Thursday, February 19, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 3


| 2 months later |

Janine was doing house work when her cell phone rang. She slapped her yellow kitchen gloves off, then took her cell phone off the counter and answered, "hello?"

"Janine Hines?" A sweet but stern voice responded.

"Yes, this is she."

"Hello Janine, this is Cheyenne, Maddox Ames' assistant, and I was calling about tickets to his show in your city."

"Oh! Yes." Janine looked at the phone, then put it back to her ear, "how are you, Cheyenne?"

"Perfect. Look, Mr. Ames is giving you an allowance of 5 tickets. Do you wish to take them all, or do you only need a certain amount?"

She blinked, "3 is enough."

"Perfect, your address, please."

Janine gave Cheyenne her address and apartment number, "give Mr. Ames my thanks."

"Definitely, take care, Ms. Hines."

"You too." The call ended and Janine immediately texted Tarin and KB, 'just heard from Maddox Ames' assistant. Just hooked me up with 3 tix and backstage passes.'

Tarin responded first, 'fuck ... Yes!'

And then Keith, 'who cares? Count me in though.'

She then called Tarin and yelled, "WHAT DO WE WEAR!?"

"Something fuckin sexy. We have to be all ass and titties!" She exclaimed in response.

"Yell at me when you're off one day so we can shop. Concert is in 2 weeks."

"Yes bitch I'm looking at my sch- tomorrow?!"

"That's cool. You want me to come get you?"

"Girl, I got a car, I'll meet you at Shany's at 12?"

"Love you, boo." Janine hung up.

| Concert Night - Going Backstage |

After the concert was over, Janine, Tarin and KB went backstage and showed their badges, then were sent to a small waiting area. After Janine's first run-in with Maddox Ames, the allure had worn off and now was over being star struck by him, "what are we eating after this?" Janine questioned.

"Steak ..." KB responded as a few teen girls and a couple of young adult girls were all giggly, "fajitas ..." He continued.

"Ribs, ya bish ..."

"I've already reached my meat limit for the week ... Well ... I can have some fish. The steakhouse has all that. I'm glad too, I've been wanting to go."

"Perfect ..." KB Laughed at the young girls as they were getting so excited when the doors opened. Maddox walked in towel draped over his shoulder, black wife beater, slacks and dress shoes. 6 guards walked in with him getting in position. He immediately walked to the younger girls.

"Holy, fucking shit ..." Tarin's eyes got big.

Janine looked at Tarin and laughed, "get it out of your system now."

Maddox heard Tarin, winked at her and continued signing.

"J." Tarin clinched her thighs, I think I just wet myself."

"Go find someone to help you with that." KB cringed at Tarin.

Janine snickered, "I have wet wipes in my purse."

30 minutes later and Maddox had finished with everyone except Janine and her two peeps. He grabbed a water, opened it and drank a little, "what's up?" He greeted them.

"Not much. Thanks for everything," Janine told him, "these are my friends Tarinica and Keith."

Maddox looked to Tarin, "Tarinica." He held his hand out for her to shake, "how are you gorgeous?"

"Better ..." She grabbed his hand, "can I have a hug?"

"Of course." He snatched her quickly into a hug and hugged her as tight as he knew would be comfortable for a woman, "damn, you smell so damn good." Rubbed her back.

Janine wanted to roll her eyes but contained herself. Tarin giggled a little, "you smell better."

"Thank you," he ended the hug and shook hands with KB, "how you Doin man?"

"Good, good, hey question?"

Maddox raised a brow knowing where this shit was about to go, "what?"

I have this disc," he handed over his demo, I just want to know if it's any good."

Maddox fought the urge to roll his eyes, "cool." He took the disc and handed to his closest guard.

"Thanks man."

Then Maddox walked up to Janine, "now you, you never cease to amaze me." He rested one arm around her.

"How is that?" She looked up at him.

"The way you dress. I love this shit," he grazed his hand along the ruffle of her short A-line skirt. He flashed her a smile, "how'd you like the show?"

"Thank you ... And it was great, of course."

He turned to KB and Tarin, "do either of you have anything for me to sign? Need a picture?"

"A picture," Tarin shoved her camera at Keith and went to stand with Janine and Maddox.

"You got it!" Maddox took a picture with the women and then Kb, "alright can I speak to Janine alone?" He looked at Kb and them Tarin and then his body guards.

"We'll be right here," Tarin winked at Janine.

Janine walked along side Maddox, "what's up?"

I want to have you for dinner."

"Oh ..." She nodded, "alright. That's fine."

Maddox smiled, "good, tell your friends you're okay, and coming with me."

"Be right back." She walked off top get people and whispered to them, "I'm about to go to dinner with Maddox, if I end up dead, you know who did it."

"What are you talking about? Maddox wouldn't hurt a fly." Tarin shook her head, and then whispered, "he's totally giving you the D."

"Don't fuck him," Kb shook his head.

"Not going to," Janine assured Keith, "I'll text you both when I get home."

"Alright," Kb took Janine's car keys, "be safe." Kb kissed Janine on the temple and then drug Tarin off with him. Janine walked back to Maddox.

"He likes you ..."Maddox noted.

"He loves me," she smiled, "I've known him since college. Best friends since."

"No I mean, more than friends," he paused, "d'oh well, I hope you like Thai."

Janine laughed that off. She knew KB well and wasn't about to argue with this dude about it, "I love it."

"Perfect, that's what we’re having." Maddox and Janine plus a half dozen guards walked to his SUV, "tell me about yourself." They climbed in.

"Ok ... I'm originally from Texas but came here for school. Graduated from NYU with a degree in journalism. I started in a mail room at The Source when I was 19 and eventually worked my way up to writer but I only got small stories and features before starting a blog and building my own bridges. Got hired to write a column only a few months before I was ballsy enough to make contact for that interview. I got in so much trouble for that interview too ... Almost got fired."

He raised his brows, "why?"

"The interview didn't go the way we wanted it to."

"How should it have gone?" The car stopped in front of a hotel.

"It should have never gotten messy. I wasn’t supposed to let it or allow use of certain language but I don't see how you stop a grown man from saying what he wants to say ... I got threatened with a suspension but earned my credibility back."

"Yeah, if your boss would have done his research he'd know I never go by anyone else’s rules." They got out of the hotel and headed to the elevator, got in and headed to the penthouse suite, I had to, though. All the questions you asked, I answered a hundred times before seeing you."

"I knew but it was what he wanted and he's got the power ... At least until I'm editor in chief somewhere."

"Hmm," Maddox gave two shits when it came to HER career, but he smiled warmly anyways, I need to shower and change, ok?"

"Alright," Janine took a seat in a lone chair. Once he went into the bathroom she pulled out her cell and texted Tarin and KB, 'At the penthouse ... no smoke signals as of yet. Convo is harmless.'

'You're probably worrying for nothing,' Tarin texted.

'DO NOT FUCK HIM!' Kb responded.

'NOT GOING TO!' Janine texted KB back, and sent a '*nods* maybe' to Tarin and put her phone back in her purse to wait.

Ten minutes later, Maddox walked out in a pair of clean slacks and shirt, but shirt hung open exposing his matching tank top. His towel hung around his neck when there was a knock on the door. His guard got it, and it was some brown skinned woman who was all eyes, boobs and white teeth that she exposed when she smiled at the guard.

"Tyson." She greeted him.

"Ms. Santos."

She then looked and saw Janine sitting there as Maddox walked to her and kissed her, "that's Janine," he nodded to her.

"Hi," Janine stood and smiled, looking the woman over, then gave Maddox a 'thumbs up,' and laughed.

If a woman ever needed a way to make Maddox's dick to go soft, a thumbs up is the way to go. "Anyways, what are you doing here?"

Adriana Santos sighed, "look, I'm not here to cause problems, I just wanted to tell you something in person."

"At 11 in the evening?"

"You had a show, what else was I suppose to do? You told me not to reach you on a concert day."

"So what the fuck you call this?" Maddox said calmly as Adriana had her arms crossed over her chest. She was clearly more than just a girl to Maddox. According to the tabloids, she was one of his two girlfriends he cared for but wasn’t in love with. He just loved her body, face and the clear training she had with sucking a big dick.

"Can we just talk alone?" Adriana pleaded.

"Fine, Janine, can I get a few minutes please?"

"Yea ..." Janine picked up her purse and stepped outside the door with a guard and leaned against the wall now thinking she should have said no and just gone to dinner with KB and Tarin as planned.

"So what couldn't wait?" Maddox buttoned his shirt.

"I took a test, a few, and they were all positive. I'm pregnant, babe ..." She put her head down.

"Not by me." He said without a hiccup.

"What?" her eyes became glossy, "how could you say that?"

"Easy, I'm never unprotected with you, never once, so, what's the next story? And hurry, I have a date."

"It could've busted-"

"It didn't, so now what?" Maddox finished tying his tie.

"You are so fucked up." She let tears escape her eyes.

"You have no idea. So before you find out just how fucked up I am, leave and don’t call me until I call you. Got it?"

Adriana was outdone by how cold he was being, "bye." She strutted out the door zooming past Janine.

Janine watched her leave, then looked at the guard as he let her back in. She wasn't about to dig in their business like that and didn't even care. She was hungry and ready to go. Inside, Janine stood with her purse still in hand, watching him get ready. "What Thai place are we going to?"

"The one inside my night club ..." He grabbed his coat.

"Oh ... Then I have definitely not been there."

"Why not? Its the best in the east. You tellin me you don’t support the Maddox Ames movement like that?"

"I've just never been. I don't club very much, haven't since I've been here. The few times ... They were smaller places."

"There are more low key areas in the club. Where I hold small concerts with other artists. We’ve had Musiq Soulchild, Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Hudson, BeyoncĂ©, and many others." They were back in the elevator heading down, "where do u see yourself in 5 years?"

She smiled, "I'll have Jay's job and maybe a boyfriend ... I'm being realistic by starting small."

He smiled back, "you could have Jay's job sooner. Start your own vlog, you have your own connections. You got an interview with me."

"I could ... But ... I don't know. I work for The Source. They write my checks. It’s not a bad idea though."

"You just have to want it bad enough, that's how I got to where I am. The hustle ..." He looked out the window, "are you dating anyone?"

"No one consistently. I've been on a couple of blind dates."

"You're not looking?"

"Oh yea, but I'm patient, though."

"Do you want to be married ... With kids?"

"I do. I figured I'd end up as that woman that didn't marry until her 40s."

He chuckled, I doubt you'll have to wait that long." They pulled up to his club and got out. Maddox guided Janine in by her lower waist.

They walked into the club and Janine noticed how everyone was dressed. Good thing she went shopping or she would have felt out of place, "is it always like this? Hype?"

"Absolutely ..." He led her to a private dining room that was already set up, "what do you think?"

"Very nice. I already know the food will be great." She was looking at her menu as Maddox just stated through her until she looked up. He grinned. Janine smiled back at him and chuckled a little, wondering how long it would take got him to realize his really cute face was doing nothing for her. "You have a mischievous smile."

"Been told that all my life."

The waiter asked for drinks. Janine looked at Maddox, "suggest something? I'm a light weight."

'And the woman ...' was all Janine heard. The waiter went with the order and Janine sipped on her water, "personal question ... What is it your current girlfriends don't have that you're still looking for?"

"Hmm, good question... Can I think about this?"

"Absolutely." She smiled at him under eyed, "does your family want you to settle down?"

"Everyone except my father and my uncle Constantine."

"They want you to stay a bachelor ... I can understand that."

"Yea, for now, they get their wish ... Ever been in love?"

"Yea," she took a deep breath and then picked up her drink, looking at it.

"Or still in love I guess I should ask."

"Its fading. I haven't seen him in 2 years. Its that situation where you wonder what could have been. But when I do see him ... The spark is not there," she shrugged, "bothers me because if I was really in love ... I'd still feel it. Anyway ..."

"Some people fall out of love... All the time."

"Or get bored."

"Same difference ... What are you looking for in a man?"

"He has to have a love of music, MMA, football, Archer, and regular exercise. Standard things like being smart, tall, and can speak properly ... Hmm. He has to be able to support himself and just not freaking lie to me. Ever."

"Good luck not finding a liar, all men lie to a degree, PERIOD."

She outright laughed, "let me have SOME hope."

He smiled, "my bad, but it's better this way. You just need a man who treats you like a queen, doesn't cheat, and will love u unconditionally."

"That's harder to find than a man who doesn't lie. At least in New York it is."

"Not that hard." They got the food which was placed in front of them like a buffet, and plates were placed in front of them, "what do you want, bean sprout salad or pad Thai?"

"Bean sprout salad ... No meat, please."

"You got it." He did exactly what she asked, and placed it in front of her, "tell me a secret." He refilled her wine and then served himself.

Her eyes widened momentarily, then she messed around her food, "my birthmark is on my butt."

"Hmm, pretty weak, but I'll accept."

She laughed, "sorry to disappoint you, but I'm boring. You're probably used to a different type than me. Someone a little more sassy."

"Yea, but it's getting old, that's why you're here."

'Like I will ever be again,' she said to herself and kept eating.


  1. Uh oh...Janine don't want the D no more! This should be interesting.--Hollie

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