Monday, March 28, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 10

| 1 Week Later |

They laid low to survey the news and see if anyone had heard anything. When Janine was satisfied, they headed back to California on a multitude of different flights and their covers in tact. Janine got home and fell into her bed. She hadn't slept most of the trip and she needed to catch up on it desperately. Maddox wasn't informed on when she would be back so he just showed up and found her sleeping with her head under a pillow. Smiling, he got down to his knees and reached over to her, i missed you" he pulled her to the edge of the bed.

"Hey you ..." She mumbled out and then curved her body around him.

"Hey baby," he climbed to the bed, "how are you?"

"Tired but recuperating." Still with her eyes closed, she pulled the cover up over them both and buried her face in his chest, "I missed you."

"Oh yeah? " He ran his hand through her hair.

Nodding, "did you bring sunshine?" She referred to his dick.

"Nah, left it at home?"

She chuckled, "Sunshine is like American Express."

He removed her panties and parted her legs, "you right about that" he licked a few fingers and  then stuck them inside her and began to rub her spot slowly.

Poor Janine still hadn't figured out how to properly flirt so American Express was what she came up with. That next morning, they went out for breakfast and stayed out all day, "I think i should buy you a ring or something ... Right?" Janine asked Maddox in an awkward fashion. They were walking past Tiffany's, "something manly, though. Is that how it works when you want to get married?"

"So you trying to take my manhood away?"

Her eyes widened. She even panicked a little. Maddox was a man ... A real man. She'd never want to threaten his manhood. She just didn't know how a marriage proposal process was supposed to work. "Of course not. But I understood it as whoever asks first. I know that in those black n white films, the woman waited for the proposal but what if I want to propose to you? Do I still have to wait?"

"Janine, don't "

She held her hands up to surrender, "sorry."

"Look i love you, but dont ever in your life get down on one knee and propose to me."

"I got it now."

"Thank you..." he kissed her forehead, "so when can i put a baby in you?  Still two years? "

"Yes, but there's only about 7 months of that left. So ... Soon," she put her head on his arm momentarily, then they started walking before they stopped again to get food from a cart. Janine got a chicken and steak fajita with everything on it except tomatoes. "how many do you want, anyway?"


Janine stopped midbite, "no."

He smiled, "4 at the most."

"I can do that."

"I know you can" he rubbed her ass, "you have come a long way, you know that?"

"You proud of me?" Smiling.

"Yes, and grateful, i wouldn't want to break up with you for remaining weird."

"You REALLY would have put me down that?"

"Fuck yeah Janine, i dont want a woman who cant reciprocate the affection i need. Yeah, ive done a lot of shit, and when i met you, i was this stone wall, but thats not me. I always wanted a good relationship with my father and i didnt care how to go about it and then boom." He looked her in the eyes, "when i met you, i thought you were legit the most beautiful girl ive seen, even more so than Sasha, but the reason i didn't make stronger moves, was that whole weird murdery thing you had goin.  It was a turn off."

 Thankfully, she knew she was still weird and murdery, but not around him. She nodded, "I understand how that can be a turn off. I didn't realize how bad it was. Sasha had to show me."

"Yeah, and i dont care what choose to do outside of you and me, as long as you give me the girl i fell in love with."

"No problem." She bit and chewed up more fajita, swallowed, then said, "you didn't get one."

"I'll eat at home" he rubbed her head.

| Months Later |

 "That's everything. It all looks good. Cubans are attempting to regroup with all new people but they won't be an issue. Mackey is still on board. According to everyone, there is no more Italian Mafia operating inside the United States, just a branch of it headed up by an unknown that is running basically everything. They'll be asking questions soon, I'm sure of it," Carson notified Janine of the entire sweep being completely successful.

"For now. Keep monitoring ... better than the NSA."

"You got it," he paused, "it's ... safe now." He mentioned to Janine, referencing Doc.

Janine nodded, "What of the remaining organizations who knew Doc?"

Carson laughed, "Joseph says they're claiming ignorance. Never heard of him."

Nodding, that was good. That was very good. She'd accomplished her goal. Business was still going as usual. Arms deals were running smoothly, information still being passed and her small corporations she created to clean out dirty money were actually pretty legit. They were good. "I just ... Need to be sure. Thank you. I'll call you later. Enjoy the bonus."

"Already on it," Carson hung up.

Janine ended the call and pulled out a burner, dialing Carmine. "Hello?" He answered.

"Clear." Janine hung up.

Now all she had to do was wait. She knew Carmine would do some checking of his own and that was fine with her. She doubted anyone thought she could clean up the US in 2 years or at all. But when you kill first and not ask questions, things move a little more swift than usual.

| Later that night |

Janine went over to Maddox's with a bottle of wine and groceries in her arm.

Opening the door, "what's up babe?" He took everything from her arms and kissed her lips.

"Absolutely nothing," she kissed him again and closed and locked the door, then followed him to the kitchen.

"Good, what you do all day?"

"Business ... All day. But ... we can make a baby now."

"Oh can we?" His smile grew bigger, "dont tease me with a good time"

"I'm not teasing. We can do this. We're celebrating," she motioned to the wine, "ta da!"

He sat everything down, "oh baby, you have made me the happiest man on earth," he picked her up off the ground.

"I even bought parenting books." She kissed him.

He smiled and kissed on her some more, "we startin tonight" he put her down.

"I threw my birth control out already. Let me make dinner."

He smiled and just kissed her on the head, and then watched her go for the pots and pans, "use the new ones in the box baby."

"Are these Martha Stewart? I love ..." She started pulling the pots and pans out, "Martha Stewart," and put them in the sink to wash when she stopped, "Oh my g o ddddddd," she said in a small whiney girl voice.

Maddox walked to her, "i love you. Its that simple baby," he removed the ring from the pot, "There is no one in this world that I'd rather be with. Will you marry me?"

"God. Yes." And this moment was why she'd killed so many people. No, she wouldn't say that, but she was over the moon.

Maddox put the ring on her finger and grabbed her head to kiss her long and hard, "i love you" he said between the kiss and then hugged her, "now make me dinner, woman."

Smiling, "Okay baby!"


  1. awww yay! I hope everything works out

  2. yay! im glad they working out but i cant help but think what if she walked in on him cheating on her what she would do!? loved it tho!

  3. Bring on the babies!!!!