Monday, March 28, 2016

Undercover Superstar - 12

| 2 Days Later |

"Tell Tarin, tonight us a go." Maddox spoke to Janine in the phone.

"Oh hell yes. Do i get to see him before hand? I adore him," she laughed.

"The fuck for? You don't get to fuck him." Maddox raised a brow.

She laughed, "joking. What time?"

"9 pm, my penthouse, no panties."

"You want an outsider in your penthouse ... Okay. I'll bring her."

"Yes my penthouse he's gonna pick her up from there."

"Okay. See you at 9. Want anything?"

"Nope surprise me ..."

| Later |

They arrived a little before 9. Janine walked Tarin to the penthouse elevator, "no drawz right?" Janine lifted up the back of Tarin's dress.

Tarin swatted at her, "naw, none! Do i look cute?" Tarin raised a brow, "would you fuck me?"

Smiling, "yes and yes."

"Good!" She cheesed, "what are you and Asshole doing tonight?"

"Screwing probably." They stepped into the elevator.

"Damn us that all you do?"

"Course not. We ... Date," smiling.

Janine and Tarin got out of the elevator and was met by a guard at the front door. They were let in immediately. Maddox was talking on the phone. Saw Janine and winked at her and puckered his lips at her. She really did bring the old Maddox out.

She smiled and waved at him, then walked Tarin to a sitting room where she couldn't hear him talking, just in case. "Your face is so pretty I hate you," Janine chuckled, talking to Tarin.

"Girl stop.." Tarin blushed, "hard to believe that when you haven't had a man in 2 years."

"It's gettin harder and harder out there for us, girl. That's all."

"Girl shut up, you got a man."

"This is still very new," she laughed, "I'm feeling really excited right now. I don't know why," She tapped her hands on her thighs.

"Excited about ...?"

"I don't know! I'm just happy is all. KB is in the studio RIGHT THIS MINUTE with Pharrell, you're about to get some D and my mother called to yell at me today about a picture of Maddox kissing me on the street," she looked at her a little funny, "she was pissed I didn't tell her."

"Your mom is a trip."

Just as she said that Maddox came over, "Tarin..."

Tarin turned around and then stood up, "yea?"

"Your 'ride' is here," Janine whispered to her as she used her fingers for quotes, then giggled.

"Yea... Geno will take you down.." A huge Samoan stood next to Janine waiting.

Janine hugged Tarin, "text me in the morning," then Tarin waved and left.

A soon as Tarin left, Maddox excused the other guards so him and Janine were alone, "how was your day gorgeous?"

"Perfect. Got some work done, talked to my mom, played with my kitty," she stood on her toes and kissed him.

Maddox pulled her closer as they continued to kiss, he then wrapped his arms around her shoulders, "i got something made for you."

"What is it?" She smelled his cologne, then gently grabbed his butt, "you smell nice."

"Thank you, baby," he kissed her cheek, and then walked back to her with a long box, "go on open it."

She half smiled and pulled the ribbon off, then opened the box. Staring at it a minute, she full-out smiled, "it's ... So ... Beautiful." It was a shotgun with high gloss wood and custom matted chrome. The slide ejector release and trigger were small enough to fit her finger and easy enough for her to slide quickly if needed, "damn ..." She just looked at it, seeing her name engraved on the chrome, "this is amazing. Thank you!" She cheesed still.

"absolutely, tomorrow, we shoot... With our big boy guns.." He smirked

"YES!" She fist pumped and rubbed her hand over it, "this is so dope!"

"You're welcome."

"When are you going to come see Luna?" They walked out of the sitting room and to the couch in the TV room.

"Luna? Your cat? When you come see kunta," he referred to his pet monkey. Offensive yes, but he named the little guy after one of the characters in his favorite movie, roots.

"You named that damn thing Kunta? Where is it? Let me see it."

He laughed, "at the estate... I had a huge cage built for him with lots of trees and vines and shit."

"God," she leaned back on the couch, "what a mess," pausing, "by the way. I'm not wearing any panties either."

"oh, i know, you know the rules. I'm just not ready."

"Was your day ok?" She got up from the couch and went to get her purse from the sitting room. When she came back, she pulled out a small jar of honey and sat it on the table in front of him.

"Yea, it was good, lots of paper work. Yours?"

"2 interviews and some editing work. Album review and mulling over if I want to do an E-Mag."

"Why mull when you can just do it, the sky is your first limit, and next is outer space. Just go for it, the stars are closer than you think." He sat back.

"And it would be a lot more cost effective. It can be accessed by anyone with a net connection ... Which is most these days. And there would be no paper involved and none of that crap," she sighed. A little relieved. "I'll do it. People are coming to me for things now. It's odd, but flattering."

He smiled, "I'm proud of you."

"I'm proud of me too," she removed her shoes, then took the remote and turned on the TV, put her legs across his lap and turned on Archer.

"You up for honesty hour?" He smiled, "we can ask each other anything and no matter what it has to be the truth. Even if its something from the past that we might've questioned.

Janine nodded, "if things don't work out for us ..." She turned the TV down, "what happens? I know things about you ... Although i wouldn't every broadcast it ... Still ..."

"You keep your job, we coexist, unless you betray me."

She nodded, "i can understand that," and rubbed the back of his head.

"Would you ever turn me in or rat me out?"

Janine shook her head. "Two reasons. One, i wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Two, I'm a little soft for you," smirking.

"Aww shucks." He kissed her cheek, "your turn."

"This mafia thing ... Family thing i assume? That fine uncle that left out of here with my Tarinica."

"Both uncles, and my father. Its something i got into after i stopped working for Ricardo."

"You worked for him? Why? And how long?"

"He saved me from being murdered, and when he needed me too return the favor, which was right away, i worked as the enforcer. Specializing in torture, gun, and knife play. I worked for him for almost two years until i killed half his army and escaped to new York where my father lived at the moment. Then i joined My family, and five years later i was a superstar, and posing off the Russians."

"Very cinematic. Is it weird that all those bad things you told me just turned me on?" She frowned and pressed her legs closed a little tighter.

"No, not at all. What else turns you on?"

"All that badass stuff. A fight. Oh my goodness, as juvenile as that sounds, I'd probably rip your clothes off after seeing you fight someone."

He laughed, "show me how."

Her eyes glazed over with delight. "I can't right now," blushing, "it has to be in the moment. Or maybe a crazy man with a gun chases me around my house to try and rape me," Janine took a deep breath and clutched her pearls, "you'd get ridden so hard that night," and laughed.

"Don't threaten me with a good time, "he squeezed her inner thigh.

"No threat," get breathing picked up, "i'm up for that scenario."

"Run it by me again.."

Smiling and standing, "its dark ... I'm home alone and then i hear something," smiling, "i look for where the sound came from and he pops out of nowhere with a gun. I run. He catches me and throws me down."

Maddox grabbed a remote and turned off all the lights and just sat there, he grabbed a gun, that was in one of his many hiding places, removed all the bullets from it, and cocked it, just for effect, he stood as he heard Janine move away from him.

"Oh crap," she backed up smiling, and then ran for the stairs, or where she figured the stairs would be. It wasn't pitch black but it was damn sure dark enough.

Maddox heard her running up the stairs and headed in that direction. He moved up the stairs like he would if he was trying to close in on an enemy.  Hearing her loop to the left side into his bedroom, he shook his head and went another way that allowed him to get in through his closet. He had a bunch of passage ways like this in his penthouse and in his mansion. He knew she'd be expecting him to go the original way.

Janine let out a quiet sigh, standing by the bathroom door. She shuffled around and then stilled, trying to see if she could hear anything but couldn't. She knew Maddox came up the stairs but didn't hear him anywhere. She quietly walked out of the bedroom and down the hall way towards the guest rooms and towards the stairs to look for him, "Maddox ..."

Just as she called him a second time, a hand covered her mouth and she felt something cold and blunt being pressed against her temple, "if you scream, i will fucking kill you. If you fight back, i will fucking kill you, and if you dont get on your knees right now and suck my dick, i will fucking kill you," Maddox spoke convincingly into her ear.

She gasped and then shivered, so turned on she could hardly think and wondering why he went along with it. Wiggling just a little, she slipped down to the floor, then turned around and grabbed his pants. It was dark upstairs and she could hardly see but saw his hand lower with the gun in it. She sighed and stuck his dick in her mouth.

Maddox made a tight grip around  Janine's hair to control the speed she went. He then stopped her from going up and slowly slid her mouth lower on his dick.

She was thinking that this was about to be everything she expected so she made sure his pants fell to the floor and continued sucking. When he let go of her hair, there was her opening. She fell backwards on her butt and took a second to breath, then back up and got up, feeling the stair railing, then inched her way to the stairs and down them again. She was so gonna dream about this later.

Maddox was done  with the foreplay portion. He pulled her up by her hair, bent her over the rail of the banister and put himself inside, drilling the hell out of her.


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