Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 11

| 4 Months Later |

Janine got pregnant almost immediately. Everything remained quiet as far as the Business was concerned but routine checks were done. Janine talked Maddox into moving into her house since it has the necessary security and she felt she'd need it if she were pregnant and shit popped off. One afternoon, security called into the house, "visitor at the gate."

Janine turned the security feed on the tv and took a breath, then hit the intercom button, "let him in."

Doc drove into the gate, finding a place to park which was behind Maddox's car. Stepping out, he began heading to the door which was opened by Janine, "look at you," he referred to the house.

"It was needed," she smiled uncontrollably. "I can't believe you're here."

"Yeah, me either," he walked up to her, and gave her the tightest hug, "you look beautiful."

"Careful." She backed up and patted her stomach after kissing him on the cheek.

"No way!" He smiled so big and softly held her stomach, "this is beautiful," he shook his head, "Maddox?"

She nodded and they went inside. She showed him her ring, "you came back just in time."

"Yes i did..." he looked around, "where's my boy? "

"Maddox ..." Janine walked Doc to the den.

"Yeah baby?" He was watching basketball and didn't even look away from the screen

"Visitor. I'll give you two a minute." She smiled up at Doc again, then walked out.

Maddox looked away from the tv and instantly grumbled to himself. He shit off the tv, "what?" He looked up to him.

"Not going to give your old man a hug?"

"No, what do you want?"

Doc took a seat on the opposing couch. "To be here."

"Ok, then be here, but dont expect me to be jumping at the chance to talk to you. When i tried, you didnt..."

"I realize that. All I'm asking is to not be cut out."

"Fine.." he nodded

Janine came back with a butler behind her. "Are you hungry?" She asked Doc as the butler set up drinks.

"Yes please, sweet heart." Doc looked to Maddox, "how's your mother?" He raised a brow.

"She's doing fine i guess..." Maddox sighed, she really wasn't.

Janine went back to make a spot for Doc. She'd feed him in front of the TV alongside Maddox, then retreat to her office. Doc kept going with Maddox, "Lia and Trent?"

"Trent's son is two now, he's happy and celia is about to graduate."

"My first grandson." He smirked, "what are you having?"

"A little girl.."

Right then, Doc laughed, a loud boisterous sound, "how about that ..."

"Yea, im happy."

Janine and the butler came back in with their food. It was buffalo wings. 3 different flavors that Janine made herself. She brought them beers, sides of mashed potatoes and ears of corn. "Im going to my office." She told them.

"Ok baby.." Maddox grabbed Janine's hand and kissed it.

 Doc nodded, "thank you sweetheart."

"Anytime." She left the room.

| Hours Later |

Doc sat through the basketball game and ate the food but didnt force the conversation. Sometime after, Janine called Doc into her office.

He sat across from her "yes?"

"Nothing," she laughed and just looked at Doc. "I'm just ... Glad I did what I did. It was worth it."

"I have to say it, you've made me proud. I get to come back and live a normal life, get my family back."

"Why did you do it in the first place? Get into the business. Did you have a choice?"

"That's who i was, I'm no longer that person."

Janine paused and leaned back in her chair, putting a hand on her stomach, "I ... thought I'd changed ... But I didn't. I loved it. Every bit of it."

"Sweetheart, you are different. For me, the lifestyle was a choice, for you, the lifestyle chose you. This is just who you are, and so is this loving side of you."

She squealed, "I'm so excited! Oh! Doc ... dad ... I'd be so honored if you'd give me away at the wedding. It's going to be another year or so but ..."

"Of course, i would love to. Seems very quiet around these days."

"Everyone is dead. So yea!" She beamed.

"That would do it, i want you to be there when i propose to Lynn again."

"Awwwwwwwww." She gushed, "of course."

"Wont be for a while. Im going to see her when i leave. I have so much making up to do."

"Good luck. I don't know how things are with her other than surface information. Maddox won't let me stalk."

"Can you talk to him for me? I really want to fix this."

"I will. I'll work on him for you," smiling.

"Well I'm out of here," he stood, "i love you, and ill see you later, ok?" Doc and Janine hugged.

| Later - Across Town |

Doc showed up to lynn's and knocked on the door. Lynn was on the phone, talking to one of her girlfriends and opened the door. She looked up a her husband, "I'll call you back, Amanda." She ended the call, "you reappear."

"I am here to beg for your forgiveness for as long as you need me to. Can I please come in?"

Lynn only glared at him, then stepped back for him to come in.

Doc walked in as she closed the door. They made their way to the living room to sit, "how are you, baby?"

"Do you have an explanation?" She ignored his question.

"Of course, but how are you?"

"Lets hear the explanation first."

"I moved away to keep my family from being killed. I wanted out of the Business and there's just no quitting, so i faked my death. None of what i put you through was something i really wanted to do, it was something I had to do, to ensure your safety."

"How did you get out then? How are you here if you're obviously not dead or hiding?"

"The person who took over got rid of everyone..."

"So this person... Did you a favor? You hurt me. All you had to do was tell me."

"No. I wouldnt change it, because now I have the rest of our lives to make it up to you. We can make it all like new again."

"No. We can not. You may leave now, Maddox."

"I'm not leaving. We havent finished talking. I dont mean to excuse anything i did, but give me the chance to court you like i did in the beginning. Remind you of why you loved me to begin with."

"Get out of my house! I don't want to see you!" She stood up, "get out!"

He looked at her and nodded, "if you know one thing about me. You know I'm not done. Ill see you tomorrow," he stood and went to the door and left.

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