Friday, March 18, 2016

Doc's Little Girl - 9

| Later |

Janine and Sasha retreated to the office once they got back to the house, "What else did you learn?"

"His camp is weak. Still strong in the police departments though. And he is not smart enough to maintain his business operations. He's focusing too hard on one person. Thats a fraction of the competition thats so irrelevant."

When that one person was wiping people out, that's very relevant. Joseph thought she was Asian. Nice. "It's never been a very strong camp but ... having an ally with eyes close by is an asset. Can you set up a phone call for me with him? Tomorrow," she reached into the bottom drawer of her desk and passed Sasha a paper bag with a burner cell in it, "tell him to expect the call around 3."

Sasha nodded and crossed her legs while taking the bag, "plus ive got him wrapped around my finger. No problem."

| 2 Months Later |

Cutting people down from the bottom up, as Doc suggested, wasn't working. Too many experienced unwillingness to work for a woman ... A woman that wasn't blood related to the Ames or Agnello's no matter what Doc had said. So what did Janine do? She fired the lower branch and killed the higher branch. The rest that were in other areas, she disbanded the outfit. Janine needed to bring Doc, her father, home, and would do it by any means necessary.

Only about 20 of Doc's men were respectful enough to stay on the job. The ones who'd been around Janine and Doc together and understood the relationship. They would stay on board, mostly as her personal security. Janine treated them the same as Doc did so nothing for them had changed. In the meantime, she would have them pick up a few guys. She had specific qualifications. 

Inside a warehouse in the dead of night, Janine was having a meeting. She was covered in black from head to toe. All they saw were her eyes and heard her voice, now knowing it was a woman. Roughly twenty men were in the room and one of them was Jerry McKissick. He was recently released from prison after serving 13 years for sexual assault of a minor. The minor was 9 years old. She'd just given all of them the brief overview of what was to be expected of them. Not all of them were as bad off as Jerry, but most of them were. No job or low paying job, halfway house living, homeless, or almost back in jail. She'd just offered them a clean start in exchange for loyalty and a paycheck.

Jerry McKissick, however, had more questions, "you know what we all did. Why would you want us? Don't you think we might hurt you?"

"No." Janine answered quickly and walked up to where Jerry was sitting. "You're a pervert, not stupid. There's a difference. I need an army. I need a level of trust. Small from my end, large from yours. And if any of you walk out of here and I find out any of you said anything, you're dead. You will see me and I will murder you. Screaming."

"I can make you scream, baby," Jerry reached out and put his hand on Janine's hip, then started moving towards her ass. Lighting quick, she pulled a knife out of a sheath in the long sleeve of her black shirt, and stabbed Jerry in the neck, unmoving as he gurgled some of the blood that was squirting out of his neck. She sighed and looked at him as he clutched onto her legs, "disrespect," she said loud enough for everyone to hear. The room was pin drop quiet, "if anyone wants to challenge me ... Now is the time," she backed up from Jerry's dead body and went to a small open space, "be aware that this is a fight to the death." She lifted a finger and crooked it, calling to her anyone who felt willing.

One stood, cracking his knuckles and walking out towards her. He was a big man. Janine shook her head, "shame. I could have really used you." The murmurs started. Janine was only 5 foot 2 inches tall, only modestly muscled but impeccably trained. Doc, personally, trained her, so she was a machine. "Would you like a weapon?" She asked.

"I don't need no weapon to put you down, you little bitch." He was big but not wide. Muscular. He used his downtime in jail for working out. He had healed scars on his body. He'd survived some nice knife fights.

"Disrespect," Janine said and stood there waiting on his slow approach. "Any day now."

He swung at Janine as soon as he got to her. She ducked under him and punched him, a haymaker punch, to the small area in the center of his chest where his ribs met. Air whooshed out of him and he backed up, trying not to hunch forward. Underneath Janine's gloves, she always wore small brass knuckles. Doc always told her not to 'get lazy and think someone can't take a punch. Hit hard enough to break something, every time,' he'd always said. Janine gave the guy no time to recover, she punched him in the jaw, the gut, the kidney, and finally the neck. The blows came in rapid succession. The big man backed up to the wall, face read, she'd crushed his wind pipe. Janine tilted her head to the side, then said to everyone, "this is what the lighter side of disrespect looks like ... That," she pointed to Jerry, "is the darker side. If we have a deal, you may go. I'll meet you back here in 3 days." She pulled back and punched the man, as hard as she could, right in his chest, over his heart. His eyes went wide and he dropped to the ground.

| 8 Months Later |

Janine successfully amassed the army she wanted. Not only were they insanely loyal but were ready and eager to go on missions after they were properly trained. She slept easier knowing they were watching the house around the clock.

Janine still held onto her aloof outward appearance in case any questions came up. More months passed and preparations were nearly complete to begin shutting down opposing operations and bring her 'dad' back home. "I need 30 ... for each location," she was talking to Carson on the phone. "Burners and hand weapons. Preferably switch blades."

"Quick and quiet?" He was making mental notes. Carson was a smart ass tech nerd who used to work for the Pentagon. The Pentagon always employed nerds who would literally spend all day trying to break the Pentagon's encryption. That way, they would find out if the encryption could be broken, how, and how they can keep it from happening again. Carson, had cracked it 3 times, once after every update. Instead of giving him a much needed raise and promotion, they deemed him too dangerous and 'retired him' at the age of 28 with full pension along with signing multiple stacks of paperwork that said he would basically never do any technical job or say he ever worked for the government.

"Yes." Janine responded, "I also want hand guns with high quantity rounds that can be suppressed. I want them in swat gear as well."

"Got it... and should these all happen simultaneously?"

"They must. We're arriving, suiting up, then going in. Your guys have to monitor."

"What will be your point of position, boss?"

"I'll let you know. I'm going for the big fish myself. Just get enough gear for my men." She paused, "wait. I'll need extra when i got to New York to get the Russians. Add an extra 10."

"Absolutely. Anything else from me?"

"That's it. Send me the figures so I can get the money wired to you for purchases."

"Yes ma'am," he said in an excited tone and hung up.

| 3 Months Later |

Janine and her team went to New York and took down the entire Russian outfit that had overwhelmed Doc to the point of leaving. Yvgeny, their top dog, was said to have been the one who 'killed Doc' and would brag about it anywhere he went. Yes, the Italians left the Russians bloody on that last mission, but definitely not dead. They didn't know that. All they knew is that Doc's 'body' had been discovered a mile from their final fight zone. That was good enough for them. Yvgeny was taken back to California and put in that sub basement of the hideout house and left there until Janine could decide what to do with him.

Not long after that, Janine needed to take down anyone who helped the Russians. The Cubans needed to go. Janine and 30 men in SWAT gear were rolling through a Miami, FL suburb in plumbing vans in the middle of the night. They had radio com equipment in their ears, guns, enough bullets on each person to reload 10 times over, and a single blade they kept close to their heart in case worse came to worse. About 5 miles from the compound, Janine radio'd everyone, "Anyone not in our gear ... Dies. None of them walk away. I'm talking maid service, animals, kids, I don't give a fuck. If anyone lives to tell the story, you won't. Understood?" She got grumbles of approval from each appointed captain in each van. Janine, decked out in SWAT gear as well, prepared to go in.

3 vans of men were given a 15 minute head start to deal with the outside guards. With night vision goggles on, they moved quietly throughout the grounds, picking off the outside guards from the tower, perches, and even dogs. When that 15 was up, the front van stormed the gate and inside they went.

By the end of it, Janine had lost only 5 men whose bodies were taken back to the van. Ricardo Montega was found in his safe room with his woman. "Cut communications off to the outside," she said to Carson in the earpiece. Once he signaled it was down, Janine pulled her face gear off and looked at Ricardo, "so who is this?" She referred to his woman.

He looked at her with an unbothered smile, "Bridgette."

"You can go now, honey." Janine told her, also confident she would be taken care of once she left the safe room. Looking back at Ricardo, Janine took a seat and smiled, "sources say you helped the Russians 'off' Doc Ames."

"Please... but i wish I had," he looked to Janine, "my colleagues took care of that."

"Your colleagues? Ygveny and his friends? The ones who were killed in a raid about 3 days ago?"

Ricardo's smile faltered just a little. There was no way anyone could break through Yvgeny's defenses. He was swarmed by people at all times. Was this true? "And ... Who are you, beautiful?"

"Just some muscle ... closing a wound."

"Muscle? That supple body?"

Janine smiled, "you would be surprised. Anything you want to say before you're put to sleep?"

Ricardo laughed, "just do it.." he smoked his cigar, honestly not believe he was about to go down due to a ... Woman. A very small woman.

"Good man," Janine walked out and the firing squad ensued. She passed Bridgette's dead body on the way down a grand staircase, "everyone out," she yelled. When they came out, Carson thumbed up from a van, signaling the coms were back on, "blow that shit and let's get out of here."

10 minutes later, all men were out and the place lit up like the 4th of July. They all piled into the vans to go hold up until they could leave to check in at the next location.

40 miles away, Alonzo Montega met his demise. He wasn't involved, but his twin was Ricardo and Janine couldn't take that chance. Pulling up to Alonzo's, it was already engulfed in flames, "looks like we're right on time," Carson smiled.

"I need confirmation ..." Janine got out of the van but told Carson, "tell D Vaz to bring the body so I can see it myself."

"Afterwards? You never instructed for him to bring the body."

Janine took a deep breath and then nodded, she turned to the 5 other men she rode with, "find D Vaz and bring him to me now. Thank you," then she sat on the inside of the van. New frustration on her face. While they were getting him, Janine asked Carson, "was their any surveillance inside?"

"There was surveillance at all locations."

"Let me see the feed from here ... Before I kill this man." She went to the monitor and leaned on the console. Carson nodded, not sure why a man had to die because she neglected to mention one detail. But in Janine's mind, it was an unspoken rule. She'd worry about that another time. Pulling up the camera feed, he handed the small tablet over to her. Janine watched Montega's execution. At least Alonzo had more spark in him than Ricardo. Alonzo went down shooting even though he lost. Still, there was no body Janine could pick at even though the feed said things were handled properly. And still, Alonzo's body was there when the outside camera feed captured the explosion. After she was done viewing the footage, DVaz appeared, "it's common knowledge that I want to see the body when I'm not personally involved. I'm a woman. Actions speak louder than words. Don't make that mistake again. Let's get ready to pull out." Everyone nodded and they left to the safe house.

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