Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Seconds of Pleasure

I was listening to an old favorite. The song is below. Listen while you read. I decided to do something short, sweet and very mushy. Lol. It just came to me while listening to this. Comments are welcome.


                He’d found his opening. Getting word through a mutual friend, she’d found a new place and was setting it up. Jeremiah hadn’t spoken to Janine in 6 months. He was ashamed, sorry and ready to grovel but decided to take his mothers advice. “Don’t talk. If you talk, it gives her a chance to turn you down … Whatever it is,” she told her son, “don’t talk. Just do. Women like actions more than words. Show her you’re sincere. Show her you’re sorry. Show her you messed up. Show her you love her.” So he was planning on doing just that. No movies to make. No contact with his agent. This was just about her. Now standing on the 20th floor of her apartment building, he passed a mover on his way out and caught a glimpse of Janine as she tipped the man and closed her apartment door. He walked up to the door and knocked. Janine pulled it open quickly, thinking the movers had returned for something but saw Jeremiah standing there. He said nothing, just stared her in the eye. Janine didn’t breathe. She didn’t move. Just looked. The one she’d been avoiding for months because she didn’t want to cry in front of him. Strengthening her resolve, she lifted her chin and took a breath, expecting to hear his bullshit. Jeremiah innocently looked at her from head to toe, then put one hand in the pocket of his khakis. The other dangled nervously by his side. The quiet stand off didn’t last much longer. Jeremiah put his head down a little, then looked inside her new apartment, then into her eyes, “let’s go for a drive.” Janine squinted a little, confused. ‘He dumped me 5 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle and now he’s here asking to take a drive? What?’ She thought to herself and then slightly rolled her eyes, ready to close the door. He spoke up, “you don’t have to say anything. Just come with me.” He made sure his voice was strong. He wanted her to know that he was sure about what he was not saying, was saying, and doing. Knowing how Janine had been keeping to herself since the almost-wedding, maybe the silence would be good. As long as she was silent with him. Janine turned her head slightly to look at her new place. She didn’t have anything lined up as she wasn’t ready to face the public. And now she was thinking about going. A deep loud sigh escaped her, then she slowly backed up, leaving the door open and started walking to her bedroom, “where are we driving to?” She asked as she walked away but Jeremiah didn’t enter the apartment to follow her. He hadn’t gotten an invitation and he was already pushing his luck. “I don’t know,” he answered. She stopped momentarily. The fact that he had no set destination gave Janine pause but not in a bad way. Jeremiah was a planner. So no plan meant unbridled spontaneity. And since he had no destination, Janine continued in her room and packed a large duffle bag. The only communication she packed was her cell phone and charger. With a quick text to her parents and closest friends, she picked up her purse, set the alarm on the apartment and gave Jeremiah her bag. They left.

                The two of them hit the road. Jeremiah drove his Lincoln Mark LT while Janine sat in the passenger seat. Leaned back with the window slightly down, she kept quiet as they drove to nowhere. When it was dark out, Jeremiah stopped in a major city at a hotel. He booked 1 room. Not a suite, just a plain room. He opted for the closeness of a standard room as opposed to a multi-room suite. Still saying nothing to each other, only reading each others body language, they relaxed themselves, then ordered up dinner. They ate in silence and messed around the room. He could tell Janine was trying to keep her hands busy to keep her mind off of him and what was happening. He knew she would abandon that soon enough. She had to come to grips with being with him after she vowed she would never again. And at that moment, Jeremiah realized that his mother was right. Her plan was working. The silence of the small hotel room allowed Janine thinking time. Yes, she’d had plenty while she was hold up at her parents house crying after the wedding, but this was different. She was forced to be in the confines of a small room with the one who’d changed her life in so many ways. Her mind had to be on him, her mind had to be conscious of how her body reacted to him being close but so far away. Every now and then, Janine would glance at him, then the bed, and walk towards it, sitting on the side with her back to him. She was freshly showered and dressed in a tank top and panties. She wouldn’t change what she slept in just because he was close by. He knew her. The paparazzi had documented everything. The Oscar winning movie star, Jeremiah Tanner, who was in love with the most famous famous person in the US, Janine The Princess. Every high and low they tried to hide would always come out and she knew this would be no different. It was only a matter of time before someone sees them together and Janine would have to pick her face up off of the ground all over again. First, he’d called off the wedding 5 minutes before it was to start … Only walking in her dressing room to tell her he was sorry. He didn’t have to say more than that. She knew what was going on … He wasn’t ready. He’d lied to her again about being ready. She left that church with the intent of never giving him another chance. Pushing those thoughts from her mind, she got under the covers and closed her eyes. Jeremiah showered, threw on some boxers and came to bed. He turned off the light and closed the curtain, then got in beside her. Careful not to touch her, he stared at her back until he fell asleep.

                3 weeks lost to aimless driving. Still with no destination, but stopping at random places, the tension had finally begun to ease. Janine no longer felt like she was carrying weight. She felt fresh and new. No frown in place, only a look of contentment. She still wasn’t sure how she felt but what Jeremiah was doing was working. She felt more open to him at that moment than she had even when they were engaged. He’s giving her space while wordlessly stating that he wanted her, wasn’t giving up, and would win this fight. Yea. He was winning. They were about a mile out of the California coast. It was early evening, right before sunset. Van Hunt’s Seconds Of Pleasure was playing in the car and he had his right hand gently massaging the back of Janine’s neck. Her eyes closed, then he stopped. Right after, she felt his hand graze over hers. Left hand on the steering wheel and right hand on top of her left, he slipped his fingers between hers. When their fingers were intertwined, Janine gave a small squeeze, physically saying it was ok to do. It felt good. Everything felt right. And even though things were perfect, she was scared. This was try number 3 for them … If she could call this a try. First, a pregnancy scare that sent Jeremiah running, then the non-wedding and now this. If they got back together this time, would it be doomed? A part of her didn’t think so. She’d never spent so much time not talking to her Love but knowing everything that was going on in his head. This was new. The connection was fresh. Stronger. The pull was almost erotic and they had yet to even kiss.

                The small beach front property was familiar to Janine. This was Jeremiah’s get away for them when they both had free time. He took the bags into the house. Janine followed slowly behind, taking in the beach during sunset. Jeremiah stuck his head out of the house, wanting her to come in first. She finally followed him inside where they both changed into bathing gear. Janine in a one-piece with the back out and Jeremiah in a simple pair of board shorts. Janine walked out first, taking her hair down to let the wind do what it wanted with it. Slowly, she stepped through the sand, loving the feel. Although she was a New York girl, a little sun, sand and warmth couldn’t hurt. Stopping at the shore line, she watched the remained of the sun set. Jeremiah came up behind her, standing close. His shorts rode low on his waist, exposing the V from his abs to the inside of his shorts. His chest brushed up against Janine’s back, then both hands circled her waist, gently pulling her to him to close the already small distance. Janine sighed outwardly and leaned her head back on his chest. They stood until the sun finished setting. Jeremiah kissed the top of Janine’s head, then gently turned her around. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly despite the waves roaring behind them. Janine didn’t look at him. She slightly shook her head and turned it away from him. With his hand, he gently turned her face to look at him. Her eyes were glistening. Damn, he didn’t want her to cry, not after their quiet reconciliation. “I was stupid. I thought I wasn’t ready. I was miserable every day after that. Everything I did to you …” He put his forehead to hers, “I was a fucking idiot, Janine. I’m so sorry. You don’t have to forgive me now, don’t have to take me back now … Just don’t put that distance between us again.”

                It was over. Janine conceded. She nodded and they hugged, holding each other for an indiscriminate amount of time. Going back into the beach house, they took separate showers and then came together in the kitchen. Together they cooked. Well … Janine cooked while Jeremiah pretended to cook. She had a smile in her eyes and Jeremiah a smile on his face. After dinner was eaten and the small kitchen was cleaned, they went to bed. The bedroom was equally as small and that was fine by their standards. They wanted the closeness. The king sized bed took up a nice portion of the room, the large window took up an entire wall, while a floor length mirror and small dresser adorned the rest of the room. Simplicity. Whenever they visited, Janine liked sleeping with the curtain open. That night was no different. She laid on the side closest to the window wearing one of Jeremiah’s button downs and boy cut panties underneath. Jeremiah wore his standard boxers, but pulled Janine close to him just like when they were on the beach earlier. She moved willingly. Spooning. She always loved how her body would tuck itself into his. Looking out, Janine felt Jeremiah’s hand rubbing along her arm, then a kiss on her shoulder. Gently and slowly, he reached around and unbuttoned one of the top buttons of the shirt she was wearing … Just enough to expose her shoulder. Kissing her bare shoulder, he let it linger to see if she would protest. When she didn’t, he moved it upward to her neck, and finally her ear. Janine’s breathing changed and her eyes closed. She was ready. It was always that easy for those two. She laid herself on her back as Jeremiah moved to get on top of her. Leaning down, he kissed her. Soft. Sweet. Passionate. Meaningful. Now removing Janine’s panties, he dropped them on side of the bed and unbuttoned the shirt as he attached his lips to her neck. With the shirt open, he slipped out of his own boxers, then into Janine.

                The two tangled that night. Neither had been satisfied since the last time they were together. When satisfaction and contentment registered, sleep took over.

                Morning. A slow sunrise. Janine was always the first to respond to the sunrise while at the beach house. Her eyes opened and she momentarily shielded them with her left hand, only to notice a familiar ring. As Janine slept that night after their reunion, Jeremiah went to his luggage and got out the engagement ring she’d previously worn. She picked it out. She loved it. There was no need to get a new one. Accompanying the engagement ring was the wedding band she was to wear. Turning her head, she looked at Jeremiah’s left hand and there was the mate on his finger. She thought about waking him up to ask about it but there was no point. Again, she conceded, but this time, she knew she had him and he had her.

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  1. sweet and simple great story about two people who deeply love each other