Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wanting More ...

So ... I have gotten so many emails lately about the old stories. I have decided that I will try and find a way to put up the ones that you only request. Not everything! Just the ones requested. We had a fan from the Netherlands actually looking for the Tangled Web story. That will be the first one to go up. What other old story requests do you have? I will try my best to get them up.


  1. Hey, you should definitely post Vittoria! I think Hood Rich and Committed were also staples...I however really want to re-read the last story you posted before closing the site. I can't remember what it was called but it was based around Valentine's Day. I've read all of the other stories several times, but with that one only being up for a short amount of time, I only read it once and barely remember it. But I do remember that I really liked the What If that went with it, so I would love if you could post that story and the what-if also...

    I do suggest posting those stories in their entirety at once because it's really hard to follow along with a story and remember whats happening when you post random updates. I always have to reread whatever was last posted. That being said, please update the new story and also the last What-If soon :)-----Hollie

  2. I agree with Hollie. Updates are posted randomly. Is there a way to get updates more frequently.

  3. Not really. I basically post them when I remember and have time to. I have to pace myself and do this in between all the other stuff I'm doing. I'm going to try and update both current stories tomorrow. Give yall a double posting of each.