Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 13

| Next Day |

They packed up and went shooting. Janine, of course, enjoyed it more than dealing with the hand gun. On the way back, Janine was dozing seeing as how she didn't sleep much the night before. They hit a bump and Janine's eyes flew open, "Jesus ..." She mumbled, "I am completely dead right now."

"You asked for it..."

"And man did I get it," she smiled, "I came too many times. I was dehydrated yesterday."

"Shit was good.." He paused, "you need to be consistent with drinking water dealing with me. Ill take fatigue to a whole new level."

Janine laughed out loud, "you aint never lied. I gotta tell you though ... I was worried about hanging over the banister. But still too excited to say anything."

"I got reflexes like a cat, you're safe with me, even when it doesn't seem like it."

"Theirs a lot you need to teach me."

"what are you talking about?"

"We haven't been to spar yet," then closed her eyes again.

"We'll do that next week," he put his arm around her and kissed her forehead, "so I'm leaving new York for six months."

Her eyes opened and she sat up some, "why?" Then paused, "that ... Stuff ... You told me about?" Then pouted just a little and leaned back the way she was. Disappointed.

"Cut that shit out. Do you understand how much trouble i could be putting you through? I get you think this whole time i was training for this huge war, but.. Yea right i do that shit because i know you actually enjoy it. If i fight its alone or with my soldiers..."

She smiled, "yes, I enjoy it. You're leaving for 6 months to lay low?"

"No, i don't hide from shit. I'm leaving to win."

"Stay safe," she rubbed his leg, "please. And I want to hear from you whenever you have time."

"Of course, " he nodded, "plus ill be fine, and you will too, no matter how it turns out."

| Days Later |

"Well ... WHAT HAPPENED?!" Janine ran through Tarin's opened door and flopped down on her couch.

Tarin turned and looked at her crazy, "Bitch, fine is am understatement with that man by the way."

"Told you ..." Janine nodded, very satisfied, "are your hips sore? Give me details, damnit!"

"Well, he took me to eat at The Suite, he licked The Kitty in this private room and fucked me in the bathroom. He's rude as fuck in a sweet way. We then went to a hotel and fucked the whole night and morning. His dick us so girthy, shit, my pussy hurt up until last night. I keep having to take warm baths."

Nodding, "I know the feeling," she smiled a little, "congratulations."

"Girl, thank you. Were getting together again before he leaves."

"You're welcome, baby doll. Glad you had fun."

"How are you and Maddox?"

"Good," grinning, "really good. Talk to KB yet?"

"Wait a minute, explain 'good, really good.'"

"We're ... Together." She nodded, "like for real, for real. I might joke with you about us only having sex but we ... Talk. a lot. We know what this was, what it turned into, and we're playing it by ear but we're playing together."

"Ok. Kb and i agreed to disagree."

"Good. That's kind of what we did anyhow."

"Yea, we're fine."

"Good. The separation of my parents was killing me." Janine smirked.

"Parents? Stop, girl, i think i want to officially lose weight."

"That's cool. You should come to the gym with me when I go tomorrow."

"I will, just tired of being the cute fat girl."

Janine wasn't about to go over the same shit she'd been over with Tarin before about her weight and blah blah blah. She was sick of it so she let it ride and nodded. Janine looked up and smiled, "I'm sure Maddox's uncle saw nothing but a juicy pussy and a nice mouth."

"Bitch, i know, that man is beautiful."

"Good job, gorgeous. Very good job."

| 2 Months Later |

"What's the scoop?" Janine finally caught up with Keith. It was a little after 6 and they'd decided on an early dinner so KB could get back to writing his material.

"Lana and me broke up, so just been focused, loving the material im coning up with."

SHe sighed, "why?"

"Why are you sighing like that? Just because i was busy and i wasnt about to put my dreams in hold for her."

"I just ... Thought ..." She mumbled under her breath, "that it might work out."

"So did i, but it didn't, its fine, clearly God has a bigger plan."

"Agreed," she smiled, "I'm so fucking excited for you!" She almost shrieked and then quieted herself. "I'm working on doing an E-Mag."

"Thats amazing... Have you talked to Maddox since he disappeared off the face of the earth?"

She laughed, "yes. Almost every day." Janine shrugged, "he's a busy man. Always. You are too, now."

"And shit feels so good."

"This glow fits you. Happy for you," she repeated, "don't forget the little people when you're touring Asia."

"The woman who discovered me, please... You'll be riding right with me, you and tarinica's stubborn ass."

"That's what I like to hear," she patted his and looked up at the food as the waiter sat it down.

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  1. Im glad things seem to be working for Maddox and Janine. I like them together. He had me side eyeing him earlier. Lord thank you Jesus that Tarinica finally got laid. Because that one was getting on my nerve being hateful because her friends was getting it and she wasn't. Sorry to see KB relationship fall apart but now he can focus on his career without having to worry about needing to give that girl all his attention. Now just need my Maddox back. haha.