Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 11

| Later On - The Suite |

Kb just finished performing and Ceelo was on stage. When Janine saw Keith walking towards her, she fist pumped Pitbull style, then jumped on him and hugged him.

"Yea yea yea." He squeezed her body.

"How do you feel?" They started walking to the press room.

"so good.... So unreal man."

They went into the press room and Janine started the cameras, she did a brief introduction, "... Just came down from a concert high ... Or are you still floating?"

"Floatin ... Ive performed a million times, but this was just ..." He shook his head.

"This was your coming out party basically ... You're hooked up with Cee-Lo now, have yall discussed your first album yet?"

"Yes, we've already begun to work in the debut. I'm writing most of it, playing instruments; some funk, jazz, rock n roll, and chock full of sexy lyrics!"

"Which I expect ..." They talked and laughed then concluded the interview. After the cameras were turned off, Janine stood up, "go meet your adoring public. I'll call you when I get your performance up on the site."

"Thank you, J..." He hugged her and continued on.

Since Cee-Lo was on stage, Janine got herself a girly drink and leaned over the railing to watch the performance. She briefly noticed KB talking with someone while Lana added herself to the conversation. Janine sighed, "at least she has a man."

Janine sighed and then she felt a hand on her ass. Just as she was about too go off she realized it was Tarin, "Bitch..." They hugged.

"Where the hell were you hiding?" Janine rubbed her back, then let go.

"Just in the back, didn't want him to see me."

Janine nodded, "still haven't talked to him?" They walked to the bar.

"Nope, but doesn't mean i won't support him even though he didn't want me here."

"Damn, i wish things would go back to normal. And i need a date. A real one. A bitch is kind of lonely."

"Wheres asshole Maddox?"

"Stop," she chuckled. "At home packing for vacay I think." And left out that she was supposed to go with him.

"Poor you, must be sad he's leaving you here huh?" Tarin chuckled.

"Imgoingwithhim," she mumbled and told the bartender, "fuzzy navel."

"Oh, so you guys are getting serious?"

"No! Its just a fun thing."

"Oh, okay, good, because i hate him."

"And what if he turns out to be my prince charming  ...?"

"impossible, he's satan."

"He might be a little difficult at times but he's not satan ... only the son."

"It's getting serious, you're defending him. Hmm, liar..." Tarin crossed her arms over her chest.

"He knows i'm free to date ... He has 2 girlfriends still so he's not serious about me."

"I don't know, i haven't seen any gossip about them hoes."

"He'd probably still got them," then thanked the bartender and took her drink.

"Youre right, you're probably just one of them to him."

"Ok Tarin ... You just need to get laid." Janine rubbed her back.

"Yeah yeah yeah... I'm fine"

| Next Day |

"You didn't tell me where we're going. I have no idea what pack," Janine told Maddox over the phone.

"Pack nothing, i have everything you'll need."

"Even female items that men won't mention?" She smirked.

"Panties? You won't need those. Bra? You want need that. What else?"

She laughed, "I'll be completely free to draft upon draft. Alright. I'll be ready when you get here." Then grabbed a small carry-on to fill with her phone charger and other small items.

"Better be..."he hung up.

A few hours later, Maddox was at her door. Janine had her purse on one shoulder and a backpack on the other. She turned off the last light, then went out of the apartment and locked up, "hi there," she smiled at him.

"Hey.." He grabbed her backpack from her. "you look good. First woman, in my grown man years, that makes cleavage look classy..." He kissed her forehead.

"Thank you," she hugged him and pecked his lips, then walked with him to the car, "how long will we be gone?"

"A week." He handed the driver her bag and they climbed in, "and no you cant know where we're going."

Her smile fell, "because that's just what I was about to ask."

The driver landed them at the port where his private jet was. They climbed on as their bags were loaded on. 20 minutes later after last minute checks, they took off.

| 8 hours later |

It was early in the morning when they arrived in France. Janine was passed out. Maddox woke her, "Janine, were here."

She opened one eye, then the other and sort of grinned then stretched out her back, "here where?" She asked looking out of the window.

"France... St. Tropez to be exact."

Her eyes widened, "get the ... Out of here."

"Yep..." He nodded.

They soon got off the plane, had the car loaded and got inside, "you speak French?"

"Yes, french, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese."

"Damn ... Don't I feel plain."

"First off its morning, and its a vacation spot. You're just over dressed. We both are."

"Which is why I don't get underwear ...?" Batting her eyes, "bathing suits galore."

"No, that statement had nothing to do with St Tropez. No underwear because if were not sleeping, eating, out at a party or anything that requires us to be civilized. I want to be fucking you, period." They headed to Maddox's villa.

"Yes sir," she nodded and took her hair out of the ponytail, only to refit it tighter,"I'll only allow you to use me this way for this trip."

"Use you?" He laughed, "i don't have to use you. I want you here because i like you, and i don't see my life without you anytime soon. If this was just a 'using you for sex' thing, do you believe that I'd fly you all the way to France, JUST to use you?" He scoffed, "get the fuck out of here.." He shook his head, "those girlfriends, everybody believes i still have, never got it this good."

She smiled, "it was a joke." Then squeezed his knee a little, "thank you for bringing me. We're going to have fun although I'm sure I won't be able to walk properly by the time we get back."

"Damn straight..." he took her hair down, "no buns or ponytails this whole trip. Unless they are pig tails and you're role playing my dirty little school girl," he smirked.

She gasped, "I like that shit."

"Mmhmm..." He rested his hand between her thighs and began to nibble her right ear.

"Your appetite is insatiable. You didn't touch me the whole plane ride."

"You are right, my drive never quits. You should've meet me when i was 15."

"That bad?"

"Oh yea, my girlfriend at the time hated it until i wore her down, and took her virginity, and then she couldn't get enough."

"I didn't lose mine til college. My dad was the police captain so no matter where I went ... Those damn cops he employed were nod at me, wave, or something ... Just make sure I knew that I was being watched. Almost ruined my life. Glad I didn't lose it in high school though ... I probably would have gotten attached to whatever boy it was. You? Oh yea, I would have gotten attached to you."

"i was a lover back then so yes, you would've  one woman man until 20."

"Pfft, only 5 years," she laughed. 

| Later |

They arrived at Maddox's villa, showered and changed and were on their way out to check out the French Riviera, "I suppose you know everything good around here."

"Absolutely not,"he said sarcastically, "what are things you absolutely won't do in the bedroom, or have done to you?"

"Nobody touches my back exit. Won't do a threesome. Girls are cute and all but I'm just not into them like that. Just the thought of a threesome of me and two guys makes me want to run," she shivered, "other than that ... I'm flexible."

"No threesomes? And i can't lick your ass? You WERE so perfect," he joked, "what do you like the most?"

"I like the ass slapping and the hair pulling the best."

You know what i love?" He asked as she raised a brow, "eating pussy, slapping ass, pulling hair, a little s&m, i love my Dick sucked, i do eat ass, i love when a woman fuck me for a change, and i love seeing a woman play with herself. To name a few."

"Just a few. And you would like all those things on this trip?" She nodded, "I can do that."

"You just agreed to me eating your ass, you know?"

"Yeaaaaaa," she sighed, "being open minded."

"Good girl..." He kissed her temple, "who are you dating, besides me?"

"I had coffee with someone the other day but that's it. He has my number, though."

"When we get back, will you tell him you're off limits?"

She slowed down walking and looked at him, "yes." Then tilted her head a bit, "what about you?"

"What about me? I haven't been with those other women for a month..."

"Shut the front door ..." Regaining her original walking speed, "then I'm late to this party."

"yes you are, i told you i like you, you're clearly special to me."

| Later |

And deciding to change the subject, she kissed his cheek and kept walking. By the time they got back to the villa, it was close to dinner time and Janine was standing in the kitchen looking around. She knew he had a cook but thought she'd poke around. "You want a drink while I'm in here?" She asked Maddox.

"No. I want you to get out so i can get in there and cook some of my famous lasagna."

"I will allow that. I'll check my messages while you're in the kitchen."

"Mmhm..." Maddox smacked her as while he passed her, "when you finish with that come into the kitchen, i have someone for Tarin."

"I'll check my messages later," she said as she walked back into the kitchen and leaned on the counter next to him, "do tell."

He smiled, "its not a relationship thing. Just a sex thing. I figured she needed that more than a relationship."

"You are SO right."

"My uncle Constantine. After he met you, he's been bothering me to find him a woman just as beautiful as you with the same or similar skintone and i told him about Tarin. She's gorgeous, but a complete bitch, and my uncle loves a challenge. He said he'd love to meet her."

"He's soooooooooooooooooooooo fine," she cooed, "Tarin will love this."

"Yea, i bet, well when we get back we'll put it in motion."

"Thank you in advance. She's crabby without it," then walked out of the kitchen and to her cell phone texting Tarin, 'In France for a week. You get a hookup when we get back.'


'For fucking :-) Remember that really fine uncle I told you about? That's only 5 years older than Maddox. That one.'

'Shit... How did this come about?'

'Wants someone my complexion.'

'but you're skinny and I'm a fat ass, he won't like me.'

'Don't start that shit again. Just shut up and take the dick like a grown woman. TTYL.'

'lol, love you..'


  1. I know you said Maddox doesnt like Janine as much as he's leading on, but I can't really grasp is Janine really likes Maddox that much either...hmm interesting. Post soon!

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