Saturday, March 21, 2015



| The Next Day |

The next day, Genevieve waited around until she knew AJ would be out of class and called his cell. "Little sister ..." He answered. Antonio was out of class and just arrived at his apartment complex.

Gigi smiled, "you won't believe what happened last night." First, she closed the bedroom door, then began the story of what happened that night. She told him everything, short of what was said in private that she couldn't catch from eavesdropping, but made sure to note a few important things, "what did dad say about Jeremiah and Maddox?"

Antonio Jr. listened while sitting in his car. After she'd finished telling the story as fast as she could, Antonio got out of his car and grabbed his messenger bag, "from his description of their relationship, they are as close as brothers. Jeremiah would be the more mature and focused brother who tried to keep the little one from running into the street." Locking up his car, he began to go into the building.

She giggled, "ok," finally nodding, "I don't know what's happening."

"Our older siblings feel it would be more beneficial if mother were to be reminded of her past feelings for their father. I am, however, surprised at this juvenile act on their part."

"I feel a bridge. A really big bridge. Like a San Francisco bridge. Being built from those two to us two. That's what I feel. BROOKLYN BRIDGE, BIG!"

He laughed, "I doubt it's that serious. Maybe a tiny bridge over a pond." He paused, "are they different?"

"Elle and Lucky? No. But they're on a mission." She convinced him as she opened a drawer full of nail polish.

"As long as they aren't different, there is nothing to worry about. They love us. We love them just the same. We just don't care of the current situation they continue to push onto us."

"Well yea ... But ... What if Jeremiah doesn't come back? What if he stops seeing mom just because of Mr. Bigshot?"

"A possibility. We don't know what was said in private," he unlocked his apartment door and walked in.

"It's so easy ... He probably told him to stay away from his woman because he had her first and they're best friends and blah blah blah.  You know how guys are."

"Another possibility." He put his messenger bag on the couch, then walked over to the window to push open the curtains, "if Jeremiah shows up sooner rather than later, then we know how the other side of the conversation went. Try not to worry. Focus on school. Mother is strong, she'll be fine."

"You always say that," smiling a little, she took out a bottle of black, then a bottle of fuchsia crackle.

"And I'm always right."

| The Next Day – Noonish |

Jeremiah Eli Tanner did, indeed, show up that Monday after Gigi went to school. His lunch hour was spent with Janine inside his office with Greek food as the choice for the day. 

"Should I ask about the other night?" Janine held out a piece of her pita bread for him to bite.

He bit it and shook his head, "quick convo," he chewed and dug around in his food, "he asked why ... I told him I liked you. I don't think he's mad ... He's hurt," Jeremiah took a deep breath and then stole a cucumber off of Janine's plate.

She watched him take it and said nothing, but then a smile started to grow, "you like me that much?"

"Uh huh," he smirked at her and nodded. "He won't forgive me after this will he?"

"I'm not sure. I don't know this grown up Maddox. I'm actually trying not to think about him at all," going back to eating her salad. "God, I was hoping I wouldn't see him ever and there he was, in my damn hospital room ..."

"You still have feelings for him?"

"I think so ... There's SOMETHING there. I'm just not sure what it is." So it wasn't a complete lie but not the complete truth either. Janine had no interest in seeing where she and Maddox would go, especially at their age and his occupation.

He got up from his seat and slid it over so it was next to Janine. He kissed her temple, then used his fork to eat the food in her plate. He decided not to push the issue, but to wait it out and see how she felt. Shit, they were 40+ and high school games no longer applied. With that in mind, he kissed her again on the cheek, then the corner of her mouth and noticed her smile. She turned to face him and he kissed her on the lips, "I'm finished with this," his eyes darted to the food.

Janine raised an eyebrow, "not in the office."

"Why not in the office?" He put his hand on her back, then slid it under her shirt.

Smirking but stifling a smile, "not in your office."

"I can lock the door. Tell Tiffany not to call me for anything."

"What if someone needs you?" She scooted her chair back.

Jeremiah stood up and smiled, went to the office door and locked it, then went to his phone to call his secretary, "no calls or visits until 1:30," he checked the time as he hung up the
phone, "we have 45 minutes."

Laughing, "then lets make it count."


  1. Janine needed to get on with her life and Jeremiah was there. I just don't want Maddox and Jeremiah's friendship to be ruined.

  2. I'm loving the updates add more soon

  3. I really don't see how Maddox and Jerry's friendship could be the same, but I like the fact that Maddox is not being petty about it. I'm liking the new grownup Maddox lol---Hollie