Sunday, August 28, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 14

| Days Later |

"No. I'm the photographer so that's not an issue. Space is the issue. Once I have the studio I put in for ..." Janine stopped abruptly, almost running into Ricardo as she was about to cross the street, now really wishing she had driven that day instead of taking the subway, "I'm going underground, I'll call you in an hour." She said her goodbyes and then gave Ricardo the most genuine smile she could muster until she made sure she could dart her ass across the street away from him.

Ricardo was suppose to be at war with Maddox, somewhere I'm the world, but he managed to be one step ahead of Maddox. He walked up to Janine, "hello beautiful.."

"Hi there. How are you?" She took a few steps to the sidewalk to wait for the light to change and hopefully loose him in a crowd.

"I have a question for you."

"Okay," now tapping her thigh with her right hand.

"How do you think your boyfriend would feel knowing he's the reason for your death?" Before she could respond or move two men stood on the side of her

"I don't think ..." She took a few deep breaths, "he would like that at all." To keep from flat out hyperventilating, she laughed, "he fucked you over once ... He'll do it again," then the signal showed walk and she took off running into the mob of people coming to her side of the street, now using her lack of height to her advantage. Staying low and hauling ass. The men took off in the same street knocking people over.

"Don't panic. Don't turn around," she coached herself, running down the sidewalk and trying to find a place to hide. She paused on front of Planet Hollywood but kept going, smiling at the subway entrance and ran there. The men separated in order to have a better shot in finding her.

Janine slowed her speed down just a bit while in the subway, looking around for them. The train wasn't coming so she kept walking towards the other exit when she bumped right into one of the dudes. He reached out to grab her and she kicked him in the nuts, chuckled and took off, back out to daylight and hailing a cab once out. Inside the cab, she slumped down and called Maddox.

Maddox was in the middle of closing in on some people, our so he thought, when he saw the call. Thinking of ignoring it, he answered it anyway, "hey, i can't talk long, what's up?"

"I just almost got grabbed." She paused and shook her head a bit, "well, almost. I got away. I'm in a cab now."

"What the fuck you mean?"his tone changed, explain!"

"Ricardo walked right up to me, said a few words and i took off with 2 guys chasing me," she said quieter.

"Fuck, i want you to get in another cab and get to my estate somehow, i am heading to my jet be there in 2hours."

She blinked, "alright, i'm going." Janine ended the call, paid the cab fare, got out, got in another one and rode on.

Later |

Janine got there with no problem and was let in his place. She nearly collapsed on his couch and was in that same spot when he got there.

Dressed in his assassins best, equipped with a long trench coat, he came to her, "are you okay?"

"I kicked him in the balls," she jumped up and hugged him, "and ran like hell."

"I'm so pissed," he kissed her on the lips, "something told me to wait."

"Don't worry about it." She slapped her thighs, then looked him over, "you look amazing."

"Thank you ... I gotta go make a call.."

Janine nodded and sat back down, then got up and went to the kitchen. She had no idea when he'd last eaten so she cooked up something quick while he made his calls.

"Janine grab my dessert eagles from under the coffee table," he yelled from the hallway.

"Eagles," she mumbled to herself add she moved to the coffee table, catching that he wanted both, not just 1. "Got em!" Then walked towards the sound of his voice.

Maddox hung up his phone and grabbed both phones. He put them in his gun holster behind his back, and then held his arms open to her, "I missed you."

"Missed you too," she hugged him and held on to him, "I'm sorry you had to come back in the middle of all you had going on."

"I'm not ..." He kissed her lips and then she felt a blunt object against her stomach, "because i get exactly what i wanted."

She stepped back a bit and saw the gun, smiling, "doing this today?" She bit her bottom lip, "let's go."

Maddox snatched her to him by her hair and forced the gun into her mouth, you think I'm playing?" Serving her with the same look, he gave cheyenne that day.

Janine briefly paused, staring him on the eye, "why wouldn't you be?" She swallowed and tried to move away from him.

Pulling her back by her hair, Maddox drug her to the nearest room, and locked her in. He then went to the intercom and spoke, "security on windows, i repeat security on all windows!" Seconds later, steel plates dropped over the windows, shielding all outside light leaving Janine in the darkness.


  1. Im soo confused. But ive been waiting for him to switch up on her since hes Just using her. Cant wait to find out his main motive with all this!

  2. i love the update. I hope he locked her in there for her own safety and not because he think she setting him up. I love maddox and janine together. hope you can update soon. I'm waiting on the edge of my seat to see whats happening.

  3. *gasp This shady mothafucka!! Eeek!! Can't wait to see what happens!

  4. Great story can't wait to read what is next