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Undercover Superstar - Chapter 6

| 3 Months Later |

Maddox's tour was at its end and Janine had long gone home. That card she'd gotten from Ricardo came up missing but she didn't stress over it. She'd probably see him again. She, KB, and Tarin were having sushi and drinks at a restaurant, sitting by the window and catching up since Janine hadn't seen them in a week, "i'm still trying to convince her to come hang out with us," Janine was telling them about Yung, "but her boyfriend is extra fine so i don't blame her."

"What does he look like?" Tarin asked.

"Who cares?" Keith answered.

Janine nudged KB, then told Tarin, "about 6 foot 3, hair is cut short. Big dude. He boxes so he has big hands. Square jaw, dark brown eyes, NY accent with just a pinch of Spanish. He's very sweet to her, it's cute."

"Aww, I need me a man..." Tarin looked down, sad.

"No, Tarin, you need Jesus, you WANT a man," Kb corrected, who was being abnormally cunty that day.

Janine snickered but looked at him, "what's been up with you?"

"Yea the fuck is wrong with you, ass hole?" Tarin chimed in eating a piece of her salmon sashimi.

Kb just hunched his shoulders, which meant he wanted them to pester him for a real answer.

Janine quickly eyed Tarin, then leaned forward towards KB, "what's been up, Keith?" She asked again, "I haven't seen you or talked to you all week. This is supposed to be us time ... What's going on?"

"Ok, you really want to know? Lana broke up with me and your boyfriend hadn't gotten back to me about my demo."

"Maddox is not my boyfriend!" Janine snapped and leaned back in her seat, sick of saying it and saying it to them more than she should. "I'll see what I can do about the demo. No promises, though. I have to figure out how to do this. But what happened with Lana?"

"You sat tomato, I call bullshit. As far as Lana, she said my female best friend made her uncomfortable."

"What the fuck did I do?" Tarin said with all sorts of attitude.

"C'mon, you know what you did! You're always a Bitch to her."

"She's sensitive and needs to learn how to fit in!"

"Ok look," Janine started, "my problem was that you would invite her to shit we would be doing without even telling us. So yea, maybe Tarin had an attitude and maybe I was rolling my eyes HELLA hard. You can't force a girl on us and make us like her just because you do. If you like her, then go tell her you'll keep her away from us."

"The fuck, that's dumb. I've always put up with anyone you guys were dealing with and never gave you guys a problem, and never was rude, so the fact..." He stood to his feet and tossed money on the table, "that you guys can't supply me with the same respect is bullshit! Y'all have fun, I'm out!"

Janine's jaw dropped, "wha ..." Then she stood up and watched him leave, then looked at Tarin, "was I wrong? Damn, I was wrong wasn't I?"

"If you wrong, I'm wrong too, i just didn't like that Bitch.." Tarin continued eating.

"I hate it when he's mad at me. He's like that little boy on the playground that keeps throwing rocks that are too big. I'll be right back," Janine left her purse and rushed out of the restaurant and towards the street to find him, "KEITH!"

Keith heard her but hopped into a cab and headed home.

"Oh what the hell!" She slapped her thighs, then turned and went back to the sushi restaurant. She plopped down across from Tarin, picked up her chopsticks and continued eating, "well ... That's that."

"He's gonna be impossible for the next week you know?"

"Yea ..." Just as Janine was about to say something else, a pair of hands covered her eyes.

She paused, "Jesus? Of all things to take, you took my sight?"

A chuckle came from behind her, "you're so goofy," Maddox leaned down and kissed her cheek, and then grabbed some flowers from his guard and handed them to her.

She stood up and took the flowers, "thank you ... Hi," leaning into a hug.

"How are you?" He squeezed her tightly, and then pecked her on the lips. Tarin shook her head.

"I'm good, you remember Tarin ..." Janine sighed, damn this nigga had to kiss her in front of Tarin.

"Yeah I do, how are you Tarin?"

"Good.." She waved.

"Sit down," Janine sat and picked up her drink, "tour is over ... what will you do with the free time?"

"I told you my work is never done. I have other jobs, and i didn't come here to talk about work."

"Snappy. You need a nap," she rubbed his leg under the table.

"I need something and the shit ain't a nap.." He responded as Tarin widened her eyes laughed out loud and drank her drink.

"Eat your food, Tarin!" Janine cleared her throat, then looked at Maddox, "i'm going to finish my dinner. Your welcome to join us, or i can call you when i'm done."

"I'll wait." He paused, "where's your other friend?"

"Mad at us."

"Over?" He pryed.

"We hate his girlfriend ..." Tarin answered.

 Maddox rolled his eyes, "why?"

"We don't think she's a good fit for him." Janine told him, "we didn't run her off on purpose either."

"So, who's gonna be the one sucking ol' dudes dick now that his girl is gone? Because you two THOUGHT she wasnt good enough?" He shook his head, "i think that's bullshit and the biggest crock of shit, ever. Y'all had no business pushing that girl out of his life, instead, if the broad isn't really for him you should've let him find that shit out"

"Sooo you done?" Tarin was pissed, "you don't know shit about-"

"You don't know shit about-" Maddox mocked Tarin, "man shut up, and accept that you're wrong. That's where some women go wrong, your opinion isn't always important. Stop being petty, and let dude get his pussy on a regular."

"Hold up ..." Janine put hey chopsticks down, "I've already accepted i was wrong for it but i won't apologize. She's not good enough for him ... Point Blank! I really don't care who thinks we were wrong for what cause they ... You ..  Are not in this. I tried to be nice but the bitch said we made her uncomfortable and i don't give a fuck about her comfort. If she liked him like she should have or how she pretended to, she would have been woman enough to my ass about it. Fuck her. You want some sashimi?"

"Yea fucking right, you and i both know women are like hyenas. That girl had no chance, especially if THIS is how you guys act. Be woman enough to get to know the girl. I thought you were different, better even, Janine. As far as you Tarin, I'm not surprised. Petty asses ... And no i don't want any sashimi." Maddox Sat forward a little.

"Who the fuck do you think you-" Tarin started.

"Be right back," Maddox cut her off to excuse himself and left the table

After he walked off, Janine shrugged, "guess i'm not getting any tonight."

"I don't fuckin like his ass." Tarin now had an attitude.

"Let's just eat, man ... But what we gonna do about KB?"

"i don't know.." She hunched her shoulders.

Ten minutes later, Maddox came back, "you almost done?"

She smiled, "yes, beautiful."

"Alright, I'll be outside in the car.."

"Ok." They finished eating and paid the check. On the way out, Janine slapped Tarin on the butt and then went to Maddox's car.

Maddox sat in the back, texting as the driver got out and open the door for Janine, "hey..." He greeted.

"Hi," she sat inside, flowers in her lap and turned towards him, "you must have already eaten."

"Nope, i just had to excuse myself before i offended you for what i would've said to your friend."

Nodding, "you want me to make you something?'

"Nah, you're fine, I'll make a sandwich." He finally looked at her.

"You upset with me now?"

"Not really, i just saw you in a different light today, than I've ever seen you. Thats all..."

"And you don't like it ..." She nodded, "it's ok. I didn't like you when we first met."

He smirked, "you sure didn't tell me. Don't think for one second you need to do me any favors. When i do shit for someone i don't give it to them for nothing..." He shook his head, as that notion really set him back with her, "I'll deal with it, you're never like that when where alone, I'll deal," he placed a hand on her thigh.

"See. I have a problem with you. I've been keeping my distance because I don't want to get caught up. You're charming and you know it AND you know women. You know if to press, how to press and when. That ... I don't like. You're that type of man that women talk about wanting but don't ever expect to get. In my case ... I wanted to keep you as a friend and slowly work you into my life because I deserve to have you in my life. You need to know all this shit about me and then decide what happens next. We still don't know each other that well but you're a good man. I'm a good woman. So regardless of what happens tonight, I'll stay your friend before I'd ever be your girlfriend just so I can keep you around."

"And why do you want to keep me around?" He asked genuinely.

"Because I like you," she sighed and sat back, looking forward, "and that is a very bad thing."

He looked forward, "if its so bad, why didn't you say how you felt in the beginning, and i could've left you to your own life.?"

"Because I don't want you to do that. I want this but I'm a woman. I'm quietly emotional, protective of myself, my feelings, protective of the people I love. I'm stubborn. I'm a woman," she repeated and looked at him, "and the best one you'll ever have."

He sat there staring through her, he was a sucker for a loyal bitch. Shit got his dick harder than anything else. Without notice, he grabbed her by the back of her head, and attacked her lips. At that point his 'Janine sexual tension cup' runneth over. He just wanted to give her the business and then he could have a proper conversation with her. Had Janine not been in the process of being ravaged, she would have fist pumped and probably killed the mood. So instead, she responded by losing her blazer, hiking her skirt up and straddling him in the seat.

Maddox took off his blazer, and began to unbutton his dress shirt, and Janine just ripped it
the rest of the way off. Once his shirt was off, he turned the tables by picking her up and laying her on her back. He ripped her panties off the same way she ripped his shirt. He slipped one of his long slender middle finger into her mouth to get it wet, and then followed with his thumb. Once wet, he slipped that middle finger right between her legs, and rolled her pearl with his thumb. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a pocket knife, and opened it as he looked her into the eyes, he then cut her bra from her. Ditching the knife on the floor, he leaned down and brought one of her nipples in his mouth. Quickening the pace of his finger and thumb, some wicked noise began to escape Janine's mouth. Her eyes closed and she chewed on her bottom lip. When he eyes opened again, she slightly raised up on one elbow, then used her free hand to snake down between the two of them and undo his belt, then the button, then the zipper. She pushed his slacks down slightly, then reached into his boxers to stroke him. Smiling some, she kept on, "no wonder your ego is so big."

"Mmhmm..." He handed her a condom, he was ready to go.

She pushed his boxers and sat him back up in the seat. Janine shrugged out of the torn clothes, but kept the skirt on that was up around her waist, and her heels. She pulled his boxers and slacks down more then opened the condom and rolled it down on him. Right after, she slid down slowly and dropped her lips to his ear.

Undercover Superstar - Chapter 5

| After The Show |

Yung came down from the stage and went upstairs to the artists lounge. Janine grabbed her as soon as she stopped on the floor, "which performance do you want on the YouTube channel? I want to have it all up tomorrow."

"Just pick your favorite. I'm not picky."

"You got it. What are you doing later? I'm starving."

"Going to eat with my boyfriend, Dominic, right now," Yung adjusted her Yankees cap.

"Ooh yea?" Janine smiled, "keep an eye out for somebody for me."

"I think you already got somebody for you ..." She smiled and nodded at Maddox behind her.

"He only writes my checks," Janine sung, and turned around to smile at him, "eavesdropping?"

"Un huh, what is your problem?" He looked around, "pause your answer..." Maddox pulled her by her lower back to his office. Once they got there, he shut the door behind them, and turned to her, "ok, what its your problem?"

"What? I was JOKING ..." She looked at him with a confused expression and then chuckled, "a joke."

"Which part?" He looked down at her, waiting on a response before she gave him his.

"About you ONLY writing my checks. I already know you nosey," she folded her arms and grinned.

"You better be... You don't give a brotha thanks for the flowers he sent you, and then you treat him like a red headed step child," he grabbed her by her hand and pulled her to him, "I was about to say"

"OH! Shoot ... You know ... That was 4 months ago. I forgot," she smiled again, "let's sneak off."

"For what? And we already did." He motioned to his empty office, and played in her hair a little.

"This is not sneaking off. You're 6 foot 4 ... About what? 220 pounds? You could easily carry me on your shoulders if we were to go ... Anywhere. Do you know how long I've waited to ask someone big enough to carry me on their shoulder like I'm a prize? Come on big man, let's go. Or! We can go to my house and I can make you the best shepherds pie you ever had in your life."

"You want to cook for me, huh? I'm trying to watch my figure though, " he joked.

"That's BS. Me? On the other hand ... I have to work for this. I need to settle some things and then I'm going home. You are more than welcomed to come. I will treat you to some southern hospitality," she paused, "never mind ... You're a city implant," she joked, "but you get what I'm saying."

"What?! Baby, before the city, there was the country, Tennessee boy all the way. I know southern hospitality." He paused, "hurry up and finish your work then, I'm hungry now, and its your fault..."

"Yea, yea," she rushed out. 15 minutes later, they were leaving The Suite and going to Janine's apartment. 

| Janine's |

They walked up on the small porch area, Janine unlocked the door and walked in with Maddox. She flipped a light switch, closed and locked the door, then hung up both their coats, "I'm gonna change real quick. Feel free to snoop. Be right back."

"Oh, I will." He stayed standing and looking at pictures, "is this your mother? In the picture near your TV?" He yelled toward her.

"Yes! Grandmother on the other side!"

"She is fine.." He smiled, "both of them, grandma can get it too," he joked.

Janine walked out of her bedroom in some basic shorts and tank top while shaking her head, "it's horrible for my dad. The young ones really like my mom." She walked straight through to the kitchen, "want something to drink?"

"Water," he followed her.

"You make me feel terrible. I despise water. I have to make myself drink it ... It has to be in a glass with tons of ice or I won't even look at it," which is what she got him, a giant glass and filled it with ice, then put the water in from the fridge, and handed it to him. After doing so, she pulled out some ground beef, carrots, sweet peas and potatoes, then washed her hands and started cooking.

"You know how you can start drinking water? Put fruit in it over night, that way its flavored with extra vitamins and its not bad for you. You don't drink dark soda, do you?"

"I'm a tea drinker ... And I'll try that."

"Do it, you'll love it if you love tea. Do you put a shit ton of sugar in your tea?"

"No. I hate that. My roommate in college used to put so much sugar that it was almost syrup by the time she was done with it."

"Gross," his phone vibrated, "you look good in just your basic shit by the way," he texted one of his guards who were one of the dozen outside Janine's apartment.

"Thank you. I'm so comfortable right now. Hence my hair in a stupid bun," she chuckled, "men hate those things."

"Not this one, you look sexy. You know what? I can't wait to know you better..."

"Because I'm a catch. I know," she nodded, moving about the kitchen, "don't want to sit down?"

He took her advice, "that and when we fuck,  it will be magic..." He chuckled, "you wanted honesty..."

"I suppose I asked for that," she laughed.

"Yes, you did," he drank down the water and then put his glassr down, and then went to stand next to her, let me take over, you been working all day."

"I like what I do," she shrugged, "but let me do this. I am amazing ... My grandmother taught me how to cook. A man will propose to me after I've cooked for him," she bumped him away with her hip, "go way. I'm cooking for you today. You can make it up to me another time."

"I'm sure, I can follow instructions, I'm smart..." He smirked.

"You're pushy," she grinned and began giving him instructions. 

| Later |

After the food was cooked and finished, Janine sat the 2 bowls down and filled them, then sat, "go for it," she watched with a huge smile on her face.

He nodded, and took a bite, and before he chewed, he faked it making him sick and jetted towards the bathroom.

She gasped, "oh my God ... I killed the biggest star in the world," she got up and followed to the bathroom, "my dad is gonna kill me ... TARIN is gonna kill me," Janine knocked on the door, "Maddox ...?"

He came out with a big smile on his face, "shit is damn good ..." He grabbed her around her neck, "you might've just landed you a husband," he joked.

She mean mugged him, "I should kick you out ..." Then turned around and went to eat. "I won't kill you this time."

He laughed, "don't be like that.."

Shaking her head, "do you want to watch a movie or you have to leave after you finish?"

"We can watch a movie."

"Good. We're about to watch an M. Night Shyamalan movie. I love all his movies, even the stupid ones like The Happening. And then sleep with the lights on," she chuckled.

"He's terrible but I'll put up with it."

"Good man," she put in 'Devil' and sat down next to him on the couch.

| After The Movie |

"You had to like that one."

"nope can't say that i did, but did you enjoy it? Is the question..."

"Thank you for humoring but yes ... yes I enjoyed it. And thanks for coming over."

"You're welcome ... I should go."

Janine stood up and turned the TV off, then got his coat out for him, "be safe going home."

"Of course ..." He grabbed the coat and put it on. Then he turned to Janine, leaned down and hugged her, and followed that by stealing a kiss before they came out of that hug. He held onto it for a minute as he slowly began to dip her back, like in an old hollywood film.

Dramatics. Janine let the kiss happen. Besides, the man could really kiss. When he stood her up straight, she tilted her head to the side and slightly shook her head while she smiled at him, "nice one ... I have nothing smart to say bout that."

"Just being goofy but i meant the kiss, you have a goodnight sweetheart." He kissed her forehead and left out the front door

"You too," she said only soft enough for herself to hear, watched him get inside the car, then went into her place and got ready for bed.

| 2 Months Later |

Things between Janine and Maddox couldn't be any better. Still no label, but the more Maddox spent time getting to know her, it only drew them closer, even if Janine spent most of the time being indifferent. Then one day while Maddox was out of town, Janine was approached by a man. Tall, dark, Spanish descent and a sure that could weaken anyone, "you have amazing eyes," he complimented, "Ricardo, and you?" He flashed a smile.

"Janine," she smiled, "thank you." Now she felt a little stuck. She had work to do but couldn't leave the guy in front of her until she got his number.

"You're welcome .. I'm new to the area, and i was hoping someone beautiful as yourself could show me around."

"I'm ... So sorry but i don't have the time," and she really didn't. Damn. "I wouldn't be great company. I'm not much of a tour guide."

"Perhaps dinn-" at that very time was when Maddox called, after being notified of Janine being talked to by Ricardo Montega, a problem, and thankfully he'd alerted his guards to keep a close eye on Janine.

"One second. Sorry," she answered and took a few steps away, "hi. How is Asia?"

"Good, baby, look can you do me a favor?"

"Sure," she glanced back at Ricardo and smiled.

"I need you to house sit for me ..."

Janine sucked in a breath, "Uh ... Okay ... For how long?"

"A week ... You can treat it like your home, mi casa es su casa. Look, I'm asking because i trust you, don't bring anyone into my house please, and go to The Suite, one of my guards can drive you there."

"Alright. No problem. I need to edit some stuff first. I'm on my way there now," Janine looked at the building which was just down the block, "he can take me home to get my things then I'll go there," now Janine was walking towards the building and away from Ricardo unintentionally.

"Thank you..." Maddox smiled, "what are you wearing?"

"Beautiful..." Ricardo called.

"who is that?" Maddox asked

"Oh! This guy I just met on the street." She stopped and went back to Ricardo, "I'm sorry, I've gotta get to work. It was very nice to meet you." Damn, there went her chance to get a number. Couldn't do that with the boss on the phone.

"Well, take my card?" Ricardo offered

"Don't he see that you're busy?" Maddox got a certain aggression in his voice Janine had never heard before.

"Ok! I'm going!" Janine frowned momentarily, took the card Ricardo held out, smiled and hurried off, still on the phone, "I'm almost there now. I'm clear and going back to work."

"Good, when i get home from this tour, I am gonna punish you ..." He said almost excited, "you better start your squats, pushups, whatever, I'm gonna wear that ass out," Maddox quickly turned a situation that pissed him off, to one that got him excited. He chuckled.

"We're going to the gym to spar?!" She stopped walking, happy as all hell.

"Get the fuck out, you know what I'm talking about."

"Yes yes yes, best night of my life, blah blah blah, dick game like wow, yadda yadda yadda swinging from chandeliers," she outright laughed and walked inside The Suite.

"Look, I see what you're doing. Challenge accepted." He smirked, "just remember how you're acting now, smart ass. Send me a picture of you."

Janine laughed again and took a picture of her smiling face as she walked by the bar, "that's all you get," she sent it.

"No cleavage, though?" He looked at the picture, "I like titties and ass, and you can't even send me a sexy silhouette. I mean your smile is beautiful, but c'mon ..."

"Sorry. You get nothing until you get here. I have work to do."

He sighed, "alright, talk to you later then..."

Saturday, March 21, 2015



| The Next Day |

The next day, Genevieve waited around until she knew AJ would be out of class and called his cell. "Little sister ..." He answered. Antonio was out of class and just arrived at his apartment complex.

Gigi smiled, "you won't believe what happened last night." First, she closed the bedroom door, then began the story of what happened that night. She told him everything, short of what was said in private that she couldn't catch from eavesdropping, but made sure to note a few important things, "what did dad say about Jeremiah and Maddox?"

Antonio Jr. listened while sitting in his car. After she'd finished telling the story as fast as she could, Antonio got out of his car and grabbed his messenger bag, "from his description of their relationship, they are as close as brothers. Jeremiah would be the more mature and focused brother who tried to keep the little one from running into the street." Locking up his car, he began to go into the building.

She giggled, "ok," finally nodding, "I don't know what's happening."

"Our older siblings feel it would be more beneficial if mother were to be reminded of her past feelings for their father. I am, however, surprised at this juvenile act on their part."

"I feel a bridge. A really big bridge. Like a San Francisco bridge. Being built from those two to us two. That's what I feel. BROOKLYN BRIDGE, BIG!"

He laughed, "I doubt it's that serious. Maybe a tiny bridge over a pond." He paused, "are they different?"

"Elle and Lucky? No. But they're on a mission." She convinced him as she opened a drawer full of nail polish.

"As long as they aren't different, there is nothing to worry about. They love us. We love them just the same. We just don't care of the current situation they continue to push onto us."

"Well yea ... But ... What if Jeremiah doesn't come back? What if he stops seeing mom just because of Mr. Bigshot?"

"A possibility. We don't know what was said in private," he unlocked his apartment door and walked in.

"It's so easy ... He probably told him to stay away from his woman because he had her first and they're best friends and blah blah blah.  You know how guys are."

"Another possibility." He put his messenger bag on the couch, then walked over to the window to push open the curtains, "if Jeremiah shows up sooner rather than later, then we know how the other side of the conversation went. Try not to worry. Focus on school. Mother is strong, she'll be fine."

"You always say that," smiling a little, she took out a bottle of black, then a bottle of fuchsia crackle.

"And I'm always right."

| The Next Day – Noonish |

Jeremiah Eli Tanner did, indeed, show up that Monday after Gigi went to school. His lunch hour was spent with Janine inside his office with Greek food as the choice for the day. 

"Should I ask about the other night?" Janine held out a piece of her pita bread for him to bite.

He bit it and shook his head, "quick convo," he chewed and dug around in his food, "he asked why ... I told him I liked you. I don't think he's mad ... He's hurt," Jeremiah took a deep breath and then stole a cucumber off of Janine's plate.

She watched him take it and said nothing, but then a smile started to grow, "you like me that much?"

"Uh huh," he smirked at her and nodded. "He won't forgive me after this will he?"

"I'm not sure. I don't know this grown up Maddox. I'm actually trying not to think about him at all," going back to eating her salad. "God, I was hoping I wouldn't see him ever and there he was, in my damn hospital room ..."

"You still have feelings for him?"

"I think so ... There's SOMETHING there. I'm just not sure what it is." So it wasn't a complete lie but not the complete truth either. Janine had no interest in seeing where she and Maddox would go, especially at their age and his occupation.

He got up from his seat and slid it over so it was next to Janine. He kissed her temple, then used his fork to eat the food in her plate. He decided not to push the issue, but to wait it out and see how she felt. Shit, they were 40+ and high school games no longer applied. With that in mind, he kissed her again on the cheek, then the corner of her mouth and noticed her smile. She turned to face him and he kissed her on the lips, "I'm finished with this," his eyes darted to the food.

Janine raised an eyebrow, "not in the office."

"Why not in the office?" He put his hand on her back, then slid it under her shirt.

Smirking but stifling a smile, "not in your office."

"I can lock the door. Tell Tiffany not to call me for anything."

"What if someone needs you?" She scooted her chair back.

Jeremiah stood up and smiled, went to the office door and locked it, then went to his phone to call his secretary, "no calls or visits until 1:30," he checked the time as he hung up the
phone, "we have 45 minutes."

Laughing, "then lets make it count."



Jeremiah didn't feel as bad as he should have. Yes, Maddox was the brother he never had
but he hadn't seen the woman in 25 years. Maybe he expected to swoop in and pick up where they left off? He'd have to talk to him later to avoid a bunch of bullshit. He simply rubbed the back of his head and looked back at Maddox, "it works."

"Let's all say grace, ok?" Anya, Lucky's wife, broke the silence. "Bow your heads." She proceeded to lead in prayer and after a quiet 'Amen,' the food was passed around.

"so what do you do professionally, anya?" Maddox asked to avoid his true feelings.

“Uhm …” She cleared her throat and smiled, “I design wedding gowns. My shop is in Soho close to Ms. Hines’ art gallery.”

"Fantastic, i have a store in SoHo as well." He smiled.

"Oh? What is it called?"

Dante interrupted, "I play baseball for the New York Yankees. 1st Base," then gave the prettiest smile in the room.

Lucky immediately shot his father a look and then shook his head. “Huh?” Maddox asked confused, “you interrupted us to tell me something I was gonna ask you anyway?”

“Well yea …” He was completely sure of himself.

“Lord …” Janine mumbled, “Dante sweetie … Shut the hell up.”

“Ms. Hi-“ He started.

“Mommy-“ Jiselle tried.

Janine only shook her head, “patience.”

“Yea, Dante, shut the hell up,” Maddox looked back to Anya, “it’s called Ames’. It’s a specialty suit boutique. 1 of 10 around the world.”

“You have everything so together. I admire that. The hard work. I’d be lucky to have even 2 shops but I’m working on it. Using you as inspiration.”

Lucky cleared his throat, “what about me?” He kissed her cheek.

“You too,” she blushed.

“You sly dog, you!” Maddox teased Lucky, “nah, but you’ll get it, Anya. Drive will get you there.”

“Thank you,” she smiled and passed the big plate of catfish to Lucky.

Jeremiah looked at Janine to start a quiet conversation, “you’re eating fried food. Thought that was against a new rule of yours.”

“I wanted it too bad. I’m always good when we’re out together, right? Yes?” She answered for him.

“Hardly,” he joked.

Other conversations ensued when Dante interrupted, “is it my turn yet?” He asked like an eager young boy. Maddox never did ask him what he did because Lucky was right … He hated his guts.

“Hell no, I don’t even care.” He looked to Elle, “no offense baby.” 

“None taken.” Jiselle frowned and sulked but understood.

“I know I’m not your kid, but,” Gigi tapped Maddox on the arm, “is it my turn?”

"Go ahead, hon." Maddox told her.

“Yay! I ran on the Olympic track team and won and individual medal. I’ve also gotten a ton of scholarship offers from schools wanting me to run for them. But I don’t want to move so far away. That’s all!” She took a bite of her corn.

“Nice. Amazing, Gigi!”

“Thanks,” she blushed.

| After Dinner |

The table was being cleared and Jeremiah used the opportunity to get with Maddox. He walked up to him, “a minute?”

“Yea, I guess,” he followed Jerry outside.

They stood on the back  porch. Jeremiah had his arms folded across his chest, “this wasn’t done with the intention of fucking with you,” he turned to him and groped the air for words, then dropped his hands, “I like her.”

“Let me say something to you. FUCK WHO YOU LIKE! You are my brother, the one person who knew exactly how I felt about Janine, and listened to me for hours upon days trying to figure what to do. Just because you and me haven’t kicked it in a couple of years don’t mean you can do this shit. Do you think I would do that shit to you, ever?”

He shook his head, “no, man. And I apologize for it. Honestly.” What the hell else was there to say? Nothing.

“Yea … Right … Some brother you are.” Maddox went back inside the house.

On the inside, Janine saw Maddox walk back in so she went outside to sit with Jerry. The twins caught up with Maddox, “daddy …” Jiselle said quietly.

“Yea?” He sat on a chair and put his head in his hands.

“I’m sorry. I still think we can get rid of him …”

“Jiselle,” Lucky stopped her, “there aint nothing wrong with that dude. Leave mom alone.”

“But this is better for all of us!”

Maddox sighed, “let your mom be happy, Elle. I’m too old to play that kinda game.”

Right after Jeremiah walked back inside and left, Janine went to the twins, “you two … Kitchen … Now.” She walked ahead of them.

Lucky rolled his eyes while Jiselle took a deep breath. They both followed her. Janine had already pulled out a wine bottle and glass, now pouring herself some wine, “I’m gonna ask one time …” Taking a sip of the wine, “and refrain from cursing … What was that about, babies?”

“Mom … No disrespect … But shouldn’t you be talking to the man this is centered around?” Lucky suggested.

“Dad wants to be with you!” Elle blurted out.

“Idiot,” Lucky shook his head.

"No." Narrowing her eyes at Lucky, she put her glass down and walked over to him, "don't you ever ... Again ... In your life," then looked at Elle, "interfere with my personal life. That is mine!" That's when she teared up and looked between the two of them, "you don't get a say in that. I have lived my entire life for the 4 of you. It's my turn, ok? I know what you're thinking because it's logical ..." She paused and backed up when a tear fell, "but you crossed a line. That man in there ... You don't ever!" She stifled a sob, then knocked back the entire glass of wine, then stopped, "go home, babies. Goodnight." She gave them a half assed wave and walked off to the stairs to go to bed.

“See … Told you that was a bad idea,” Lucky shook his head while Jiselle stood feeling beyond bad.

Janine headed towards the stairs but Maddox caught sight of her, “Janine …” He stood up.

Clenching her jaw, she stopped, took some breathes, wiped her face and turned to face him as normal as possible, “thank you for coming to dinner.”

“Thank you … I have something to say though.” He paused, “you never deserved it. Your suspicions were always right. When you felt it, so did I … I fell hard. I guess I’m saying I wish this was different.”

Janine stood there nodding and looking down at her feet as another tear rolled, “so do I. Goodnight.”

Sighing, “goodnight,” he watched her go up the stairs.

“Oh my Godddd!” Gigi literally stomped by them, pointing towards the twins while going upstairs to her mothers room, “you’re ruining my mother!”

Lucky approached Maddox, “well we’re in the dog house.”

“You guys should’ve known better,” he sighed, “good looking out though. I’m heading out, but I’m calling you and your sister about bringing my grandchildren over. Cool?”

Lucky nodded and hugged him, then went to the den to claim his wife and child. Jiselle followed after, crying and holding onto Dante and Carmen. She broke away momentarily to hug her father, then kept on out as everyone left the house.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wanting More ...

So ... I have gotten so many emails lately about the old stories. I have decided that I will try and find a way to put up the ones that you only request. Not everything! Just the ones requested. We had a fan from the Netherlands actually looking for the Tangled Web story. That will be the first one to go up. What other old story requests do you have? I will try my best to get them up.