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Doc's Little Girl - 8

| That Night |

"I need the final dossier." Janine told Constantine over an Italian burner cell phone. "All of it. I know you have it."

"What?" Constantine shook his head, "sorry wrong fuckin number!" He hung up the phone and then broke it.

30 minutes later she received a phone call, "come outside."

After that call, Janine busted up the cell, then went outside and started a stroll down the block. "Stop fucking mentioning him on phones, got it?" He pulled her to a cellar in the bottom of Nonna's, "what do you need to know?"

"You make me sad," she told Constantine, "everything. With detail."

"Why? Is your life not good? You own everything.  What more could you want?"

"Owning everything means nothing if I can't enjoy it."

"Then start enjoying it. Doc has nothing to do with your happiness, consider him just a ghost."

"He has everything to do with my happiness. Now give me what I asked for. I need to know who to make deaf, mute, and blind."

"Dont you get it?  I dont owe you shit. I made one promise, to my BLOOD. And you, are not that. If you had all these  questions, you shoulda asked him when he came to you. You run shit, but you dont REALLY run shit, so stop waving your imaginary dick because it's pissing me off," he looked her in her eyes.

"You poor thing ... You really do have a problem with women as authority figures, don't you?" She said as sympathetically as possible.

"Dont patronize me, that's  one way to be on your own. Im only helping you because of Doc, not out of the kindness of my heart. So watch your fucking mouth."

"I'll take that information now," was all she said. Was she defeated? No. But she needed what he knew and obviously couldn't hurt him to get it.

"Goodnight.." he began to leave.


Constantine continued to leave as Doc appeared, "some mouth on you," he locked the door behind him, "what do you want, Janine?"

Janine straightened up as soon as she saw him, "sorry ..." She felt the need to explain herself, "he makes me angry."

"He's only doing as i told him. Besides, Constantine pisses everyone off."

Nodding, "I have to figure something out before I lose Maddox for good. We're breaking up for real when we get back to the U.S. Since I'm ... In this for life ... I need to clean up some loose ends so he and I can have a life together."

Doc smiled, he knew they would be something, "what's that sweetheart?" He walked to her and pulled her to a bench next to him.

Janine gave him a big smile as they sat. She put one foot up on the bench and leaned forward a little, talking with her hands as he was explaining, in graphic detail, that she wanted to maim, for life, the people he dealt with on his last mission. She'd also decided to keep her face hidden and only work from Business approved burner cells to alter her voice as to keep her identity as shifty as possible. At the end of it, when she explained everything, "to cover my tracks, I'll kill them all."

"So why the urgency now?"

"Because we're breaking up when we get back to California!" She looked at him like he hadn't heard a word she said. "I need to not be broken up for too long, otherwise, he'll move on."

"Janine is growing up. I never thought I'd see the day."

She threw her head back, "did you hear me?" She laughed. "What do you think?"

"I heard you. im just shocked by you and you let him break you down."

Frowning, "I did not." Then pressed her cheeks down to keep from smiling, "he wants kids. With me."

"Yes you did, my son is a charming bastard, and i heard that hes back to himself. That, im so grateful for. This work is no work for him. Have his children. I had kids while being in the business, and being sheriff."

"But you had to leave. I want to avoid that."

Doc nodded and took a deep breath, "if you want to do this. You must build armies within your army. You will have to take down multiple campuses at once,  so that by the time they catch wind. It'll be too late."

"Okay. And I hate to ask this but ... How unwilling will they be to work for me? The guys we have."

"Very... you have to make examples and when you do that always go for bottom rank."

She took a deep breath, already thinking of who to start with, "okay. If I'm successful. Can you come back? To reconcile with Lynn?"

"I would love to, i miss her so much ..." he smiled and stood, "i better go."

"Okay," she stood up as well, then stood on the bench and hugged him tightly.

Doc squeezed her tightly, "i love you."

"Thank you for doing that," chuckling, "I love you too."

| Next Day |

Janine decided to really enjoy her time in Italy. The night before was the pick-me-up she needed. She and Maddox were at a cafe having lunch, looking over the water, "so ... I hope you don't break up with me for too long. Or at least not be done with me completely."

"Well, have my baby," he said simply.

"Give me 2 years. That's all I need. Then you can get me pregnant as many times as you want." She paused, she needed to amend that quickly, "hopefully not in excess."

Maddox sighed, "ok, that's fine, but i wont like it"

Laughing, "if things go well, it could be sooner but I think 2 years will do it." She grabbed his hand.

"Uh oh, what are you up to, beautiful?" He kissed her hand, "you know what, keep me out of it. I dont want to know."

"It's best you don't. Really. And thank you. I promise, we'll be okay."

| 1 Week Later - US |

Sasha waltzed into Janine's house wearing a Bodicon dress and a short mink fur. With a woman dressed so sexy, you would never guess she was equipped with five weapons on her, "I'm  here! Miss me?" She sat next to Janine, "because i sure missed you."

Janine sighed and looked at her, "Sasha ... Cover yourself before you turn me into a lesbian."

"Get out of here girl and this is my work uniform, by policy."

Laughing, "By whos policy? Cause it's not mine. So you actually missed me when I was gone?"

"Do you know my job description? Im the sexy decoy baby, so yes, it is my dress code. I most certainly did."

Janine nodded and chuckled, "thanks. I appreciate that. And yes, I missed you. It's nice to have a friend."

"So how was Italy?"

"Productive, very productive."

"What did you do is what i was really asking."

"Cursed out Constantine ... Killed a few people ... Had lots of sex ... and came back with a plan."

"How is young Doc? I hear he's no longer one of us."

Janine shook her head, "he's not. He's a normal now."

"Poor baby never had it in him," she shook her head, "so plan?"

"Still working out the kinks. It'll be a while longer if you hear anything," and Sasha wouldn't. Janine had no plans to enlist Sasha for the suicide mission.

"Ok boo ... So what are we doing today?"

"I don't know. Perhaps I should put on a dress and we ... go ... out? I need to get some local intel. About the 'hit' status."

"You go out?! What has young Doc done to you? Ya'll go out?"

"Yea. We go out all the time."

"You dance?" Sasha was blown away.

"Sure do."

"Oh wow ... let's go." Sasha clapped, "I'm dressed and ready. Your turn."

| Later |

Janine sent a text to Maddox and then the extra guards she threatened. She got dressed and headed off with Sasha to a salsa club. "You know who i miss?" Sasha started as they got out of janine's car.

"Who?" One of the guards took Janine's keys and car.

"Doc," Sasha sighed, "the one that got away," she looked sad, "god i was so in love with that man."

Grinning, "he was always in love with his wife, though. I think you were too sassy for him."

"Oh girl, aint nobody gonna break up that happy home, plus im living on the dream of him telling me, had he met me first, he woulda been with me" sasha looked at the guard, "mind your damn business.."

They went inside and both women were grabbed almost immediately by dancing men. Janine was about to grab him by the throat but he wiggled her hips. Her hand was right up at his neck when she completely stopped, turned that part of her brain off to process what was happening, "Oh ... that's what you're doing."

"Sasha ..." a voice carried from behind her, a tall light skinned man with green eyes smiled.

Sasha smiled, "Joseph Mackey.." she went to him for a hug.

"How are you, beautiful?" He hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Great, just here with a friend. How is business?" Sasha asked. Joseph was Doc's law enforcement muscle at one time. He previously was one of Doc's deputies who was brought into the business to keep an arm to the cops throats. Even though he was no longer a part of law enforcement, he still had his people there and kept things running the way they should. Even now that Doc is out of the picture, he understood that someone else had taken over but wasn't privy to who.

"Busy. Some new cat is shaking things up. Not in a good way." He continued and Janine danced a little closer so she could hear. "I understand how the trickle happened but ..." He shrugged.

"Who's this new person? They tell me nothing anymore."

"Not sure. We think it's the organization that got rid of Ames. On the other hand, it could be the one that organization put in place to replace him."

"Interesting... who are they?"

"Theirs just one. No one can ID him. They think he's Asian. Small, fast, too quiet. If that's the case, we have a major problem ... at least for my other people," meaning the small Business he'd started since Doc was out, "maybe not yours now. Want a drink?"

"Hmm sure baby, my girl will as well."

"Hi!" Janine waved and smiled, still dancing with the guy. If they hadn't found her out yet, her chances were good.

"Joseph ..." he introduced himself.

Janine nodded, "Janine. Thanks." She tapped the guy on the shoulder for him to let go of her, then she joined Sasha and Joseph.

"Ive never seen you around before Janine, how do you and sasha know one another?"

"I met her a couple of months ago. I went to her boutique and needed help getting a dress to a wedding because of my size. I go back regularly now. Anyway, she mentioned this place and I'd never been so ... here I am."

"Oh isnt that nice.." he looked at her with a bright but condescending smile.

"So how is your wife?" sasha questioned.

"Still bitchy but that's my baby ..." he ordered their drinks. Janine danced right next to him, pretending to be oblivious. Joseph whispered to Sasha, "please tell me she's not in."

"Not even close.." sasha smirked.

"There is a God. Drink up and let me get a dance in."

"You got it baby.." Sasha smiled as they carried on. 

While they danced, Janine went to the bar and a man began to speak behind her. "Pretty lady, if you were my woman, i would NEVER leave you vulnerable to another man's game. Let me buy you a drink."

Janine immediately started smiling and turned around, "I thought you had to work."

"I worked, finished and now im here." He pulled her in and kissed her, "where's your clothes? You know you only need to wear this shit when im around."

"It's salsa. But I'll remember for next time."

"Thank you..." he pulled her head to him and kissed her.

"Now dance with me." Then she whispered, "I almost choked someone and blew my cover."

"You better calm down."

"I'm having fun." She walked away from the bar, more like danced.

"What? You do that?"

"For the last two years. Plus, I've gained some Intel."

"Oh? Go on."

"Later." She squeezed his butt and danced. "But I need to have Sasha over when we leave to discuss some things. You staying with me tonight?"

"Yeah and thats fine, ill keep myself occupied."

"Thank you."

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