullshit," he massaged her feet.

"You have great parents. You were normal."

"I did. .. but you had my father and he was great to you?"

"I had a nanny up until last year. Your dad would come a couple times a week for training until he moved in here. I wish he could have been here the whole time. I understand he couldn't but it would have been nice." She paused, "he was great when he was here." Nodding.

"What was up with your nanny?"

"Doc needed someone here with me at all times. Especially when I was little. She was a nanny and a tutor. She wasn't big on affection. I tried to like her but she made it clear it was a job to her, that She didn't like me and that was the attitude I should adopt. I hug doc. That's all. I don't touch people and don't want them touching me." She paused, "You're okay."

"Oh? Because i can stop."

"It's okay. Feels nice. Thanks."

"I cant believe you were a virgin for so long. That shit went out the door for me at 13 years old."

"I wasn't allowed around anyone other than whoever doc brought here ... And of course, when I was out on jobs." She sat up and folded her legs up close to her chest. "Tell me about your job."

Maddox was in the middle of rubbing her feet as she pulled away so he just rested his hands in his lap, "which one? The one my dad is training me for?"

"No. Your regular job."

"School is my regular job..."

"Oh ... okay. I never got to follow you during the day. I just thought you had a regular job."

He shook his head, "you really gotta learn to be a real girl. Stalking is not attractive."

"I know," she nodded, "or at least I just found out a few weeks ago," she chuckled. "If I move out ... IF ... I'll get friends maybe. I'd rather stay here but Doc wants to keep me locked up if I stay here. And look at me ... he's not even here to watch me and I'm still in the house."

"And thats why he trusts you, so keep it that way. Be careful who you call your friend though," he adjusted his man package with one hand and slipped his opposing hand under one of his ass cheeks. He was so horny. He just was hoping her weird ass would reciprocate.

Nodding, "true." She raised an eyebrow at his movement, then smirked, "do you hate my hair? When it's curly ..."

"Nah i like it better than your straight hair. If i wanted to date a white girl, I'd date a white girl."

Janine narrowed her eyes. She was gonna give Sasha a really good tongue lashing, "okay ... That makes me happy."

"What was that look?"

"I was told that my curly hair could possibly be seen as a turn off because I'll look too young."

"Hmm, i think your actions and you not knowing where to place your hands when i am clearly flirting with you is what makes you seem young. The straight hair makes you look older and it was sexy, but being that I'm a man from the south. Im attracted to those cornfed black women. With a fat ass and a nice rack, but also, natural hair as long as the shit dont look dry and unkempt."

"Mine is moisturized and really soft!" She'd perked up and then calmed herself, "so that's what you're doing ... Flirting with me ... I'm so stupid," she laughed and shook her head, "let's go upstairs. Doc's got cameras down here."

Chuckling, "yeah, that's what im doing" he stood up and followed her upstairs.


  1. thanks for the update. I think that Janine needs to move out and around people her age. Are you going to post the 25 Year Later What If?

  2. As soon as i find it again. *dies*