Friday, February 27, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 4


| 2 Hours Later |

Maddox's driver pulled up to Janine's complex, "Janine, you really know how to show an old dude like me a good time." He smiled.

"Thank you for not falling asleep. Does wonders for my ego," she smiled, "but really ... Thank you for dinner. I had fun."

Maddox got out and helped her out as well, "I had fun, next time, you'll have to wear something more comfy."

He thought their would be a next time? Well ... Dinner and regular stuff couldn't hurt and she for damn sure hoped her boss didn't find out. "That would be great," they walked to the door and Janine took out her keys, unlocked it and slightly opened the door, "when will you be back in new York?"

"Few months, well you take care ... And good luck."

"Thank you," she reached up and hugged him, "be safe." Maddox hugged her tightly and then walked away and left. Janine went in, locked up and texted Kb and Tarin, 'back home. No fucking. Going to bed.'

Just as Janine was settling, Tarin called, "ummm soo? Details?!"

Janine put her earbuds in and got comfortable, telling Tarin the details of the boring date, I don't know if he felt like he was doing me a favor or what but he didn't have to imply that we're going it again. We will never go out again. I'm not ... I don't know ... I feel like I'm nothing that he likes. He said he was breaking up the monotony of what he usually dates by dating me but ... I think he's way off base here."

"So, you mean to tell me that, you had no fun and no good conversation with Maddox Ames?" Tarin was dumbfounded, "Janine, dont be one of those girls that make the man's decision for him."

"It was awkward. I won't hold my breath ... Its not even a big deal. He wouldn't seriously consider dating me so it doesn't matter," she chuckled, "but pimp the pictures we took backstage all over Facebook."

"Girl, you heard what he said backstage. You never cease to amaze him, he's willing to see what youre about."

"Mmhmm where is Keith? With Lana?"

"When we left dinner he said he was about to hit the gym, so, yes ..." She laughed, "he really is in lala land with that girl."

"Ewww ... Oh ... Side note ... That nigga Maddox had the audacity to say that KB likes me."

Tarin busted out in laughter, "that white nigga is drama, KB is too busy humping on broads with flat booties."

"Thank you! I'm going to bed ... Jay wants me in house tomorrow at 8 so I'll see of I can get y'all for lunch."

"Alright goodnight girl."

"Goodnight" Janine hung up.

| Days Later |

Janine was in-office, editing with a producer when the mail guy knocked on the door frame, "uhh, miss Hines."

"Ya?" Janine waved him in.

"I went to drop off your mail on your desk, and I saw a mighty gift waiting for you." He cheesed.

"A mighty gift?" Janine laughed and stood up, "be right back," she told the producer and went to see what the deal was. Walking to her tiny office, she was slapped in the face with an obscene amount of flowers on the floor, on her desk, on shelves and every single corner of space in her office. "Fuck ... Me ..." Janine stood there and blinked. She couldn't even see her desk anymore, just purple and white Calla and Tiger Lilies strewn all over, in vases and lying around. "Uh ..." Then she went and looked through all of em them and fished for a card or something.

Upon finding a medium sized card, she read it, "through awkward conversation, and many other setbacks, there's something about you I like that makes me more curious about you. To put it simply, 'just thinking of you' Maddox."

"Oh fuck!" Janine sighed, she just knew she'd run him off ... Now what the fuck was she supposed to do? She took a picture of the card, then a picture of the Lilies and texted them to KB and Tarin, then tried to figure out what to do? Keep trying to run him off or let it ride? Janine shrugged, she'd let it ride.

"What's this?" A coworker walked by.

Janine swallowed and then stammered an answer, "this guy I went out with ..." She slyly put the card in her back pocket then pulled her shirt down to cover, "I threw my drink on him ..."

"Oh what an apology, Paul needs you back." He informed her.

Janine nodded, "thanks Kevin," shook her head and went back to work.

| 2 Weeks Later |

Janine had just finished an interview with Ciara when there was a knock on the door of the office she was in. Looking up, she saw Cheyenne, "hello, Janine."

Janine stood up quickly, "Cheyenne ... Hello. Have a seat."

"No thanks, I won't be long, Mr Ames wanted to know if you got the flowers."

"I did," she smiled, "I didn't know how to say thanks without drawing attention."

"Didn't he give you his cell?" Cheyenne shook her head, "Never mind. That's beside the point of me being here. Mr Ames wanted me to bring you a press pass to his club. He said you aren't to use it until you start working on your own business. You'll have a press room where you can hold interviews with celebs that hold a concert or host that nights event. He said it's time you be your own boss."

Hey jaw momentarily went slack and then she laughed, "point taken."

"Now look, if this it's something you truly want, he's making it so damn easy. He has a quota for you every interview you do. It's $700, if it's high profile that's an extra grand as a bonus. You will be represented by Magic&Hype. Therefore they will promote you, EVERYWHERE ... even do some personal correspondence for whatever he needs. You will be magic and hype's Oprah."

"Shit ..." This broad was serious and do was he. She quickly thought of all the possibilities, "I'll do it."

"Good, put in your two weeks notice and call me here," she gave Janine a business card.

"Alright," Janine put it in her back pockets, "thanks."

"Your welcome, talk to you later," Cheyenne then turned and left.

| 4 Months Later |

Things got set up quickly. Janine went home that night and talked it over with her friends, even called her parents and spoke to them, then put in her two weeks notice. Jay was pissed and chewed her out but there was nothing he could do. Janine had yet to see Maddox again despite the fact that she was employed by him, but was already moving as fast as humanly possible to cement herself at Magic & Hype. She was dressed in a suit, her press pass on, and moving through The Suite to get to an artist that was recently signed to the label, Yung Li, pretty Asian girl who sung soul as well as Lauryn Hill herself. She was petite and had a taste for men of color. She made her way to the celebrity lounge, upstairs.

"Yung ..." Janine approached her. When she stood up, Janine grinned, "finally I don't feel so tiny. I'm Janine Hines. Let's head to my office and talk a little."

"Yea, I guess..." Yung nodded and followed Janine.

"Welcome to the team," Janine told her when they walked into her office, "excited?" She sat down and nodded to the seat next to her, "sit."

"Of course," she said in her thick accent, "it's a dream come true, really."

"Alright. This is the easy part. The camera will roll, and we'll just talk ... No pressure." Janine hit a button on a remote and several camera's lit, then she started an interview, "Magic & Hype is proud to present a soulful young woman from right here in New York. Theirs a powerful voice packed in this little body that we're excited to let you hear. This is Yung Li. Yung ... Welcome. Tell us about you and how you got here."

"Man, I been writing since I was a little girl in Brooklyn. Did the youtube thing and that's how m&h found me. The song that caught their attention was my rendition of stay by Rihanna. I murdered it." She smirked and let a little ready laugh.

"You did ..." Janine nodded, "wanna give us a sample?"

Yung did as she asked, using the table as a drum to keep her rhythm. Then she finished, "just a little but, can't sing too much before the concert."

"What will we hear on your album? How much of it did you write?"

"I wrote and produced 95% of it. As far as the sound, soul and funk; I mean shit that's going to tug so hard at your heart strings, that you cry every time. It's all about feelings with this record."

Janine smiled, "oh my God, you are so cute. Anyway ... You play almost everything too."

Yung laughed, "thanks, I'm just excited for my rocket ship to take off."

"Cool. Yung will be in concert tomorrow night, right here in New York at The Suite. Hop on the Magic&Hype website to get your tickets, follow Yung on twitter and get more information on all of the artists represented by Magic & Hype." She looked at Yung, "anything you want to add?"

"Everybody live and let live..."

"Live and let live," Janine repeated and then powered down the shit, "thank you, thank you ..." She said to Yung, "you're free of my prison now."

Just as Yung's concert was starting, Maddox was escorted inside, his north America tour and south America concert was over, and next stop was the UK, Africa, and Asia, but first, a ten day rest too focus on other business. He went straight to the suite lounge, where he spotted Janine

Janine walked towards him, "Mr. Ames."

"Call me Maddox. I may write your checks but this is YOUR business, soon enough, you won't need me." He hugged her, "how's your new work life?"

"Busy as hell and loving every minute of it." She squeezed him a bit.

"Good," he squeezed her one more time, and when they parted he brought one hand to the back of her neck he lightly massaged it as he lead her to the section reserved for him and any of his people. "Hard work always pays off."

Nodding, "break time for you."

"Nah, never ... If I sleep, then who's gonna earn my keep?" Truth was Maddox had slept a total of 36hrs average per week, that's just how he lives.

"So you cat nap a lot. Let's get a drink ... Can we dance?"

"Something like that ... What do you want?"

"Cosmo. Please."

Maddox got her a drink, and he got water for himself. He came back to her in mid groove. Placing the cosmo in front of her, he put his arm around her shoulder, "starting the party without me, huh?"

"I'm having a good day. Ready for the concert to start."

"How did Yung do?" He went back to massaging Janine's neck.

"Great job. She's likeable. I can't wait to edit tomorrow."

"Good." He nodded.

They continued dancing and talking while Janine kept drinking. "Go get ready for your show ... I need to get my camera guy set up."

"girl what are you talking about I'm not performing, Yung is. Do what tippy need to I'm sitting here for minute more."

"I figured you would introduce her," she patted him on the chest, put her glass on the bar and took off.

Maddox watched Janine walk off as a few of his men began to pile into the booth.


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