Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Undercover Superstar


Despite the fact that Janine told them 7, they always showed up early. It was a little after 6 when KB arrived, then Tarin came a little after him. Janine was excited to be hosting her first small get together in her new apartment that she'd purchased after receiving a major promotion. She went from running a music blog to hosting a music Vlog that was sponsored by one of the top music magazines in the country, The Source.

Now, she and her friends were getting themselves ready to watch the Grammy's. They had their food and the flatscreen's surround sound was up high. Janine kicked back with her laptop open, twitter logged in and the notepad so she could take notes about performances. "Tarin ... No drooling over your faves, ok?" Janine grinned.

Tarin just swatted a hand at Janine. "If my husband comes on, you know I'm gonna have to hoot," she gave a slight disclaimer, "I should be telling you the same thing!" She shot Janine a look as Keith, KB for short, put his phone down.

"So, Janine ..." He smiled sweetly, "I have a favor to ask."

Janine shook her head at Tarin, then looked at KB, "mmhmm?" She folded her arms.

"Ok, my girlfriend, Lana is coming over to join. Is that okay?" He waited for her response.

"Why wouldn't it be?" She sighed to herself and turned back towards the TV. This chipper ass bitch.

"Just wanted-" the door bell rung, "to know" he smiled and went to get the door, "be nice Tarin!" He yelled.

"I'm nice to you, Janine and God. That's all the nice I got, you hear?"

Janine chuckled as KB opened the door. Lana immediately hugged him and kissed him, "I brought wine."

"Thanks sweetie," he hugged and kissed her back as he led her and all her exotic-ness into the room, "Janine ... Tarin, this is Lana. Lana, these are my two best female friends."

"Yo," Janine told her, "sit ..." As she only glanced at her, then smiled at Keith for good measure.

"Ok," Lana sat and so did Keith. Tarin remained quiet.

"Quiet now," Janine readied herself as the show started, "time for mama to get to work."

"How cool to have this kind of job," Lana threw in her 2 cents, remembering what Keith had told her.

"It'll be even cooler if I can get one of these performers on my Vlog show before I have to post on Thursday." Janine started typing on the laptop.

"I use to write for a paper," Lana slightly fibbed.

Tarin then looked from her phone, "yeah right, the show is on. Shhh!" She glared at Lana, and then smirked at KB.

| Later |

The show ended and Janine saved all her work. She'd add to her blog later, and then start working on contacts for the Vlog in the morning. "Everybody and they mama is gonna want to talk to Miguel after that hot mess." Janine complained, "no way I can get him before deadline to talk to him about his Hulk Hogan Leg Drop."

"Yea good luck ..." Kb added.

"And what about my husband Maddox? Looking as fly as he wants." Tarin grinned at Janine.

"Please ... I get him for my Vlog and I'll probably be too stupid to talk to him," Janine shook her head, "makes me wanna giggle and all that stupid shit."

"He's a fuckin chump!" KB exclaimed.

"Oh shut up ... You just mad cause he's like 6 feet taller than you," Janine cackled.

"I'm tall as fuck, what are you talking about?"

"I was only joking, sweet cakes." Then walked past him and ruffed up his hair, "so seriousssss. Tarin ... Kitchen," then kept going.

Tarin stood and followed Janine. Kb sighed, "Secrets get you loaded." He yelled after them.

The ladies walked into the kitchen and Janine started fumbling with the faucet and ran some dish water in the sink. "Now you know every time we want to do something, he's gonna bring her."

"She's annoying but ok," Janine shrugged, "she's cute and he likes them overly sweet."

Tarin shook her head, "so why are we holding this conference?"

"Because YOU are known to hurt feelings," she laughed.

"Hmph, well are we done? Mama has got some place to be," she lied, meaning the living room.

"Sittin on my couch," Janine mumbled and walked out, flopped down in her spot and flipped on VH1, "Keith ... What you doin tomorrow?"

"Doctor's appointment, and then Lana has a performance at the convention center later tomorrow. What about you?"

"Getting your tubes tied like I told you to?" Janine batted her eyes, ignoring the rest of what he'd said.

"I want kids Janine ... Eventually."

Janine and Tarin both rolled their eyes.

| Next Day |

Janine posted on her blog that night and then got her butt up early to get to work to get some folks for her Vlog. On her laptop, the stream of Maddox Ames' new album was playing. It had yet to be released but the bastard was so sure people would love it that he streamed it. Of course she loved it, then decided to send an email to his camp to ask for an interview. She laughed at herself as she sent it, not sure if she would even get a reply but would bug the shit out of em and pray she'd get him to talk to her about his new album before even a magazine could. After the email was sent, she put together some shit that she was hoping would get her a TV spot one day, then called KB to fuck with him, "don't procreate with her," she said when KB answered, "I'll cry when you bring the baby for me to babysit and it has your hair but her face."

"Shouldn't you be getting interviews with some Grammy winner right now? I'm busy, writing," he snapped at her.

"Got Ed Sheeran." She chuckled, "and got Icona Pop for Friday. I stan for those bitches."

"Who? Look, can I call you back? I love you but I'm busy."

"Yes," she sighed, "love you too." She hung up and went through her emails.

20 minutes into Janine's work, and she got a call from her boss. "Janine …" he greeted her.

"Afternoon, Jay." Janine answered and picked up a pen and clean sheet of paper.

"Janine, I just got word that Maddox Ames' team received a message from someone from my company and are pissed about it." Jay sounded annoyed.

She nodded, "probably."

"Do you know who it might be?"

"No, Jay ... God, no." She sounded completely shocked, even put her pen down and clutched her pearls. "I don't know anyone with that much initiative, moxie ... GUTS ... if you will ... To send an interview request to Magic & Hype in order to obtain an interview with an artist who hasn't released an album in 4 years or an artist who has won more awards than Michael Jackson. I don't know who would want that kind of notoriety!"

Jay shook his head, "That's too bad because they wanted to set something up."

"Jay ... You know ..." She chuckled, "I can be really resourceful at times. I may know who did that. And not to toot her horn but it was ME!" Laughing still, "you don't sound happy about this at all. This is HUGE!"

"I was pulling your leg, to see what you'd say. Tomorrow, 10am, here at the office. Be on time, look professional, and come prepared. You understand?"

"God yes, I understand. Thanks jay." Janine hung up and texted tarin and KB, 'got Maddox Ames for interview. Suck It!'

Tarin quickly responded, 'may I hide under your skirt while you interview him?'

'You'll drown if you do.'



  1. Loving this. Add more please.

  2. I'm so excited that you wrote a new story! I love Maddox and Janine!!!