Monday, February 16, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Ch 2



| Next Day |

Janine walked into the office half an hour early wearing a black peplum dress and pumps. She even decided to curl her hair that day due to sheer excitement. No, Janine had no plans of flirting with this man but she didn't want to look stupid, either. She knocked on Jay's office door and once she heard him call her in, she closed the door and quietly screamed, "I am so awesome!"

"Indeed you are, however, lie to me again and you're suspended," the tall, fit man with loose curls in his blonde hair, and a killer smile, responded, "Maddox is headed up and the conference is in room B. A camera man has already gotten set up."

"But I succeeded. That's really all that matters," Janine took off to Room B and waited.

In the elevator, Maddox Ames, stood at 6'4" in a navy suit with a black military styled pea coat. His assistant, Cheyenne stood next to him. His facial expression was grim and dark, but surprisingly he was in a good mood. Cheyenne was on a phone call as they exited the elevator and found room b. She walked in first, and he followed, catching sight of the beautiful ebony woman. On his face, what was once grim, became friendly, inviting, and sexy as hell. Janine being that woman, greeted him.

Janine stood up when the assistant walked in, then smiled when she saw Maddox, quietly coaching herself not to act excited. She'd met plenty of pop stars before but none like this. She kept her cool and walked to him, giving a quick smile to Cheyenne, then looking way up at Maddox, "thank you for coming. I'm Janine."

"Thank you for having me," he smirked and shook her hand.

"Thank you for doing this ... Sit, please," once they all sat, Janine glanced at the camera and smiled, then looked at Maddox. "What's the response been like? It's been only 2 days since the Grammy performance, then your album is streamed online."

"It's been good, I'm not too surprised by that. The positive response, I mean."

"Why choose to stream before release? Generally one or two songs will be streamed but an entire album ...? Coming from someone whose proven themselves time and time again, it almost seemed to be unnecessary. What prompted that action?"

"You want the real answer or the safe answer?"

"The real one," she grinned.

"It's simple, because I'm THAT good. If you stumble across a bar of gold you know could help your family's living situation out, are you going to wait till rent day comes or are you going down to their renter's office that day?"

She nodded, "definitely that day."

"Ok, so why deprive my fans of something almost as life changing?" He chuckled, "no but, I knew theyd appreciate it and still support me."

"Definitely. So you had a smash album, world tour, and then a 4 year break. We would see you pop up only once in a while and out of sight again. What made you come back aside from the millions of fans that went crazy when we found out you were in the dungeon?"

"While, all I did was create music," he only partially lied, "and I finally settled on what you all know as 50/50."

"Cool. Now!" She backed up just a little, "yesterday, I asked the readers of my blog and viewers on my Vlog what they would ask you if they could ask you anything. Their seemed to be more that I couldn't ask than could," she laughed, "but Corinne from Denmark wants to know if you're single."

He smiled, "yes and no ..." He simply responded as Cheyenne nudged him, he shot her a look.

Janine half grinned, "Madison from South Beach wants to know why the songs on the album are so long ... That happens to be something I love about the album."

"Well who really wants their favorite song to end after 3 minutes? I mean you tell me, Ms. Janine, if you're getting the business handed to you in the bedroom," he paused for better effect, "dick is getting good and your favorite slow jam is on. Would you really want it to end, and kill your vibe? How would that make you feel?"

She laughed out loud, I would be pissed."

"Most women would, what's your favorite to fuck to?" Maddox turned the tables on her

Janine blushed a little, then paused as she thought about it. Shaking her head, "Red Slip Dress."

"Great taste ... Another question for you. Why is it, I'm better at asking exciting questions? Don't make me regret this interview, Janine."

She tilted her head to the side and lifted an eyebrow, "alright ..." Janine made herself comfortable, crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair, "I wanted to keep it strictly professional ... How are you single and not single at the same time?"

He smirked, "hmm I don’t know, I'm taken, but I'm still looking."

"Not fair to the girl who thinks she's got you."

Maddox laughed, "you think she doesn't know? That's cute."

Smiling, "and she's ok with that? Wow ..."

"Pipe game is like 'wow' and that's why she doesn't care."

"Has a woman ever told you no?"

"Once ..." He answered honestly.

She looked him in the eye, "wasn't expecting that."

Cheyenne pointed to her watch.

"One last question beautiful..."

"At the Met Gala ... It was rumored that you got into a verbal altercation with Madonna. Why?"

"Because she's a self-centered, bitch, who needs to climb up off her high horse ..." He stood, "it was a pleasure meeting you, beautiful. I hope to see you in the future."

Janine stood with a huge smile and shook his hand again, "thank you again ... This was fun."

"We're past hand shakes now.." He pulled her in for a hug, "give Cheyenne your info, she'll send you some tickets and back stage passes in your area."

"I will," she rubbed his back and made a mental note of the Cologne he was wearing, "I feel so much smaller now."

He chuckled, "right..." Kissed her temple waved and then exited.

Janine reached under the table and grabbed her purse, pulled out a card, then wrote her cell number on the back of it and handed it to Cheyenne. Janine thanked her and watched her rush away behind Maddox. Once Janine saw them get in the elevator and go, she rushed to Jay's office, "PLEASE DON'T FIRE ME! HE BAITED ME! What else was I supposed to do? I was gonna keep it strictly about the music and he was like MAKE IT INTERESTING and then what do you do?"

"I'm not going to fire you, but I will tell you this. Research. Next time you need to have interesting 'music' questions available and ready to read. You are v logging for vibe magazine Janine, so gossip isn’t entirely bad, but be sure to keep his language as clean as possible. Unfortunately, we can't even use most of the interview. Although I'm not gonna fire you now, I will tell you this. Two more interviews like that and it just might happen. Understand?"

"But ... But ... I was prepared! How was I supposed to know he was gonna want to talk about the messy stuff?"

"We're done here. You may go home."

"How was I supposed to keep HIS language clean?" She really wanted to an answer to that question.

"Janine! By avoiding certain questions that's how! He is not God, and he doesn't hand you the pay check, I do! If he would've walked out of that office because you stick to your guns we'd be having a different kind of conversation. However you, being the Maddox crazed woman you are... Like all others, you failed. FACE it, you fucked this up, no one else. You are dismissed."

"Great ... Thank you," Janine shook her head and left before she did or said something she had no business. Janine went downstairs to her black Audi, rubbed the top of the car, then got in and rubbed the dashboard, "you still love me, don't you?" Nodding slightly, she started the car, pulled off, then called Tarin, "I fucked up."
"Oh shit, what happened?"
"The interview was going fine. We were talking about the music and it was nice but he was getting bored I guess. Anyway, he started talking about the length of the songs and the he asked me what I like to have sex to. After the interview, jay got angry."

Tarin paused a little, "that nigga Maddox asked you what type of song you like to tale the dick to?" Was all Tarin got.

She laughed, "yea ... He did ..." Shaking her head as she pulled to a stop light, "I was prepared, Tarin. I know all his shit. I know all the gossipy shit but Jay told me to keep it professional. I tried that, he didn't want it. I didn't want him to leave but I got screwed for it."

"Admit it, you were a little starstruck. Why else would you allow that to happen?"

"Of course. But I was so smooth," nodding.

Tarin laughed, "or so you thought. How did the interview end?"

"Uh ..." Pulling off again, "he hugged me and told me to give my info to his assistant. Said he'd send me some tickets and backstage passes. He was probably just being nice cause he screwed me."

"Orrr!" She exclaimed, "just theory, he wanted to screw you?"


"Hmm, ok, so how many tickets?"

"Didn't say. I'm not even worried about it. I just have to claw my way back into Jay's good graces so my Ed Sheeran and Icona Pop interviews better go as planned. Icona Pop are two lesbians so pray for me."

"Yea good luck girl."

| 1 Week Later |

Janine was back in the office again. She'd done the other two interviews and delivered them to Jay's approval, "I can get Lil Mama, Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora interviewed for that TLC biopic people are mad about," she told him.

"Very good, how soon?" He raised a brow.

"They told me two days since they'll be filming here at that time."

"Ok good, and you'll have finished footage to me by?"

"Friday ... Or same day, Thursday, if you want."

"Either will work. So how would you like the chance to redeem yourself for the Maddox Ames situation?"

Janine's entire body relaxed, I would love that."

"We have the female equivalent to Maddox Ames willing to interview with us: Beyonce, and I thought you'd be perfect for the job."

"FUCKING BEYONCE!?" She nearly jumped, "she's a queen! I am about to pass out."

"Calm down, this is huge."

"I will be ... I'll be cool, Jay ... I totally promise. Thank you!"

| 3 Weeks Later|

"Thank you so much , for having me," Beyonce humbly shook Janine's hand.

"Are you kidding? You're so busy. Thank You ..." They finish shaking and sat, "you're touring, putting an album out, keeping H&M on lock, bring wife and mom ... When do you sleep? I see footage of you on stage and its 200% every show."

Smiling, Beyonce rested her hands in her lap, "its tough, even when I'm allowed to sleep, I can't. My brain is constantly working up new ideas. Especially with the new album coming out."

"And 'Grown Woman' is getting great reviews. What kind of feel is the new album?"

"Well, of course I wanted to evolve, so i wanted a lot of high energy drums and hot beats. I definitely had to get H-town on them," she laughed at herself, I wanted anyone who listened to feel it in their gut."

They went on talking. The interview was easy and the conversation was fun. Janine started to wrap it up, "I gotta ask how the baby is doing. She's getting big so fast ... That has to hurt."

"Girl, I cry every night, its so hard being a mother and to see your baby begin to gain her own personality, then begin to verbally express herself, hurts, AND makes me smile and feel warm inside."

Janine nodded, "well I've already got my ticket to see you tomorrow night. Having you here to sit and talk about the millions of things you're doing right now drives it all home. You have a show to prepare for, Blue Ivy to go see so I won't hold you any longer. I can't thank you enough for stopping by today."

"Absolutely ..." Graciously, shaking Janine's hand, Beyonce was escorted out of the room.

Janine stood there and watched her float away, then smiled and walked to Jays office, I love her."

"You did amazing! Now THAT is how you interview! You kept it light, you guys made a bond, and she will always want to interview with you!"

"Yes yes praise me now and then yell at me tomorrow," she chuckled.

"You get me now."

"I don't know. You're a little Moody sometimes," she smiled, "can I go?"

"You are free to go Janine. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you," Janine went home and changed into some running clothes then left again to get to the gym, on the way, she called Keith, "I'm going to the gym, shall I come pick you up?" She grinned.

"Yes, I'll throw something on. How was Beyonce?"

"Royalty. So freaking sweet and awesome and amazing ... Completely cool," she detoured towards KBs place.

I meant her ass." He snickered.

"You know she wears padding. You don't even like ass. Hesh up."

"First off she doesnt, ive seen her bare assed, and I like her ass. Do you know why?" He waited and Janine said nothing, "its stuffed with benny's and dollar coins. I need a sugar mama in my life."

"Get off my phone. I'll be there in 7," she hung up.

When Janine pulled off, Keith opened the door. "So..." Keith started when he sat in the car, "what do you think of Lana?"

Janine held her tongue until she found a delicate way to put it, "she's nice. Pretty. But ... I always thought you would take on someone ... And I'm only saying this because I love you and because I've only met her once ... Someone a little less airy."

"What does that mean?"

"She was falling all over you at my apartment. Wiped your mouth for you. Laughed at all your jokes ... Even when they were lame," she chuckled.

"What? Woman ... I am hilarious."

Janine only shrugged, "that's my opinion."

"Do you think she's terrible for me?"

"I think you'll get bored without someone to challenge you. It's fine now. Yall are still new but after a while ... You'll be wanting more from her that she can't give you. Who knows, though ... She may want to change to accommodate."

"Hmm, we'll see."


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