Thursday, January 14, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 6

| 1 Week Later |

"Are you coming home as scheduled?" Janine was talking to Doc on the phone, "I've been in this house even though I don't need to be. Did you notice?"

"Yes, i also noticed that maddox has been there often.  No fucking in common areas."

"We didn't! I wouldn't do that!"

"You guys like each other?"

"Hmmm, I don't know." She shrugged and looked up at the camera as if he were watching, "I don't know how to tell ... I should probably just ask."

"That question was directed at you. I know my son likes you since hes always around you."

She shrugged again, still looking at the camera, "maybe he's bored. But yea ... I like him."

"You're impossible." Shaking his head, "ignoring a man's word about his own son. And another thing. If he's bored. He doesn't have to travel  out there for a friend. He's good looking and he could see multiple women and have them know about it without a problem. Ask him, but i know JR."

Smiling, "okay. I'm listening. I'll be waiting when you get here, don't make me come get you. I know where you are," she hung up and then died laughing.

Janine froze. The phone started ringing. Janine saw the phone call and sighed, then stomped and screamed out loud, then answered, "DADDY!" She sung.

"What did i tell you would happen if I found out you were snooping? "

"That ... I'd have ... to ... move out?" She said slowly as if she were in disbelief. Yea, she knew but still. She didn't think he'd enforce that.

"Exactly, you have 2 weeks.." he hung up his  phone and turned it off.

| 1 Week Later |

Doc returned and Janine was in the process of packing. She met him at the door and faked sad eyes, "I found a place."

"Good.." he walked passed her, still wearing the weight of his trip on his shoulders.

"You're gonna miss me?"

"I'll be fine..." he spoke honestly, "but the moment i cant trust you to do as i say, you gotta go."

She poked her bottom lip out, "okay ... okay ... Fine ... Okay," she just kept on mumbling but followed him, "are you okay?"

"I am fine, but im sick of all you muthafuckas being sneaky." Doc looked crazy for the first time around Janine. He was pacing and looking around as if for someone to choke. "I never in my life yelled or cussed at you or even wanted to, but right now. I want you the FUCK out of my face!" Of course, he was angry about his what his trip meant for the future and taking it out on her. Yes, he was pissed at her for snooping, but needed to get this off his chest.

She blinked, her eyes oversized, but didn't flinch. "I'm sorry," she said in Italian, "there's a bottle of scotch and a glass on your desk. I forgive you," she said as she walked away. As soon as she was in the clear, she cried.

Doc then slammed the door behind her and picked up the phone and called his brother Constantine.

"What?" Constantine answered.

"Fuck you." Doc hung up.

Doc was ready to do what he had to to free himself. Distancing himself from his family wasn't working and he needed to take more drastic action. He called a family friend. Walter Bovin answered his cell, "everything alright, Maddox?" I heard about Russia."

"I need a favor."


"I need to get out. Of the Business and I need your help. Help me figure out my options."

"Only one permanent solution that you know. Or ... We could take a chance with a new identity. If you move home to Italy, it will work out better for you. Sicily even better. The island is Agnello owned, you could rest easily."

"Ill take a chance on the 2nd..."

"Alright. I can get everything you need to retire safely to you in a week. In the meantime ... What will you do about your son and daughter?"

"Janine will be moved out of the house by next week and Maddox is oblivious to everything."

Walter sighed, "who will take your place?"

"Ive been training Maddox since he was  18 years old, but Janine has the stomach for it. Janine."

He sat for a minute and weighed the pro's and con's but Doc was right. "You'll tell them about this decision?"

"I will tonight.." he sat on the phone for a minute just talking other details and then hung up.

| That Night |

Doc sat in front of Maddox and Janine. Trying to figure out the best way to say it, when Janine cut in,  "I'm not pregnant if that's what this is about." Janine started when Doc was taking his time.

Doc rolled his eyes, as did Maddox, "So you two know ive been training you guys in preparation for taking over the business."

Maddox nodded. "Yea." Janine respond.

"Well its that time.  I want out and im going to iron out the necessary details to make that happen."

Janine frowned a little, "Okay ..." then she looked at Maddox.

"I cant tell either of you where im going, and you wont be able to come with me. I just need to know who wants to run the business."

Janine's arm shot up, then she registered what he said and slowly put her arm down, "why can't you tell me where you're going? What if I want to come visit? What if I get married in 20 years and you're still gone? What am i supposed to do then?" Her mouth kept running, "No. You stay here."

"Look, it's just the way it is," he looked at Janine.

"So this is how its gonna be. This the reason you broke ma's heart?" Maddox looked at him with a straight face.

Doc nodded.

"I .. I ... I don't understand. You kicked me out because I was snooping and now you're ... DISAPPEARING YOURSELF?!" Janine balled her fists up and then sat on them.

"Better I told you then just leaving, right?"

"Say something!" Janine snapped at Maddox.

"Ok so calm the fuck down!" He snapped at Janine, "you think im gonna give him a reaction?" He looked to Doc, "the only gotdamn reason i got into into this shit was to be closer to you! Because when you did this  AND the police force  you never had time for me. As far as im concerned, Janine can have it and you can fuck yourself," Maddox stood and stormed out.

Doc stood but didnt chase him and then sat back down as he heard Maddox's car speed off

With that, Janine immediately started crying, "is this because I snooped? I'm sorry. I'll do whatever I can to earn your trust back. I don't want you to leave."

"Janine, that never bothered me. You didnt find anything I didn't want you to find.  This is how it has to be, i just didnt feel right not saying goodbye."

Now what could she say to that. Absolutely nothing. She just looked at him with those sad eyes, then took a breath, "when are you leaving?"

"Soon ..." he stood and walked over to sit next to her, putting his arm around her.

"You'll keep tabs on me, right?"

"Of course, on everyone..."

"Oh," she nodded slowly and put her head on his shoulder, "are you gonna miss me at all?"

"Yes, but you will be fine. You are a survivor.  Maddox will be fine, just pissed at me his entire life. I love his mother and she is the love of my life. Everything ive done this far, is to protect her."

"Why can't you take her with you?"

"This is just how it has to be. No one in the business knows i have a wife or children. I want to keep it that way."

"Fine. Okay."

"Thank you.. i love you.." he pat her head, stood and walked away.

| Days Later |

Janine was in the process of moving her stuff out. It wasn't like she could get some movers so she had a few guards help her take stuff. When she'd spent a considerable amount of time putting things together in her place, she went back home, "it's set ... Do you want to see it?" She didn't get a response, "Doc?" Then went to his office. He'd slipped away while she was moving. She left the house and went to Maddox's. He wasn't home so she sat in her car across from his apartment, in her usual spot, and waited for him.

Maddox pulled up and got out of his car, be began walking toward his apartment. Janine got out of her car, locked it and silently followed him up. "Janine, what did i tell you about stalking me? You have my number, we fuck, just call me. He said without looking back at her."

"I was only waiting for you!"

"Sure, what do you want?"

She shrugged, "nothing. I just ... Wanted to ... Come over ...?"

"Ok," he unlocked his door and stood back so she could walk in, "come in."

She smiled and walked in, then sat down on his couch, "what'd you do today?"

"Class and make lunch for my ma and sister." He shut the door, "you?"

She shook her head, "finished moving."

"How do you like your new place?"

She shrugged, "I can sleep there."

"Good ... sit," he nodded to the love seat where he was about to sit himself.

She moved to the specified spot of the loveseat and sat on her hands. Janine didn't know what to say. She didn't have a plan when she showed up, just to sit around she figured. "I'm thinking of getting a cat and a dog."

"Dog ... love dogs. I have one," he sat back and pulled Janine into his body, "you look good today."

She figured that wouldn't be the best time to tell him she killed the dog Doc let her have when she was 11. "Thanks." Gingerly, she rested her hands out in the open.

"When are you gonna stop being so damn awkward? You know i like you right?"

"Yea." She said without hesitation. Doc had told her so so it had to be true. "It's not you. I have a wall."

"What for? Im a good fuckin dude," he paused, "the kinda dude that likes that physical attention.  Im very sexual ... i could fuck you silly, i just choose to give you a break."

"Thank you," and she actually meant it, then laughed a little, "I was told to have a wall. I already had one but it I needed a better one. I'll adjust," she looked at him, "i will."

"Ok. .. you chill with Sasha still?"

"Yea. I tried to get her to help me pick out furniture online but she didn't like that. She MADE me go to a furniture store. I hate shopping."

He laughed, "good, you need to get out and learn people skills."

"Oh no, I can't do that."

"You're doing it right now."

"You're different."

"How so?"

"You know how all this can affect a person. I don't have to explain it to you. I can talk to you. Now that I'm in charge ..." She shrugged, "I'll be as isolated as ever so it's best not to get used to people."

"I guess. Well, I dont want no part of it, so if you could ... for me ... Act as normal as you can, please."

Smiling, "I can."

"Thank you... just tired of that shit, and ready to get back to who I am."

"Who is the Maddox that's not in the business?"

"Im not serious about every damn thing. However i have a temper, but im caring, thoughtful, protective."

Janine nodded, "So where is this dog? Is it big?"

"At the groomer, he's a great Dane, his name is Kunta."

Janine turned her lip up and just looked at him.

"What?!" He smirked.

"That's ridiculous."

"How do you figure? Roots is my favorite movie."

"Never seen it."

"Then what is that reaction to the name?"

"It being ridiculous. And racially charged ... Which I don't care about but still ..."

"If youve never seen the movie, how would you know its racially charged? Plus, its my fuckin dog. You get a dog and call him or her what the fuck you want," he said with a smile.

"Uh ... okay. You're odd."

He just scoffed, "you definitely cant talk."

"I guess you're right." She paused, "yea you're right. You like being right. Don't you?"

"Sometimes, but i do enjoy a good debate," he pulled her thigh over his leg.

"Cause you like to talk. Will you go with me to find a cat? A stray is fine."

"Alright," he nodded and moved her leg. "I have a friend who collects strays. Sounds weird but she's good with them and they're all well taken care of," he pulled her to her feet.

"A friend who collects strays ..." She looked up at him, "interesting hobby."

"Shes one of those people who believes she can save the world."

"Light skinned and thick?"

"Yeah?" He looked at her suspiciously.

"I know who you're talking about. She looks like the type. Making dresses all day and such, then saves an animal."

"How do you know her?" He sighed, "nevermind.." he rolled his eyes, "yeah she's a really sweet girl."

"I liked her more than Colette. She was too old for you anyway."

He shook his head, "Colette was just someone i fucked anyways and age is only a number."

"Her voice was annoying. I heard her at the coffee shop talking on the phone. Bragging about sex with a younger man. Ugh. I almost cut her throat."

"Why were you following her.." he stopped and looked at her. That shit will get old with him.

"That was 2 years ago. Jesus."

"Fuck, Janine, are you following anyone else in my life?"

"Not since we went out."

"Ok," he pulled her face to his and kissed her lips, "good, thank you."


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