Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Christmas List

Hey there ladies ... What will YOU be asking Santa for this year?

As for me ...

     Dear Santa,
I never ask for anything so therefore I'm going to ask for a lot. Some of this may seem impossible to accomplish, but if you can get your fat ass down a chimney then maybe anything is possible after all. First, please send me Matthew Gray Gubler or someone who looks and speaks exactly as he does. He should know how to play chess and have patience enough to teach me. Second, I would like some Jason Momoa. Make sure that he is wearing eyeliner and looks really menacing. That turns me on. Third, a Samsung Galaxy S III. MetroPCS has it now and it's only $500. I'm sure you could make one at your workshop for free and send it to me. Fourth, I need for the TV show Scandal to not be on break. That show turns me into a crack addict so I really need to not wait until January to see any new episodes. Fifth, Ryan Lochte is pretty hot. I'll take him but I really don't need him to be talking about anything. So if you send a duplicate, it's fine if he's a mute. Sixth, I'll take Idris Elba. Nuff said. Seventh, a Kindle Paperwhite. My current gen1 Kindle is great but the battery life is dying out ... Plus, the Paperwhite has a light! That way, I can read while at the movies. Eight, a teacup pomeranian. They're so freaking cute! Plus, I don't think my honker of a cat would eat it. Ninth, 5 inch platform pumps that don't hurt and won't make me fall on my face. Santa, you know that it's not easy being hot when you're plus sized. Albeit, I'm not plus sized, but I'm not skinny either. I'm stuck in the middle. So with that said, being over 6 feet tall is my dream. Right now, I'm 5'10'' and looking to up the anty in the new year. Make it happen. Tenth, a Starbucks gift card. Duh!

     Thanks A Lot,

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