Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 5

| After The Show |

Yung came down from the stage and went upstairs to the artists lounge. Janine grabbed her as soon as she stopped on the floor, "which performance do you want on the YouTube channel? I want to have it all up tomorrow."

"Just pick your favorite. I'm not picky."

"You got it. What are you doing later? I'm starving."

"Going to eat with my boyfriend, Dominic, right now," Yung adjusted her Yankees cap.

"Ooh yea?" Janine smiled, "keep an eye out for somebody for me."

"I think you already got somebody for you ..." She smiled and nodded at Maddox behind her.

"He only writes my checks," Janine sung, and turned around to smile at him, "eavesdropping?"

"Un huh, what is your problem?" He looked around, "pause your answer..." Maddox pulled her by her lower back to his office. Once they got there, he shut the door behind them, and turned to her, "ok, what its your problem?"

"What? I was JOKING ..." She looked at him with a confused expression and then chuckled, "a joke."

"Which part?" He looked down at her, waiting on a response before she gave him his.

"About you ONLY writing my checks. I already know you nosey," she folded her arms and grinned.

"You better be... You don't give a brotha thanks for the flowers he sent you, and then you treat him like a red headed step child," he grabbed her by her hand and pulled her to him, "I was about to say"

"OH! Shoot ... You know ... That was 4 months ago. I forgot," she smiled again, "let's sneak off."

"For what? And we already did." He motioned to his empty office, and played in her hair a little.

"This is not sneaking off. You're 6 foot 4 ... About what? 220 pounds? You could easily carry me on your shoulders if we were to go ... Anywhere. Do you know how long I've waited to ask someone big enough to carry me on their shoulder like I'm a prize? Come on big man, let's go. Or! We can go to my house and I can make you the best shepherds pie you ever had in your life."

"You want to cook for me, huh? I'm trying to watch my figure though, " he joked.

"That's BS. Me? On the other hand ... I have to work for this. I need to settle some things and then I'm going home. You are more than welcomed to come. I will treat you to some southern hospitality," she paused, "never mind ... You're a city implant," she joked, "but you get what I'm saying."

"What?! Baby, before the city, there was the country, Tennessee boy all the way. I know southern hospitality." He paused, "hurry up and finish your work then, I'm hungry now, and its your fault..."

"Yea, yea," she rushed out. 15 minutes later, they were leaving The Suite and going to Janine's apartment. 

| Janine's |

They walked up on the small porch area, Janine unlocked the door and walked in with Maddox. She flipped a light switch, closed and locked the door, then hung up both their coats, "I'm gonna change real quick. Feel free to snoop. Be right back."

"Oh, I will." He stayed standing and looking at pictures, "is this your mother? In the picture near your TV?" He yelled toward her.

"Yes! Grandmother on the other side!"

"She is fine.." He smiled, "both of them, grandma can get it too," he joked.

Janine walked out of her bedroom in some basic shorts and tank top while shaking her head, "it's horrible for my dad. The young ones really like my mom." She walked straight through to the kitchen, "want something to drink?"

"Water," he followed her.

"You make me feel terrible. I despise water. I have to make myself drink it ... It has to be in a glass with tons of ice or I won't even look at it," which is what she got him, a giant glass and filled it with ice, then put the water in from the fridge, and handed it to him. After doing so, she pulled out some ground beef, carrots, sweet peas and potatoes, then washed her hands and started cooking.

"You know how you can start drinking water? Put fruit in it over night, that way its flavored with extra vitamins and its not bad for you. You don't drink dark soda, do you?"

"I'm a tea drinker ... And I'll try that."

"Do it, you'll love it if you love tea. Do you put a shit ton of sugar in your tea?"

"No. I hate that. My roommate in college used to put so much sugar that it was almost syrup by the time she was done with it."

"Gross," his phone vibrated, "you look good in just your basic shit by the way," he texted one of his guards who were one of the dozen outside Janine's apartment.

"Thank you. I'm so comfortable right now. Hence my hair in a stupid bun," she chuckled, "men hate those things."

"Not this one, you look sexy. You know what? I can't wait to know you better..."

"Because I'm a catch. I know," she nodded, moving about the kitchen, "don't want to sit down?"

He took her advice, "that and when we fuck,  it will be magic..." He chuckled, "you wanted honesty..."

"I suppose I asked for that," she laughed.

"Yes, you did," he drank down the water and then put his glassr down, and then went to stand next to her, let me take over, you been working all day."

"I like what I do," she shrugged, "but let me do this. I am amazing ... My grandmother taught me how to cook. A man will propose to me after I've cooked for him," she bumped him away with her hip, "go way. I'm cooking for you today. You can make it up to me another time."

"I'm sure, I can follow instructions, I'm smart..." He smirked.

"You're pushy," she grinned and began giving him instructions. 

| Later |

After the food was cooked and finished, Janine sat the 2 bowls down and filled them, then sat, "go for it," she watched with a huge smile on her face.

He nodded, and took a bite, and before he chewed, he faked it making him sick and jetted towards the bathroom.

She gasped, "oh my God ... I killed the biggest star in the world," she got up and followed to the bathroom, "my dad is gonna kill me ... TARIN is gonna kill me," Janine knocked on the door, "Maddox ...?"

He came out with a big smile on his face, "shit is damn good ..." He grabbed her around her neck, "you might've just landed you a husband," he joked.

She mean mugged him, "I should kick you out ..." Then turned around and went to eat. "I won't kill you this time."

He laughed, "don't be like that.."

Shaking her head, "do you want to watch a movie or you have to leave after you finish?"

"We can watch a movie."

"Good. We're about to watch an M. Night Shyamalan movie. I love all his movies, even the stupid ones like The Happening. And then sleep with the lights on," she chuckled.

"He's terrible but I'll put up with it."

"Good man," she put in 'Devil' and sat down next to him on the couch.

| After The Movie |

"You had to like that one."

"nope can't say that i did, but did you enjoy it? Is the question..."

"Thank you for humoring but yes ... yes I enjoyed it. And thanks for coming over."

"You're welcome ... I should go."

Janine stood up and turned the TV off, then got his coat out for him, "be safe going home."

"Of course ..." He grabbed the coat and put it on. Then he turned to Janine, leaned down and hugged her, and followed that by stealing a kiss before they came out of that hug. He held onto it for a minute as he slowly began to dip her back, like in an old hollywood film.

Dramatics. Janine let the kiss happen. Besides, the man could really kiss. When he stood her up straight, she tilted her head to the side and slightly shook her head while she smiled at him, "nice one ... I have nothing smart to say bout that."

"Just being goofy but i meant the kiss, you have a goodnight sweetheart." He kissed her forehead and left out the front door

"You too," she said only soft enough for herself to hear, watched him get inside the car, then went into her place and got ready for bed.

| 2 Months Later |

Things between Janine and Maddox couldn't be any better. Still no label, but the more Maddox spent time getting to know her, it only drew them closer, even if Janine spent most of the time being indifferent. Then one day while Maddox was out of town, Janine was approached by a man. Tall, dark, Spanish descent and a sure that could weaken anyone, "you have amazing eyes," he complimented, "Ricardo, and you?" He flashed a smile.

"Janine," she smiled, "thank you." Now she felt a little stuck. She had work to do but couldn't leave the guy in front of her until she got his number.

"You're welcome .. I'm new to the area, and i was hoping someone beautiful as yourself could show me around."

"I'm ... So sorry but i don't have the time," and she really didn't. Damn. "I wouldn't be great company. I'm not much of a tour guide."

"Perhaps dinn-" at that very time was when Maddox called, after being notified of Janine being talked to by Ricardo Montega, a problem, and thankfully he'd alerted his guards to keep a close eye on Janine.

"One second. Sorry," she answered and took a few steps away, "hi. How is Asia?"

"Good, baby, look can you do me a favor?"

"Sure," she glanced back at Ricardo and smiled.

"I need you to house sit for me ..."

Janine sucked in a breath, "Uh ... Okay ... For how long?"

"A week ... You can treat it like your home, mi casa es su casa. Look, I'm asking because i trust you, don't bring anyone into my house please, and go to The Suite, one of my guards can drive you there."

"Alright. No problem. I need to edit some stuff first. I'm on my way there now," Janine looked at the building which was just down the block, "he can take me home to get my things then I'll go there," now Janine was walking towards the building and away from Ricardo unintentionally.

"Thank you..." Maddox smiled, "what are you wearing?"

"Beautiful..." Ricardo called.

"who is that?" Maddox asked

"Oh! This guy I just met on the street." She stopped and went back to Ricardo, "I'm sorry, I've gotta get to work. It was very nice to meet you." Damn, there went her chance to get a number. Couldn't do that with the boss on the phone.

"Well, take my card?" Ricardo offered

"Don't he see that you're busy?" Maddox got a certain aggression in his voice Janine had never heard before.

"Ok! I'm going!" Janine frowned momentarily, took the card Ricardo held out, smiled and hurried off, still on the phone, "I'm almost there now. I'm clear and going back to work."

"Good, when i get home from this tour, I am gonna punish you ..." He said almost excited, "you better start your squats, pushups, whatever, I'm gonna wear that ass out," Maddox quickly turned a situation that pissed him off, to one that got him excited. He chuckled.

"We're going to the gym to spar?!" She stopped walking, happy as all hell.

"Get the fuck out, you know what I'm talking about."

"Yes yes yes, best night of my life, blah blah blah, dick game like wow, yadda yadda yadda swinging from chandeliers," she outright laughed and walked inside The Suite.

"Look, I see what you're doing. Challenge accepted." He smirked, "just remember how you're acting now, smart ass. Send me a picture of you."

Janine laughed again and took a picture of her smiling face as she walked by the bar, "that's all you get," she sent it.

"No cleavage, though?" He looked at the picture, "I like titties and ass, and you can't even send me a sexy silhouette. I mean your smile is beautiful, but c'mon ..."

"Sorry. You get nothing until you get here. I have work to do."

He sighed, "alright, talk to you later then..."

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