Friday, March 18, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 12

| Days Later |

"What kind of place is it?" Janine stood in a closet looking at clothes. They were about to get to a party.

"Stop with all these questions, just throw on a black dress withnounderwear, and be done with it..." He slid on a pair of linen slacks.

She rolled her eyes, her back still turned to him and did as she was told. She strode past him and put the black dress on and picked out some shoes without another word, "is this to your liking?"

"Anything you put on its to my liking ..."

Not long after, they were out of the door, "should have brought a camera," she mumbled to herself. She left her phone and purse at the villa.

"Would you like me to get you one?"

"No. It's fine." Rubbing her hand up his leg, "do you miss being ... Normal?"

"yes. I love fame, i hate who i am... The military side of me. I'm not a nice person."

"Can't picture it ... Don't want to I guess."

"There's certain things about me, I'm dying to tell you, but if i do it'll ruin everything. Us ..."

"Try?" She held his hand, "I don't scare off too easily."

"That's because the shit i got going is bigger than anything you could possibly imagine."

"Is it why you don't sleep much? Or is that just your general rule of thumb?"

"Its exactly why i don't sleep much."

"I see. Alright. I won't give you a hard time about it."

He nodded, "thank you."

| Week Later - New York |

Their sexy time in France ended and they went back to the states. And as promised, Janine put that call in to Ricardo when she settled herself at home, with her cat, after she'd picked her up from Tarin's.

"Heyy girl how was France?" Tarin rolled her eyes.

"Fine? What's the matter with your face?" Janine pointed at Tarin's eyes, then picked up the kitty from the arm of the couch, "hi boo boo."

"Uhh nothing... I'm glad you had a good time though."

"My baby give you any problems?" Then went to the carrier and put her inside while she gathered the rest of the cat supplies.

"No she was sweet."

"So ..." Janine continued to gather, "I was asked to not date anyone else. I don't want to get my hopes up."

"Are you serious? Is he allowed to date anyone else?"

"Those 2 women he had ... Doesn't have them anymore. Hasn't for a month. I didn't even notice cause I was too busy trying to keep it about the sex. It feels like he wants to actually DO something. Did all this cryptic talk about wanting to expose me to his life but doesn't want to ruin us."

"He's a singer what else could be so bad?"

"I think he's just being weird. As busy as he is ... That nigga just being weird."

"Hmmm sooooooo when do i get some good i-talian Dick?" She smirked.

"He's going to set it up so I'll give you as much notice as I can so you can go get waxed," Janine picked up the stuff and started to the door.

"ok, see you later girl.." They hugged and parted ways.

| Later |

Janine was sitting on a chaise un Maddox's office in his penthouse, while he sat at the desk. Cheyenne walked in, "Maddox, what the fuck us this?!" She tossed a stack of papers to his desk.

Maddox looked down at the papers she threw at him, and then at her like he could knock her head off. Janine looked a bit concerned.

"My contract with you is suppose to be over in two months, this says I'm not done for two years what the FUCK, do you think you're doing?"

Maddox shook his head, "i think it might be in your best interest, to lower your goddamn voice ..." Maddox removed his reading glasses, "don't you see, i have a guest?"

"I don't give a fuck about her.." Cheyenne spoke whole heartedly.

Janine raised an eyebrow and sat forward, "what the hell I do to your ass?"

Cheyenne ignored Janine and continued, "I've done every got damn thing you've wanted the past 5 years. I have 2 months, like we originally discussed. Not 2 more years!"

"Last time i checked i make the damn demands," he walked around the desk, "you are so fucking lucky you didn't end up 6 feet under for good for what you and your family did to me. Cheyenne, apologize to Janine for your disrespect."

Cheyenne lifted her chin and held her ground, "I will not apologize to her until you honor our original deal."

"Janine, leave..."

That tone he took made her give a hard swallow, then quietly, and quickly, get up, and leave the room.

As soon as Janine left, Maddox grabbed Cheyenne by her neck and slammed her face to the desk, "if you want to have an adult conversation you better show me some fucking respect. Whether it be private, in front of my woman or wherever, show me some fucking respect. If i have to tell you again, you won't get a chance to redeem yourself, go apologize to Janine, and I'll think about when I'm ready to discuss details!" He released her and pushed her towards the door. She wiped a lone tear from her eyes and went to find Janine.

Janine was across the penthouse, about to take a seat on the couch when Cheyenne walked up to her, "Janine," she cleared her throat.

"Ya?" Standing, Janine was about to fold her arms, then just looked at her.

Her eyes her red, almost not wanting to look her in the eyes, "I'm sorry for the disrespect. Mr Ames will see you now..." She walked off, now balling.

Janine felt bad for the girl. She'd never heard Maddox yell at anyone and wasn't sure if that was all he did based on his comments earlier. When she went back into the office, she took her previous seat and looked at Maddox a moment, "i ... Shouldn't ... Even ... Ask. Right?"

"Ask what Janine? Did she apologize to you?"

"Yes. And she was crying. Completely shaken to her core."

"Serves her right..."

"What did she do to you? What could she have done that was so bad to threaten her life?"

He looked at her and sighed, "you want a lie or can you handle the truth. Seriously ask yourself that!"

"The truth," she told him convincingly and stood back up.

"She and her family tried to take me and my family down. You remember the mysterious accident that landed Maddox Ames in the hospital? She ran me off the road. It was her."

"Wooow ..." Janine sat back down, "okay." Nodding, "she works for you as ... Debt forgiveness?"

"Exactly... She WAS apart of the Russian mafia."

"That cute little thing?" Then paused, "you're dealing with the Russian mafia? That's ... Very bad."

"Oh no.. Dealt. they're gone, for now." He looked into her eyes, "those Russians are bad, but us Italians are worse, because ain't none if those Russians as good of a shot as me, and none of them have the stomach, for the kind of shit I've done and can do. Cheyenne got off so easy, 2 extra years should be nothing to her."

Janine sat back down again with her elbows on her knees and her head down, trying to process this, "this is why you can't sleep ... This is what you didn't want me to see."

"Yes ... Exactly." He sighed, "i pretend well ..." He referred to him being a famous pop singer, "and because of that, my security is thicker than the presidents. Because i may be just a song and dance act to millions, but only a slight few know the truth," he sat back in his chair, "are you afraid of me now?"

She rubbed her forehead and her eyes, then looked at him, "I'm not necessarily afraid but concerned. How do I know you won't do anything bad to me?"

"Because you're my piece of reality, you're loyal, so damn sweet, and every bit of the woman i wanted when i was running around Memphis falling in love with every girl i thought was fly. You make me feel like my old self again."

Now what the fuck was she supposed to say to that? One minute he was talking about killing people and the next minute he was talking sweet to her. But still, she was a sucker for his shit cause she nodded and leaned back on the chaise as she had once been, "ok. I'm convinced."

"Yea? Good, just do me one favor, don't tell anyone my business."

"I am more than certainly keeping my trap shut about this."

"Ok, thank you, and another thing. If you ever see Ricardo Montage again, run the other way and call me, you got it?"

Her eyes widened, "wow ... What ... An ... Ass. When i talked to him, after we got back, i told him i was taken. Ask he said was 'hmm, see you soon.'"

"Yeah, he's trying to get to me through you. This is why. i had you on surveillance-" she cut him off.

"You did WHAT?"

"i put you under surveillance... To protect you"

She started to whine but changed her  mind, "okay ..." The conversation was exhausting and she wasn't going to argue with that logic, "as far as Ricardo ... How much shit was I almost in by dealing with him?"

"Deep shit, he would've killed you without a second thought."

Rolling her eyes, "really a blow to my ego," pausing, "this is why you taught me to shoot ... And rushed me to the club that day. I was talking to him downtown. I'll be damned."

He smiled, "i taught you to shoot because its sexy as fuck."

"Whatever," she grinned, "terrible."


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